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Litigated Administrative Proceedings – Closed Table

File Number:3-06673-rtv Respondents:Levine, Dennis B.
File Number:3-12116 Respondents:Millennium Partners, L.P. Millennium Management, L.L.C. Millennium International Management, L.L.C. Englander, Israel Feeney, Terence Stone, Fred Pillai, Kovan
File Number:3-12400 Respondents:Prudential Equity Group, LLC f/k/a Prudential Securities Inc.
File Number:3-12893-rtv Respondents: Srebnik, Andrew A.
File Number:3-13109 Respondents:Lexington Resources, Inc. Atkins, Grant Pierce, Gordon Brent
File Number:3-13344-rtv Respondents:Gray, Gregory W.
File Number:3-13678 Respondents:Saad, John M.E.
File Number:3-13927 Respondents:Pierce, Gordon Brent Newport Capital Corp. Jenirob Company Ltd.
File Number:3-13974-rtv Respondents:Blount, William B.
File Number:3-14069 Respondents:Gautney, Timothy M. Bellia, Robert A., Jr. Blum, Erik S.
File Number:3-14081 Respondents:Flannery, John P. Hopkins, James D.
File Number:3-14104 Respondents:Sharemaster
File Number:3-14175 Respondents:Houston, Kent M.
File Number:3-14194 Respondents:Pelosi, Michael R.
File Number:3-14205 Respondents:Clean Energy and Power, Inc.
File Number:3-14207 Respondents:Tamman, David M., Esq.
File Number:3-14304-rtv Respondents:Lyniuk, Roman
File Number:3-14355 Respondents:Koch, Donald L. Koch Asset Management LLC
File Number:3-14392 Respondents:Saf T Lok, Inc., Inc. Sames Corp. Scientific Radio Systems, Inc. Scriptel Holding, Inc. (n/k/a National Community Builders, Inc.) SDC International, Inc. Seneca Acquisition Corp.
File Number:3-14404-rtv Respondents:Belsen Getty, LLC; Deru, Terry M.; and Limpert, Andrew W.
File Number:3-14407-rtv Respondents:Feinblum, Larry
File Number:3-14434 Respondents:Ramsey, Alvin C.
File Number:3-14458 Respondents:Jenkins, Leila C.
File Number:3-14484-rtv Respondents:Yokuty, Jeffrey
File Number:3-14489 Respondents:Derand Real Estate Investment Trust DeRose Industries, Inc. Direct Connect International, Inc. Directcom, Inc. (n/k/a Directcom Marketing, Inc.) Diversified Historic Investors II Diversified Historic Investors III Domestic Fundings, Inc.
File Number:3-14536 Respondents:Montford and Company, Inc. d/b/a Montford Associates Montford, Ernest V., Sr.
File Number:3-14587 Respondents:Ablest Inc. Absolute Potential, Inc. (f/k/a Absolute Waste Services Inc.) Alpha Petroleum Exploration Corp. AMCV Capital Trust I American Health Inc. Avid Sportswear & Golf Corp. (n/k/a Merger Co., Inc.) The, Inc. (n/k/a Capital Consultants Funding, Inc.)
File Number:3-14597-rtv Respondents:Goldfarb, Jason C.
File Number:3-14629 Respondents:Free, Paul, CPA
File Number:3-14630 Respondents:Gallagher, Daniel J.
File Number:3-14676-rtv Respondents:Wanger, Eric David
File Number:3-14680 Respondents:Calhoun Asset Management, LLC and Ward, Krista Lynn, a/k/a Krista Lynn Karnezis
File Number:3-14684 Respondents:Fields, Anthony, CPA d/b/a Anthony Fields & Associates and d/b/a Platinum Securities Brokers
File Number:3-14700 Respondents:Bartko, Gregory, Esq.
File Number:3-14807-rtv Respondents:Kimelman, Michael A.
File Number:3-14810 Respondents:Plunkett, John J.
File Number:3-14848 Respondents:optionsXpress, Inc. Stern, Thomas E. Feldman, Jonathan I.
File Number:3-14862 Respondents:Ferrer, Miguel A. Ortiz, Carlos J.
File Number:3-14872 Respondents:BDO China Dahua CPA Co., Ltd. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants Ltd. Ernst & Young Hua Ming, LLP KPMG Huazhen (Special General Partnership) PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian CPAs Limited
File Number:3-14880 Respondents:Jantzen, John
File Number:3-14944 Respondents:Campbell, Brian M.
File Number:3-14971 Respondents:Falcon Oil & Gas Co., Inc. First Dearborn Income Properties, LP Franklin American Corp. Future Healthcare, Inc. Gandalf Technologies, Inc. GEO International Corp. GEOAlert, Inc. GiraSolar, Inc.
File Number:3-14981 Respondents:Mandell, Ross
File Number:3-14999 Respondents:Aguilera, Angelica
File Number:3-15002 Respondents:Comeaux, Jay T.
File Number:3-15003 Respondents:Bogar, Daniel Young, Bernerd E. Green, Jason T.
File Number:3-15005 Respondents:China Sky One Medical, Inc.
File Number:3-15006 Respondents:Raymond J. Lucia Companies, Inc. Lucia, Raymond J., Sr.
File Number:3-15012 Respondents:Hatfield, S.W., CPA Hatfield, Scott W., CPA
File Number:3-15015 Respondents:Bresner, Michael Calabro, Ralph Konner, Jason Koutsoubos, Dimitrios
File Number:3-15017 Respondents:Savva, Nicholas S. Hunter Scott Financial, LLC
File Number:3-15024 Respondents:Gerasimowicz, Walter V. Meditron Asset Management, LLC Meditron Management Group, LLC
File Number:3-15024-rtv Respondents:Gerasimowicz, Walter V.; Meditron Asset Management, LLC; and Meditron Management Group, LLC
File Number:3-15045 Respondents:Mura, David
File Number:3-15046-rtv Respondents:Vallone, Robert, et al.
File Number:3-15049 Respondents:Morrison, Neil M. M.
File Number:3-15057 Respondents:Siris, Peter
File Number:3-15059 Respondents:Brokaw, Edward S.
File Number:3-15074-rtv Respondents:Bruhn, Lyman J.
File Number:3-15076 Respondents:China Voice Holding Corp. China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Creative Technologies Holdings, Inc. Crestek, Inc. Crys*Tel, Inc. (n/k/a Fleet Management Solutions, Inc.) CSI Computer Specialists, Inc. CST Entertainment, Inc. (n/k/a Legacy Holding, Inc.)
File Number:3-15116 Respondents:BDO China Dahua CPA Co., Ltd. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants Ltd. Ernst & Young Hua Ming, LLP KPMG Huazhen (Special General Partnership) PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhong Tian CPAs Limited
File Number:3-15123-rtv Respondents:O'Dierno, Dominic
File Number:3-15124 Respondents:Bandimere, David F. Young, John O.
File Number:3-15130 Respondents:mPhase Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-15141 Respondents:Riad, Mohammed Swanson, Kevin Timothy
File Number:3-15155 Respondents:Liskov, Jeffrey A.
File Number:3-15168 Respondents:Aesoph, John J., CPA Bennett, Darren M., CPA
File Number:3-15179 Respondents:Alexander, Linda Dianne
File Number:3-15183 Respondents:Goldstein, Gregory Evan
File Number:3-15211 Respondents:Lorenzo, Gregg C. Lorenzo, Francis V. Charles Vista, LLC
File Number:3-15214 Respondents:Hesed Technology Co., Ltd.
File Number:3-15215 Respondents:Tagliaferri, James S.
File Number:3-15236 Respondents:Shea, Stephen
File Number:3-15249 Respondents:Berkman, Craig d/b/a Ventures Trust LLC Kern, John B Face Off Acquisitions, LLC Face Off Management, LLC a/k/a Face Off Acquisitions Management, LLC Ventures Trust II LLC Ventures Trust III LLC Ventures Trust IV LLC Ventures Trust V LLC Ventures Trust VI LLC Ventures Trust Asset Fund LLC Ventures Trust Management LLC Ventures Trust Asset Management, LLC a/k/a Ventures Trust II Asset Management, LLC Assensus Capital, LLC Assensus Capital Management, LLC
File Number:3-15255 Respondents:John Thomas Capital Management Group LLC, d/b/a Patriot28 LLC Jarkesy, George R., Jr. John Thomas Financial, Inc. Belesis, Anastasios "Tommy"
File Number:3-15259 Respondents:CapWest Securities, Inc.
File Number:3-15263 Respondents:ZPR Investment Management, Inc. Zavanelli, Max E.
File Number:3-15271 Respondents:Scammell, Toby G.
File Number:3-15285 Respondents:Whitman, Douglas F.
File Number:3-15302 Respondents:Actavision Ventures, Inc. American Resources Group, Inc. Audioscience, Inc. Basset Enterprises, Inc. Cybertex Enterprises, Inc. (n/k/a Synvion Corp.) Duct Utility Construction & Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-15308 Respondents:Contorinis, Joseph
File Number:3-15314-rtv Respondents:Cannon, Russell K.
File Number:3-15317 Respondents:Bluestein, Frank
File Number:3-15323 Respondents:Goyal, Sandeep
File Number:3-15325 Respondents:Benda Pharmaceutical, Inc. China Shuangji Cement Ltd.
File Number:3-15332-rtv Respondents:Constantin, Joshua; and Solomon, Brian
File Number:3-15350 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-15351 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-15355 Respondents:Great Train Store Co. Greate Bay Casino Corp. Gulf Exploration Consultants, Inc. Gulfside Industries Ltd. (n/k/a Consolidated Gulfside Resources, Ltd) Gulftex Energy Corp. III to I Maritime Partners Cayman I, LP Lynn Two, Inc.
File Number:3-15364 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-15380-rtv Respondents:Deal, Jon Harvey
File Number:3-15382 Respondents:Cohen, Steven A.
File Number:3-15386 Respondents:American Wenshen Steel Group, Inc. Case Financial, Inc. Global ePoint, Inc. iMedia International, Inc.
File Number:3-15387 Respondents:Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. Cavico Corp. Global 8 Environmental Technologies, Inc. GTC Telecom Corp. ICF Corporation New NRG, Inc.
File Number:3-15389 Respondents:Duoyuan Printing, Inc.
File Number:3-15394 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-15408 Respondents:Wilson, Joel I.
File Number:3-15410 Respondents:GBS Com-Tech Corp. Gentia Software PLC Glengarry Holdings, Ltd. Global TeleSystems, Inc. Golden Health Holdings, Inc. Golden Vista International, Inc. Goolu, Inc.
File Number:3-15413 Respondents:Hicks, Richard D.
File Number:3-15416 Respondents:iVoice, Inc. Protectus Medical Devices, Inc. St. Lawrence Energy Corp.
File Number:3-15430 Respondents:Williamson, Brian
File Number:3-15430-rtv Respondents:Williamson, Brian
File Number:3-15431 Respondents:G-Cats Acquisition Corp. GalaGen, Inc. Galena Acquisition Corp. Garment Graphics, Inc.
File Number:3-15432 Respondents:Atlantis Internet Group Corporation
File Number:3-15433 Respondents:Chariot Advisors, LLC Shifman, Elliott L.
File Number:3-15438 Respondents:Bishop, Darlene A.
File Number:3-15439 Respondents:Anasazi Capital Corp. Certified Diabetic Services, Inc. Chartwell International, Inc. (n/k/a Covalent Energy International, Inc.) China Junlian Integrated Surveillance, Inc. First Sun South Corp. FirstPlus Financial Group, Inc. Great American Hotels & Resorts, Inc.
File Number:3-15442 Respondents:Pringle, Kiavanni
File Number:3-15443 Respondents:Smith, Alan
File Number:3-15445 Respondents:Banet, Hausmann-Alain
File Number:3-15446 Respondents:J.S. Oliver Capital Management, L.P. Mausner, Ian O. Drennan, Douglas F.
File Number:3-15447 Respondents:Gatherum, Laurie GEI Financial Services, Inc. Goldstein, Norman
File Number:3-15448 Respondents:Collyard, Gary A.
File Number:3-15453 Respondents:China Cablecom Holdings Ltd. (n/k/a China Cablecom Ltd.)
File Number:3-15457 Respondents:North China Horticulture, Inc.
File Number:3-15461 Respondents:McGinn, Timothy M. Smith, David L.
File Number:3-15466 Respondents:Steckler, Mark
File Number:3-15468 Respondents:Burns, Eric T.
File Number:3-15469 Respondents:Carbiz, Inc. InZon Corporation IQ Micro, Inc. Irwin Financial Corporation Princeton Media Group, Inc.
File Number:3-15495 Respondents:G-2 Trading LLC
File Number:3-15496 Respondents:American Energy Production, Inc. Best Energy Services, Inc. Community Central Bank Corporation Explortex Energy, Inc. HemoBioTech, Inc. Larrea Biosciences Corporation MBI Financial, Inc. Million Dollar Saloon, Inc.
File Number:3-15497 Respondents:A.G. Volney Center, Inc. (f/k/a Buddha Steel, Inc.) China Green Material Technologies, Inc. China Tractor Holdings, Inc. Franklin Towers Enterprises, Inc.
File Number:3-15499 Respondents:Patch International, Inc. QuadTech International, Inc. Strategic Resources, Ltd. Virtual Medical Centre, Inc.
File Number:3-15505 Respondents:American Asset Development, Inc. aVinci Media Corp. Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Marshall Holdings International, Inc. MedCom USA, Incorporated Millenium Holding Group, Inc.
File Number:3-15506 Respondents:Home System Group
File Number:3-15508 Respondents:SmartHeat, Inc.
File Number:3-15510 Respondents:Moraitis, John
File Number:3-15514 Respondents:Anthony, Donald J., Jr. Chiappone, Frank H. Feldman, Richard D. Gamello, William P. Guzzetti, Andrew G. Lex, William F. Livingston, Thomas E. Mayer, Brian T. Rabinovich, Philip S. Rogers, Ryan C.
File Number:3-15516 Respondents:Bonanza One, Inc. China Century Dragon Media, Inc. Farrallon, Inc. Ora Electronics, Inc. Tia I, Inc. Tia II, Inc.
File Number:3-15518 Respondents:Hernandez, Diego F. Wealth Management Partners, LLC (The) Wealth Financial, Limited Liability Company DFHR Investments, Inc. HD Mile High Marketing, Inc.
File Number:3-15519 Respondents:Timbervest, LLC Shapiro, Joel Barth Boden, Walter William Anthony, III Zell, Donald David, Jr. Jones, Gordon, II
File Number:3-15522 Respondents:Left Behind Games, Inc.
File Number:3-15526 Respondents:Franz, George B., III Ruby Corporation
File Number:3-15527 Respondents:Ferraro, Alan
File Number:3-15536 Respondents:Kinross-Kennedy, John, CPA
File Number:3-15538 Respondents:McCoy, Lawrence Maxwell
File Number:3-15544 Respondents:China Ruitai International Holdings Co., Ltd. Ma, Dian Min Ma, Gang Tian, Jin
File Number:3-15545 Respondents:China Ruitai International Holdings Co., Ltd.
File Number:3-15546 Respondents:Brandolino, James L.
File Number:3-15548 Respondents:Cain, Philip Mark
File Number:3-15556 Respondents:Geidel, Timothy J.
File Number:3-15558 Respondents:Jones, Corbin
File Number:3-15560 Respondents:Moore, Shawn H.
File Number:3-15574 Respondents:Harding Advisory LLC Chau, Wing F.
File Number:3-15575 Respondents:Philbrook, James A.
File Number:3-15576 Respondents:Newtech Resources Ltd.
File Number:3-15577 Respondents:High End Ventures, Inc.
File Number:3-15579 Respondents:Gagnon, Stephen E.
File Number:3-15580 Respondents:Chiasson, Anthony
File Number:3-15581 Respondents:Newman, Todd
File Number:3-15586-rtv Respondents:Zhou, Huakang (a/k/a David Zhou)
File Number:3-15596 Respondents:Heritage Worldwide, Inc. Impala Mineral Exploration Corp. Klondike Star Mineral Corporation MIV Therapeutics Inc. Most Home Corp. Moventis Capital, Inc. OrganiTECH USA, Inc.
File Number:3-15597 Respondents:Acies Corporation Immutech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MRU Holdings, Inc. MSTI Holdings, Inc. Nestor, Inc. New Generation Holdings, Inc. Nuevo Financial Center, Inc.
File Number:3-15600 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-15601 Respondents:Fillet, Mitchell H.
File Number:3-15608 Respondents:Klatch, Anthony J., II
File Number:3-15612 Respondents:Gilchrist, Jonathan C.
File Number:3-15613 Respondents:Martin, Julieann Palmer
File Number:3-15615 Respondents:HouseRaising, Inc. iElement Corporation InforMedix Holdings, Inc. Nortia Capital Partners, Inc. PC Universe, Inc.
File Number:3-15617 Respondents:Grossman, Larry C. Adams, Gregory J.
File Number:3-15619 Respondents:Daniels, William J. Doxey, Joseph P.
File Number:3-15625 Respondents:Ambassador Capital Management, LLC Oglesby, Derek H.
File Number:3-15626 Respondents:Bott, John P. II Falkenberg, F. Robert Parallax Investments, LLC
File Number:3-15627 Respondents:Tri-Star Advisors, Inc. Payne, William T. Vaughan, Jon C.
File Number:3-15628 Respondents:Imperato, Daniel
File Number:3-15632 Respondents:Community Alliance, Inc. Defi Global, Inc. Easy Energy, Inc. Industry Concept Holdings, Inc. Transworld Benefits International, Inc.
File Number:3-15633 Respondents:Catch By Gene, Inc. Four Star Holdings, Inc. Great Spirits, Inc. Shatrusen, Inc. Solid Management Corp. Texas Sweet Crude Oil Corp.
File Number:3-15636 Respondents:ICC Worldwide, Inc. Innova Pure Water, Inc. Paladin Holdings, Inc. Performing Brands, Inc. Petrol Oil and Gas, Inc. Platinum Research Organization, Inc. Renew Energy Resources, Inc. Vital Living, Inc.
File Number:3-15648 Respondents:Anglin, Ronald Gene
File Number:3-15649 Respondents:Golden Elephant Glass Technology, Inc. Pacific Alliance Corp.
File Number:3-15650 Respondents:The Enlightened Gourmet, Inc. Eternal Image, Inc. Maxconcept International Holdings, Inc. NMT Medical, Inc. U.S. Fuel Corp. Wits Basin Precious Minerals, Inc.
File Number:3-15659 Respondents:Melvin, Thomas D., CPA
File Number:3-15665 Respondents:China Metallic Resources, Inc. China Timber Work Enterprises, Inc. Linda Illumination, Inc. Premier International Hotel Group, Inc.
File Number:3-15669 Respondents:Environmental Energy Services, Inc. IDI Global, Inc. Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc. Iptimize, Inc. NGEN, Inc. (a/k/a Nanogen, Inc.) Patrol Systems, Inc.
File Number:3-15671 Respondents:Rooney, Patrick G.
File Number:3-15672-rtv Respondents:Aggarwal, Sandeep
File Number:3-15678 Respondents:Power Air Corporation Wescorp Energy, Inc. World Ventures, Inc.
File Number:3-15680 Respondents:Egeberg, Eugene M., CPA
File Number:3-15683 Respondents:Neto, Waldyr Da Silva Prado
File Number:3-15684 Respondents:New Dragon Asia Corp.
File Number:3-15686 Respondents:Advanced Pipe Fitting Technologies Inc.
File Number:3-15690 Respondents:Brody, Kevin Patrick
File Number:3-15691 Respondents:Rathgeber, James A.
File Number:3-15696 Respondents:Hegedus, Shawn C.
File Number:3-15701 Respondents:Lane, Jeffrey G. and Lane, Robert Marcus
File Number:3-15703 Respondents:Costabile, Douglas
File Number:3-15711 Respondents:DeMiro, Dante
File Number:3-15715 Respondents:LaPaz Mining Corp. Stone Boat Mining Corp. Goldstream Mining Inc. Chum Mining Group Inc. Eclipse Resources Inc. PRW Energy
File Number:3-15735 Respondents:Tucker, Robert D.
File Number:3-15736 Respondents:King, Ryan C.
File Number:3-15737 Respondents:Gonnella, Thomas C.
File Number:3-15745 Respondents:Siddiqui, Salmaan
File Number:3-15746 Respondents:Dixon, Roy, Jr.
File Number:3-15751 Respondents:Menies, Matthew Scott
File Number:3-15753 Respondents:Gordon, Michael
File Number:3-15754 Respondents:Singer, Mark Andrew
File Number:3-15755 Respondents:Feathers, Mark
File Number:3-15757 Respondents:Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, Inc (a/k/a TWTR, Inc.) Ultitek, Ltd. Utix Group, Inc. Velocity Express Corporation Vyteris, Inc.
File Number:3-15758 Respondents:Ads in Motion, Inc. Premier Beverage Group Corp. Pulmo BioTech, Inc. TriMedia Entertainment Group, Inc. Zanett, Inc.
File Number:3-15764 Respondents:McDuff, Gary L.
File Number:3-15766 Respondents:Clean Energy Capital, LLC Brittenham, Scott A.
File Number:3-15769 Respondents:Mullins, R. Douglas (Ricky)
File Number:3-15773 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-15774 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-15780 Respondents:Newnan Coweta Bancshares, Inc. Proper Power Energy Inc. uVuMobile, Inc. WGNB Corp. YouBlast Global, Inc.
File Number:3-15781 Respondents:George Foreman Enterprises, Inc. MacKay Life Sciences, Inc. Reinsurance Technologies, Ltd. (a/k/a Solution Technology International, Inc.) Tire International Environmental Solutions, Inc. WatchIt Technologies, Inc. Weststar Financial Services Corp. WorldSpace, Inc.
File Number:3-15783 Respondents:Marshall, Clayton T.
File Number:3-15784 Respondents:Theodule, George Louis
File Number:3-15790 Respondents:Horowitz, Michael A. Cohen, Moshe Marc
File Number:3-15792 Respondents:Scott, Fredrick D.
File Number:3-15794 Respondents:Toland, Mitchell T.
File Number:3-15798 Respondents:Coplan, Jenny E.
File Number:3-15799 Respondents:Montgomery, Michael D.
File Number:3-15805 Respondents:IVI Communications, Inc. Omnicity Corp. Precision Petroleum Corporation PSB Group, Inc. Sustainable Power Corp. Whitehall Jewelers Holdings, Inc. (n/k/a WJ Holdings Liquidating Company)
File Number:3-15806 Respondents:Network Dealer Services Holding Corp. NextFit, Inc. Rocky Mountain Minerals, Inc. Titan Technologies, Inc. Trudy Corporation UAGH, Inc. Uranium 308 Corp.
File Number:3-15807 Respondents:Mazzola, Frank Felix Investments, LLC
File Number:3-15808 Respondents:Johnson, Aaron Jousan
File Number:3-15811 Respondents:West, Blair Alexander
File Number:3-15812 Respondents:Creative Vision Alliance Corporation 210 White Wing Drive #B Columbia, South Carolina 29229
File Number:3-15813 Respondents:China Shen Zhou Mining & Resources, Inc. Ideal Financial Solutions, Inc. Smooth Global (China) Holdings, Inc. Weikang Bio-Technology Group Co., Inc. 1st Pacific Bancorp
File Number:3-15814 Respondents:Hendrx Corp. Plastinum Polymer Technologies Corp. Vertical Branding, Inc. WHY USA Financial Group, Inc. XNE, Inc.
File Number:3-15815 Respondents:L&L Energy, Inc. Lee, Dickson, CPA
File Number:3-15817 Respondents:Rowcliffe, Gary David
File Number:3-15818 Respondents:Aclor International, Inc. Acrongemonics, Inc. Diversified Global Holdings Group, Inc. FutureIT, Inc. Southern Star Energy, Inc. W. Holding Co., Inc.
File Number:3-15820 Respondents:Thomas, Delsa U. The D. Christopher Capital Management Group, LLC
File Number:3-15823-rtv Respondents:Visionary Trading LLC; Lightspeed Trading LLC; Andrew Actman; Joseph Dondero; Eugene Giaquinto; Lee Heiss; and Jason Medvin
File Number:3-15824 Respondents:Tomlinson, Steven Robert
File Number:3-15826 Respondents:Kawamura, Keiko
File Number:3-15829 Respondents:Buswell, Richard J.
File Number:3-15830 Respondents:Fouke, Herbert Steven
File Number:3-15833 Respondents:Lenahan, Caryl T.
File Number:3-15835 Respondents:Davian, Anthony J.
File Number:3-15837 Respondents:Positron Corporation
File Number:3-15841 Respondents:Amcore Financial, Inc. China Sure Water (USA), Inc. EuroBancshares, Inc. InterAmerican Acquisition Group, Inc. Link Scaffold Products North America Stone Tan China Acquisition Corp. Vanholt Group, Ltd.
File Number:3-15842 Respondents:Total Wealth Management, Inc. Cooper, Jacob Keith McNamee, Nathan Shoemaker, Douglas David
File Number:3-15844 Respondents:Tebbs, Kenneth C.
File Number:3-15845 Respondents:Chalmers, Julianne
File Number:3-15846 Respondents:Valley Forge Composite Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-15848 Respondents:Franquelin, Armand R.
File Number:3-15849 Respondents:Castle Arch Real Estate Investment Co., LLC Console Acquisition Corp. Pier Acquisition I, Inc. Pier Acquisition II, Inc. Placer Gold Corp. Target Acquisitions III, Inc. Turnstone Systems, Inc. Xebec International, Inc.
File Number:3-15850 Respondents:Sample, Matthew D.
File Number:3-15851 Respondents:Williamson, Brian
File Number:3-15858 Respondents:Fortenberry, Stanley Jonathan (a/k/a Fortenberry, S.J.; Fortenberry, John; Fortenberry, Johnny)
File Number:3-15859 Respondents:Assured Equities IV Corp. Beach First National Bancshares, Inc. Norquest Acquisition Corp. SAE Acquisitions, Inc. Unity Holdings, Inc. Valiant Healthcare, Inc. (n/k/a Valiant ACMS, Inc.) Winrock International, Inc.
File Number:3-15862 Respondents:GeNOsys, Inc.
File Number:3-15863 Respondents:ATS Corporation Clear Skies Solar, Inc. Debut Broadcasting Corporation, Inc. Physicians Healthcare Management Group, Inc. Technipower Systems, Inc. (a/k/a Solomon Technologies, Inc.) Theater Xtreme Entertainment Group, Inc. WorldGate Communications, Inc. YTB International, Inc. (a/k/a 1803 International, Inc.)
File Number:3-15864 Respondents:Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
File Number:3-15866 Respondents:Cybermesh International Corp. Golden Harvest Corporation (a/k/a Disability Access Corporation) Mirenco, Inc. Newport Digital Technologies, Inc. Resource Holdings, Inc. SCOLR Pharma, Inc. Tital Global Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-15868 Respondents:Spangler, Mark F.
File Number:3-15869 Respondents:The Dratel Group, Inc. Dratel, William M.
File Number:3-15873 Respondents:Delaney, Thomas R. II Yancey, Charles W.
File Number:3-15874-rtv Respondents:Johnson, Michael H.
File Number:3-15878 Respondents:China Green Lighting Limited China Kangtai Cactus Bio-Tech, Inc. Gemco Minerals, Inc. Perfectenergy International Limited Rodobo International, Inc.
File Number:3-15882 Respondents:Angel Acquisition Corp. n/k/a BioGeron, Inc.
File Number:3-15883 Respondents:International Development and Environmental Holdings
File Number:3-15884 Respondents:OCTuS, Inc. Pacific Coast National Bancorp Travelstar, Inc. We Save Homes, Inc. ZVUE Corp.
File Number:3-15885 Respondents:Pro-Tech Industries, Inc. Vida Life International Ltd. Vitavea, Inc. Western Power & Equipment Corp. Westmont Resources, Inc.
File Number:3-15886 Respondents:Luna, Marcus A., Esq.
File Number:3-15887 Respondents:Davis, Blayne S.
File Number:3-15888 Respondents:French, Donald R., Jr.
File Number:3-15889 Respondents:Gilner, Albert E.
File Number:3-15890 Respondents:Bochinski, Randi A.
File Number:3-15891 Respondents:Asia Global Holdings Corp. China Electric Motor, Inc. Ikona Gear International, Inc. Imagin Molecular Corp. (n/k/a The Planet Bottle Corporation) Sungold International Holdings Corp., Inc.
File Number:3-15892 Respondents:Carbon 612 Corporation EcoGlobal Holdings Corporation Euramerica Holdings Corp. Wilder Filings, Inc.
File Number:3-15896-rtv Respondents:Miller, Everett C.
File Number:3-15897 Respondents:Cloudeeva, Inc.
File Number:3-15900 Respondents:Bravata, John J. Trabulsy, Richard J. Bravata, Antonio M.
File Number:3-15901 Respondents:Advanced Water Technology Holdings, Inc. Creative Entertainment Holdings, Inc. DRI Corporation (n/k/a Xdric, Inc.) International Paintball Association, Inc. Sherwood Acquisition Corporation
File Number:3-15903 Respondents:Sunchip Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-15904 Respondents:ShopEye, Inc., 108 Flying Mist Isle, Foster City, CA 94404
File Number:3-15905 Respondents:Diamond Lane, Inc.
File Number:3-15907 Respondents:FLM Minerals, Inc.
File Number:3-15908 Respondents:China Digital Animation Development, Inc.
File Number:3-15909 Respondents:Zhidali Radio and Television Network, Inc.
File Number:3-15910 Respondents:China Power Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-15913 Respondents:Wedbush Securities Inc. Jeffrey Bell Christina Fillhart
File Number:3-15914 Respondents:Symbollon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
File Number:3-15916 Respondents:Olson, Denise M.
File Number:3-15918 Respondents:Malouf, Dennis J.
File Number:3-15920 Respondents:Vision Specialist Group, LLC
File Number:3-15921 Respondents:Bard, Robert G.
File Number:3-15923 Respondents:The Bank Holdings Community Valley Bancorp Genemen, Inc. GWS Technologies, Inc. Homeland Precious Metals Corp. NuRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
File Number:3-15924 Respondents:LifeHealthCare, Inc. Smartlinx, Inc. Total Apparel Group, Inc.
File Number:3-15925 Respondents:Steinberg, Michael S.
File Number:3-15928 Respondents:Yang, Siming
File Number:3-15931 Respondents:Crescent Banking Co. Data Storage Consulting Services, Inc. First National Bancshares, Inc. Infosmart Group, Inc. Marco Community Bancorp, Inc. Sun River Energy, Inc. (n/k/aNew River Exploration, Inc.)
File Number:3-15932 Respondents:Applied NeuroSolutions, Inc. Cowlitz Bancorporation First Place Financial Corp. Kedem Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
File Number:3-15934 Respondents:AISystems, Inc. (a/k/a Airline Intelligence Systems, Inc.) Baeta Corp. China Jianye Fuel, Inc. Cordex Pharma, Inc. Diamondhead Casino Corporation Emerald Dairy, Inc. Kentucky Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-15935 Respondents:Pino, Michael
File Number:3-15936 Respondents:Pedras, Christopher A.T. (aka Pedras, Chris aka Pedras, Antone Thomas)
File Number:3-15937 Respondents:Bryan, Alicia
File Number:3-15941 Respondents:BioMedical Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc. Chaolei Marketing and Finance Company Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc. Encompass Group Affiliates, Inc. (n/k/a Re-Act Enterprises, Inc.) Hydron Technologies, Inc. Sun American Bancorp XenaCare Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-15942 Respondents:Cepheus Acquisition Corp. China Aluminum Foil, Inc. China Integrated Energy, Inc. Engchow Education Corporation Pixtel Group Ltd.
File Number:3-15943 Respondents:Montanino, David J.
File Number:3-15945 Respondents:Neely, Thomas A., Jr.
File Number:3-15947 Respondents:Brooklin Systems, Inc. Hartman & Associates, Inc. Kona Coast Systems, Inc. MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Southfield Energy Corp.
File Number:3-15950 Respondents:S.A.C. Capital Advisors, LP S.A.C. Capital Advisors, LLC CR Intrinsic Investors, LLC Sigma Capital Management, LLC Parameter Capital Management, LLC 72 Credit Management, LLC S.A.C. Private Equity GP, L.P.
File Number:3-15953 Respondents:Catalyst Group Holdings Corp. Dynasty Capital, Inc. Las Vegas Gaming, Inc. Midwest Banc Holdings, Inc. Northtech Industries, Inc. Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. Tamalpais Bancorp United Western Bancorp, Inc.
File Number:3-15954 Respondents:China Everhealth Corp. Genova Biotherapeutics, Inc. Glacier Enterprises, Inc. Green Asia Resources, Inc. Jesup & Lamont, Inc. Panoshan Marketing Corp.
File Number:3-15965 Respondents:Child, Van Wagoner & Bradshaw, PLLC Anderson, Russell E., CPA Van Wagoner, Marty, CPA
File Number:3-15967 Respondents:Labine, Lawrence M.
File Number:3-15969 Respondents:ErgoBilt, Inc. FPB Bancorp, Inc. Geos Communications, Inc. Integra Bank Corporation Latitude Solutions Inc. Noram Capital Holdings, Inc. Raptor Technology Group, Inc. Subjex Corp.
File Number:3-15972 Respondents:Alaska Gold Corp. Blaze Energy Corp. Call Now, Inc. Hunt Global Resources, Inc. Imperial Petroleum Recovery Corporation Metropolitan Mines Corporation, Limited Sulphco, Inc.
File Number:3-15973 Respondents:Anaya, Toney
File Number:3-15974 Respondents:Natural Blue Resources, Inc. Cohen, James E. Corazzi, Joseph A
File Number:3-15978 Respondents:Romano, Michael Nicholas
File Number:3-15979 Respondents:mBeach Software, Inc.
File Number:3-15989 Respondents:Select Fidelity Transfer Services, Ltd.
File Number:3-15990 Respondents:North Woodward Financial Corp. Troszak, Douglas A.
File Number:3-15992 Respondents:Sherman, Marc
File Number:3-15993 Respondents:Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. AsherXino Corp. Bakers Footwear Group, Inc. Card Activation Technologies Inc. High Plains Gas, Inc. Pacific Copper Corp.
File Number:3-16000 Respondents:Houston American Energy Corp. Terwilliger, John F., Jr. Undiscovered Equities Inc. McKnight, Kevin T.
File Number:3-16002 Respondents:Conquest Petroleum Inc. Nexaira Wireless Inc.
File Number:3-16003 Respondents:Amico Games Corp. Andina Group Inc. Cougar Oil & Gas Canada Inc. Encorium Group, Inc. Waccamaw Bankshares, Inc.
File Number:3-16004 Respondents:Datascension, Inc. Here Enterprises, Inc. Metaswarm, Inc. Statmon Technologies Corp.
File Number:3-16005 Respondents:Global Stevia Corp.
File Number:3-16006 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16008 Respondents:Crucible Capital Group, Inc. Moore, Charles
File Number:3-16010 Respondents:Bering Growth Corp. Constellation Growth Corp. Emerging Acquisition Corp. Evolution Acquisition Corp. Formative Growth Corp. Global Growth Corp.
File Number:3-16011 Respondents:IPKV Holdings, Inc. Pan Asian Corp. Seven Seas Acquisition Corp. Southern Growth Corp. Superior Growth Corp. Transatlantic Acquisition Corp.
File Number:3-16013 Respondents:Skaltsounis, Nicholas D.
File Number:3-16016 Respondents:Black Hawk Exploration Composite Technology Corporation Forza Environmental Building Products, Inc. Hotcloud Mobile, Inc. ImmunoBiotics, Inc. SpatiaLight, Inc.
File Number:3-16018 Respondents:Bellavista Capital, Inc. Bow Valley Ventures Inc. Core Health Care Network, Inc. Desert Capital REIT, Inc. Kore Nutrition, Inc. Lakeside Ventures, Inc. Oban Industries, Inc.
File Number:3-16021 Respondents:Balaton Power, Inc. Flying Eagle PU Technical Corp. (f/k/a Sooner Holdings, Inc.)
File Number:3-16022 Respondents:Meilke, Blair C. Shultz, Frederick W.
File Number:3-16023 Respondents:International Building Technologies Group, Inc. Regeneca, Inc. Retail Pro, Inc. Tri-Valley Corporation VECTRA Technologies
File Number:3-16024 Respondents:ATP Oil & Gas Corp. Cambridge Holdings, Ltd. FTE Networks, Inc. Raystream, Inc. Shelron Group, Inc.
File Number:3-16032-rtv Respondents:Dritsas, Demosthenese
File Number:3-16033 Respondents:AirTouch Communications, Inc. Kanakubo, Hideyuki Kaiser, Jerome, CPA
File Number:3-16036 Respondents:China Clean Energy Acquisition Corp. China Education Acquisition Corp. China Food & Beverage Acquisition Corp. China High Technology Acquisition Corp. China Manufacturing Acquisition III Corp. DRC Ventures, Inc. Elite Talent Consulting Corp. (f/k/a China Transportation Acquisition Corp.)
File Number:3-16037 Respondents:Page, Edgar R. PageOne Financial Inc.
File Number:3-16039 Respondents:China Wood, Inc.
File Number:3-16040 Respondents:Xinde Technology Company
File Number:3-16041 Respondents:Gold Horse International, Inc.
File Number:3-16042 Respondents:Clavis Technologies International Co., Ltd.
File Number:3-16043 Respondents:Alto Group Holdings, Inc. Gametech International, Inc. Rosewood Acquisition Corporation Sunshine State Capital Investments, Inc. Trinergy Global Inc. (f/k/a PyroTec Inc.) Voyager Two, Inc.
File Number:3-16044 Respondents:QSGI Inc.
File Number:3-16047 Respondents:The Robare Group, Ltd. Robare, Mark L. Jones, Jack L., Jr.
File Number:3-16050 Respondents:Litvak, Jesse C.
File Number:3-16052 Respondents:Asia Cork, Inc. Biocurex, Inc. Carthew Bay Technologies Inc. Current Technology Corp. Gamecorp Ltd. (n/k/a DealNet Capital Corp.) Globetech Ventures Corp. Pepper Rock Resources Corp.
File Number:3-16053 Respondents:Bay Acquisition Corp. (a/k/a SecureLogic Corp.) (n/k/a Goozex Holdings Inc.) BTHC XV, Inc. Caleco Pharma Corp. CareAdvantage, Inc. Genta Incorporated
File Number:3-16054 Respondents:AJ Acquisition Corp. I, Inc. AJ Acquisition Corp. II, Inc. Alpine Alpha 1, Ltd. Deca Investments, Inc. Trident Acquisitions, Inc. VitaminSpice
File Number:3-16055 Respondents:Bethesda C0801, Inc. Isdera North America, Inc. Kangye International Holdings, Inc. Quality Alliance Group, Inc. Quantum Assets, Inc. Remuda Investment Corp. (f/k/a Accelerated Acquisitions II, Inc.) Source Rock, Inc. UnionTown Energy Inc.
File Number:3-16057 Respondents:Pappas, John Thomas
File Number:3-16059 Respondents:Bio Oil National Corp. CSV International Holdings, Inc. (f/k/a Europa Acquisition VIII, Inc.) Greenpro Resources Corp. (f/k/a Lightwood Acquisition Corp.) Moxian Corp. Opera Jet International Ltd.
File Number:3-16060 Respondents:Fox Petroleum, Inc. Nedak Ethanol, LLC Neptunus Ventures, Inc. Plaster Caster, Inc.
File Number:3-16094 Respondents:Wang, Ligang
File Number:3-16101 Respondents:Lane, Gary Harrison
File Number:3-16104 Respondents:Mendenhall, Michael Lee
File Number:3-16105 Respondents:Adarna Energy Corporation Bluedata Corporation Brampton Crest International, Inc. Covenant Group of China Inc. Mobile Area Networks, Inc. Netco Investments, Inc. OneTravel Holdings, Inc. PDG Environmental, Inc.
File Number:3-16106 Respondents:Asian Dragon Group, Inc. Atlas Minerals, Inc. (n/k/a Atlas Corporation) Bluesky Systems Holdings, Inc. (f/k/a Bluesky Systems Corp.) CPC of America, Inc. Mezabay International, Inc. Netter Digital Entertainment, Inc. Power3 Medical Products, Inc. (a/k/a Power 3 Medical Products, Inc.)
File Number:3-16130 Respondents:Cooper, Sean C.
File Number:3-16131 Respondents:Lodovico, Gerald J.
File Number:3-16134 Respondents:Russell, John Allan
File Number:3-16135 Respondents:AGR Tools, Inc. Arcadia Resources, Inc. Citizens First Bancorp, Inc. First Capital International, Inc. GreenTek Corp. Metabolic Research, Inc.
File Number:3-16136 Respondents:Corridor Ventures II Acquisition Corp. Dong Xin Chemical Co., Ltd. Silica Resources Corp. Sino Oil & Gas Pipe Holdings Ltd. SK Shasta Acquisition Corp. 1 SK Shasta Acquisition Corp. 2 SK Shasta Acquisition Corp. 3 SK Shasta Acquisition Corp. 4
File Number:3-16137 Respondents:China Bus Group Co. (f/k/a Alpine Alpha 3, Ltd.) China Capital Finance Corp. Inc. China Complant Group Inc. China Oumei Real Estate, Inc. China Transportation International Holdings Group Ltd. ChinaCast Education Corp. Phoenix Agri Enterprises, Inc. Precise Strategy Acquisition Corp. I
File Number:3-16140 Respondents:Prange, James
File Number:3-16141 Respondents:Ki, Seijin
File Number:3-16142 Respondents:Jordan, John
File Number:3-16143 Respondents:Black-White, Kelly
File Number:3-16151 Respondents:Stuart, Stephen
File Number:3-16151-rtv Respondents:Stuart, Stephen
File Number:3-16152 Respondents:Reda, Albert
File Number:3-16155 Respondents:Rowe, Nicholas
File Number:3-16156 Respondents:Richards, Blake
File Number:3-16162 Respondents:Walters, William L.
File Number:3-16165 Respondents:Cacchione, David Scott
File Number:3-16167 Respondents:Hansen, Randal Kent
File Number:3-16171 Respondents:McCann, Mayer Hoffman, P.C.
File Number:3-16173 Respondents:The Registration Statement of Esir1, Inc.
File Number:3-16175 Respondents:Meissner, Kenneth C. Scott, James Doug Tomich, Mark S. "Mike"
File Number:3-16176 Respondents:China Valves Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-16178 Respondents:Bolan, Gregory T., Jr. Ruggieri, Joseph C.
File Number:3-16179 Respondents:Duckson, Todd A., Esq., CPA
File Number:3-16181 Respondents:MacDonald, Duncan J., III
File Number:3-16181-rtv Respondents:MacDonald, III, Duncan J.
File Number:3-16182 Respondents:Lloyd, Paul Edward "Ed", Jr., CPA
File Number:3-16184 Respondents:Peixoto, Jordan
File Number:3-16187 Respondents:Mannion, Paul T., Jr. andReckles, Andrew S.
File Number:3-16188 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16190 Respondents:Santana, Marcos A.
File Number:3-16191 Respondents:Balboa, Michael Robert
File Number:3-16193 Respondents:WebXU, Inc.
File Number:3-16194 Respondents:Marshall, Paul
File Number:3-16195 Respondents:Wolf, Judy K.
File Number:3-16198 Respondents:Penna, Gaeton S. Della
File Number:3-16202 Respondents:Krinos, George N. Krinos Holdings, Inc. Fordgate Acquisition Corp.
File Number:3-16204 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16208 Respondents:21st Century Telesis II, Inc. Agemark Corp. Alnilam Corp. American Centrality Group, Inc. China Feicui Guodian Group Ltd. Icon Public Ltd. Co.
File Number:3-16209 Respondents:WD Clearing, LLC WDMC Trust WDJJ Trust WDCHUM Trust WDPOP Trust
File Number:3-16211 Respondents:Global Green, Inc. Nutritional Health Institute Laboratories, LLC Dr. Mehran Ghazvini
File Number:3-16213 Respondents:Derrick, David G., Sr.
File Number:3-16217 Respondents:Petrou, Thrasos Tommy
File Number:3-16220 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16221 Respondents:4301, Inc. Alpine Management Ltd. Amazing Nutritionals, Inc. America First Associates Corp. American Interactive Media, Inc. ILMI Corp. Superior Holdings, Inc. Ultimistics, Inc. (n/k/a Continental Holdings International, Inc.)
File Number:3-16222 Respondents:8 By 8, Inc. 8 Corp. Ackeeox Corp. Advanced Incubator, Inc. Ameri First Financial Group, Inc. American Capital Holdings, Inc. Dynamic Health Products, Inc. Spa-E
File Number:3-16223 Respondents:Sands Brothers Asset Management, LLC Sands, Steven Sands, Martin Kelly, Christopher
File Number:3-16226 Respondents:Quan, Marlon Stewardship Investment Advisors, LLC
File Number:3-16227 Respondents:Middlebury Securities, LLC
File Number:3-16228 Respondents:Navagate, Inc. Rorke, Gregory
File Number:3-16229 Respondents:Osborn, Gregory
File Number:3-16230 Respondents:Grey, Anthony A.
File Number:3-16247 Respondents:VHGI Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-16260 Respondents:Brandeis Holdings, Inc. Brighton Investment Holding Co., Inc. Bristol Acquisitions Corp. The Continental Orinoco Co., Inc.
File Number:3-16261 Respondents:Bitech Pharma, Inc. Blue Chapman, Inc. BSN Systems, Inc. California Bancshares, Inc.
File Number:3-16262 Respondents:Bering Strait Securities, Inc.
File Number:3-16263 Respondents:Lankford, Joshua Wayne
File Number:3-16264 Respondents:Reeves, III, Alfred P.
File Number:3-16266 Respondents:AARX, Inc. Acquirestuff.Com, Inc. Advanced Scientific Asset Holding, Inc. Air South Airlines, Inc. Altek Power Corp. AM Build, Inc. Amber Hill, Inc. American Family Cookies, Inc.
File Number:3-16267 Respondents:Srivastava, Pankaj Kumar Kavuri, Nataraj
File Number:3-16273 Respondents:Bluesky Filing Corp. Corp. Casdim International Systems, Inc. CBC Bancorp, Inc. Centraxx, Inc.
File Number:3-16274 Respondents:Viola, Gregory
File Number:3-16275 Respondents:Boyne, Linden
File Number:3-16277 Respondents:Swenson, Douglas L., CPA
File Number:3-16280 Respondents:YesDTC Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-16282 Respondents:All-American Care Centers, Inc. FDH, Inc. Stirrup Creek Gold Ltd. USN Communications, Inc. (n/k/a CTBB Holdings, Inc.)
File Number:3-16283 Respondents:Forum National Investments, Ltd.
File Number:3-16284 Respondents:Blue Moon Investments Boulder Capital Opportunities II Ltd. Cabinet Acquisition Corp. eConnect, Inc.
File Number:3-16285 Respondents:Electronic Transaction Clearing, Inc. Murphy, Kevin Cloyd, Harvey C., Jr.
File Number:3-16287 Respondents:Meuse, Joseph
File Number:3-16291 Respondents:Bingo.Com, Inc. Biocol, Inc. Biomass Processing Technology, Inc. Biomedtex, Inc. Carnegie International Corp.
File Number:3-16292 Respondents:Bravo Enterprises Ltd. Cruz, Jaclyn
File Number:3-16293 Respondents:Bebo, Laurie Buono, John, CPA
File Number:3-16294 Respondents:Murphy, Phillip Dennis
File Number:3-16295 Respondents:Alamosa (Delaware), Inc. Amazing Investments, Inc. American Frontiers Marketing Co. American Growth Fund I LP Americas Gaming International, Inc. Mammoth Mining Co.
File Number:3-16311 Respondents:Reliance Financial Advisors, LLC Dembski, Timothy S. Grenda, Walter F., Jr.
File Number:3-16312 Respondents:Stephan, Scott M.
File Number:3-16313 Respondents:The Billiard Channel, Inc. Boston Chicken, Inc. Bridgeport Capital Corp. Broadway International Development Corp.
File Number:3-16316 Respondents:Pollack, Paul J. Montgomery Street Research, LLC
File Number:3-16317 Respondents:Myriad Interactive Media, Inc.
File Number:3-16318 Respondents:Crow, Michael W. Clug, Alexandre S. Aurum Mining, LLC Panam Terra, Inc. the Corsair Group, Inc.
File Number:3-16320 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16321 Respondents:Immunotech Laboratories, Inc.
File Number:3-16326 Respondents:Eldaher, Khaled A.
File Number:3-16328 Respondents:Vero Capital Management, LLC Geiger, Robert Barbaresi, George Downey, Steven, CPA
File Number:3-16329 Respondents:Wedbush Securities Inc. Wedbush, Edward William
File Number:3-16330 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16335 Respondents:Slade, Duane Hamblin
File Number:3-16336 Respondents:Williams, Guy Andrew
File Number:3-16337 Respondents:Williams, Brent F.
File Number:3-16339 Respondents:Briner, John, Esq. Dalmy, Diane. Esq. De Joya Griffith, LLC De Joya, Arthur, CPA Griffith, Jason, CPA Whetman, Chris, CPA Zhang, Philip, CPA M&K CPAs, PLLC Manis, Matt, CPA Ridenour, Jon, CPA Ortego, Ben, CPA
File Number:3-16343-rtv Respondents:Crafton, Bill C. (Billy), Jr
File Number:3-16344 Respondents:Giovannetti, Edgar Lee
File Number:3-16349 Respondents:Duka, Barbara
File Number:3-16353 Respondents:Spring Hill Capital Markets, LLC Spring Hill Capital Partners, LLC Spring Hill Capital Holdings, LLC White, Kevin D.
File Number:3-16354 Respondents:Havanich, David B., Jr. DellaSala, Carmine A. Welch, Matthew D. Scurlock, Richard Hampton, III RTG Inc. d/b/a Retirement Tax Advisory Group Carrio, Jose F. Karasik, Dennis K. Carrio Karasik & Associates, LLP Salovay, Michael J.
File Number:3-16354-rtv Respondents:David B. Havanich, Jr.; Carmine A. DellaSala; Matthew D. Welch; Richard Hampton Scurlock, III; RTAG Inc. d/b/a Retirement Tax Advisory Group; Jose F. Carrio; Dennis K. Karasik; Carrio, Karasik & Associates, LLP; and Michael J. Salovay
File Number:3-16356 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16357 Respondents:Rawitt, Stuart E.
File Number:3-16357-rtv Respondents:Rawitt, Stuart E.
File Number:3-16358 Respondents:Spectrum Concepts, LLC Worswick, Donald James Grosso, Michael Nicholas Brown, Michael Patrick
File Number:3-16359-rtv Respondents:Galemmo, Glen Allan
File Number:3-16360 Respondents:Scholander, William Harris, Talman
File Number:3-16362 Respondents:Green Courte Real Estate Partners III, LLC
File Number:3-16364 Respondents:Marion, David L.
File Number:3-16366-rtv Respondents:International Capital Group, LLC; Brian R. Nord; Larry Russell, Jr.; and Todd J. Bergeron
File Number:3-16367 Respondents:The ELIV Group, LLC Valente, Scott
File Number:3-16369 Respondents:Arete Ltd.
File Number:3-16374 Respondents:Wulf, David R.
File Number:3-16379 Respondents:Foster, Lawrence
File Number:3-16380 Respondents:McCarty, Jordon
File Number:3-16383 Respondents:Hill, Charles L., Jr.
File Number:3-16384 Respondents:Toms, Nicholas
File Number:3-16386 Respondents:Anderson, Traci J., CPA Carnahan, Timothy W. CYIOS Corporation
File Number:3-16388 Respondents:Caramadre, Joseph A., CPA
File Number:3-16389 Respondents:VCAP Securities, LLC, andGraham, Brett Thomas
File Number:3-16392 Respondents:Holcom, Bradley A.
File Number:3-16393 Respondents:Calypte Biomedical Corporation EC Development, Inc. Information Architects Corporation (n/k/a Dakota Creative Group Corporation)
File Number:3-16394 Respondents:Innovative Software Technologies, Inc. National Health Partners, Inc. The Laguna Group, Inc. (a/k/a Eco Energy Pumps, Inc.) TYIN Group Holdings Limited
File Number:3-16395 Respondents:Revonergy Inc. Siberian Energy Group Inc. Tao Minerals Ltd.(n/k/a Canam Gold Corp.) Todays Alternative Energy Corp.
File Number:3-16396 Respondents:Akesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Skye International, Inc. Stellar Resources, Ltd. Thwapr, Inc.
File Number:3-16399 Respondents:Halpern & Associates LLC Halpern, Barbara, CPA
File Number:3-16401 Respondents:Energiz Renewable, Inc. Iron Eagle Group, Inc. MedClean Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-16402 Respondents:China Yili Petroleum Company
File Number:3-16403 Respondents:Defense Industries International, Inc. EvCarCo, Inc. Island Breeze International, Inc.
File Number:3-16404 Respondents:Dittybase Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-16409 Respondents:Inova Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-16410 Respondents:Agent155 Media Corp. QSound Labs, Inc. STEN Corp. Wind Energy America, Inc.
File Number:3-16411 Respondents:China Pharmaceuticals, Inc. China Printing & Packaging, Inc. Silvan Industries, Inc. Ziyang Ceramics Corp.
File Number:3-16417 Respondents:Discovery Oil, Ltd. I/O Magic Corporation Maydao Corporation NX Global, Inc SensiVida Medical Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-16418 Respondents:China Infrastructure Investment Corp.
File Number:3-16420 Respondents:Aspire International, Inc. Border Management, Inc. EYI Industries, Inc. Landmark Energy Enterprises, Inc.
File Number:3-16421 Respondents:Black Sea Metals, Inc. GigaBeam Corp. Safe Technologies International, Inc. Whitemark Homes, Inc.
File Number:3-16423 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16425, inc. Cathel Partners, Ltd. Direct Markets Holdings Corp. Laidlaw Energy Group, Inc. Willcox & Gibbs, Inc.
File Number:3-16426 Respondents:Accelerated Acquisitions XIV, Inc. Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. BW Acquisition, Inc. (n/k/a Malibu Enterprises, Inc.) MediStaff Corp. Vista Technologies, Inc. VitroTech Corp. Xertech, Inc.
File Number:3-16427 Respondents:Lunn, Robert J.
File Number:3-16428 Respondents:Global Leadership Institute, Inc.
File Number:3-16430 Respondents:Laccetti, Mark E. (CPA)
File Number:3-16433 Respondents:Scipione, Albert J.
File Number:3-16434 Respondents:Smith, Darren M.
File Number:3-16445 Respondents:The AppleTree Companies, Inc. RoomStore, Inc. Saveene Group Corp.
File Number:3-16446 Respondents:Alternate Energy Solutions, Inc. Butler International, Inc. Cheval Resources Corp. Scorpion Performance, Inc.
File Number:3-16452 Respondents:First China Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.
File Number:3-16453 Respondents:Longhai Steel Inc.
File Number:3-16455 Respondents:Austin Acquisitions, Inc. Juniper Growth Corp. Northeast Island Corp. Thrive World Wide, Inc.
File Number:3-16456 Respondents:Bama Biotech, Inc. China inSure Holdings, Inc. China Nutrifruit Group, Ltd. Sino Clean Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-16458 Respondents:Winsonic Digital Media Group, Ltd.
File Number:3-16461 Respondents:Wiley, Keilen Dimone
File Number:3-16462 Respondents:Tilton, Lynn Patriarch Partners, LLC Patriarch Partners VIII, LLC Patriarch Partners XIV, LLC Patriarch Partners XV, LLC
File Number:3-16463 Respondents:Aegis Capital, LLC Circle One Wealth Management, LLC Lamm, Diane W. Strategic Consulting Advisors, LLC Osunkwo, David I.
File Number:3-16467 Respondents:Earth Dragon Resources, Inc.
File Number:3-16468 Respondents:Urban AG Corp.
File Number:3-16472 Respondents:Cherry, Jerry, III
File Number:3-16473 Respondents:Zafar, Haider
File Number:3-16474 Respondents:China Education International, Inc. Delta Entertainment Group Inc. Gulf United Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-16475 Respondents:Chatter Box Call Center Ltd. Euro Group of Companies, Inc. Golden Century Resources Limited
File Number:3-16476 Respondents:AuraSound, Inc. C2C CrowdFunding, Inc. Convenience TV Inc. Global Security Agency Inc. NewMarket Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-16479 Respondents:Almazon, Joseph J. Partners, Spartan Capital
File Number:3-16480 Respondents:AOB Biotech, Inc. Argen Corp. Asia Link, Inc. Beleza Luxury Goods, Inc. Beyond Golden Holdings Ltd.
File Number:3-16481 Respondents:Arctos Petroleum Corp.Gas (a/k/a Stetson Oil & Gas, Ltd.) Cormac Mining Inc. Gemini Tea Corp.
File Number:3-16483 Respondents:Danzig, Craig
File Number:3-16487 Respondents:A Better Way Financial Corp. Atrisco Oil & Gas LLC Beach Brew Beverage Company, Inc. Belenus Acquisition Corp. Bennett-Reed, Inc. Bf Acquisition Group Iv, Inc. Big Bear Gold Corp.
File Number:3-16488 Respondents:Aryeh Acquisition Corp. Bedminster Capital Corp. Bedminster Financial Corp. Bellows Acquisition Corp.
File Number:3-16489 Respondents:Dearman, Larry, Sr.
File Number:3-16490 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16491 Respondents:Johnson, Eric W.
File Number:3-16497 Respondents:Peden, R. Scott, Esq.
File Number:3-16498 Respondents:Schalk, Russell C., Jr.
File Number:3-16502 Respondents:Hi-Q Wason, Inc. IPI Fundraising, Inc. Luminary Acquisition Corp.
File Number:3-16505 Respondents:First American Scientific Corp. Immunosyn Corp.
File Number:3-16509 Respondents:Daspin, Edward M. (a/k/a "Edward (Ed) Michael") Agostini, Luigi Lux, Lawrence R.
File Number:3-16510 Respondents:Kismet, Inc.
File Number:3-16511 Respondents:International Precious Metals, Inc.
File Number:3-16515 Respondents:Jesters Resources, Inc. Jet Neko, Inc. Kensington Group, Inc.
File Number:3-16516 Respondents:Greenbridge Technology, Inc. Harrods Investments, Inc. Illusion Digital Systems, Inc. International Builders Ltd., Inc. (f/k/a Ocean Fresh Seafood Marketplace, Inc.)
File Number:3-16517 Respondents:Kokesh, Charles R.
File Number:3-16518 Respondents:Kabani & Company, Inc. Kabani, Hamid, CPA Deutchman, Michael, CPA Muhammad, Karim Khan, CPA
File Number:3-16521 Respondents:Cedar Creek Mines Ltd. General Kinetics Incorporated ProDigital Film Studios (a/k/a ProDigital Film Labs, Inc.) Pyrocap International Corporation SendTec, Inc. Specialized Services, Inc. (n/k/a Exergetic Energy, Inc.)
File Number:3-16522 Respondents:Eden Energy Corp. Fifth Season International, Inc.
File Number:3-16523 Respondents:Urrea, Hugo
File Number:3-16524 Respondents:Kingsway Capital, Inc. Luvoo Int. Inc. Pacific Clean Water Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-16525 Respondents:A.B. Watley Group, Inc. Cambridge Heart, Inc. iGenii Inc. RKO Resources, Inc. (a/k/a Shamika 2 Gold, Inc.)
File Number:3-16526 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16529 Respondents:Visual Acumen, Inc.
File Number:3-16530 Respondents:First Xeris Corp.
File Number:3-16533 Respondents:Computer Learning Centers, Inc. InferX Corp. Sedona Corp.
File Number:3-16536 Respondents:Big Sky Industries II, Inc. Big Sky Industries III, Inc. Big Sky Industries IV, Inc. Big Sky Industries V, Inc. Big Sky Industries VI, Inc. Big Sky Industries VII, Inc. Big Sky Industries VIII, Inc. Big Sky Industries IX, Inc. Big Sky Industries X, Inc.
File Number:3-16540 Respondents:Kirkland, Stephen L.
File Number:3-16541 Respondents:Carter Acquisition Corp. I Carter Acquisition Corp. II Carter Acquisition Corp. III Chatsworth Acquisitions II, Inc. Chatsworth Acquisitions III, Inc.
File Number:3-16543 Respondents:Krill, Richard
File Number:3-16544 Respondents:Barclay Road Inc. Elsinore Services, Inc. Homeskills, Inc. (n/k/a OTC Wireless, Inc.) IFU Acquisition Corporation Inca Global Inc. Krause's Furniture, Inc. NxGen Networks, Inc. Teknowledge Corporation
File Number:3-16545 Respondents:Composite Solutions, Inc. Ruby Creek Resources, Inc. Voyager Entertainment International Inc.
File Number:3-16551 Respondents:Brookstone Securities, Inc. Turbeville, Antony Lee Kline, Christopher Dean Locy, David William
File Number:3-16552 Respondents:Thompson, Gedrey
File Number:3-16553 Respondents:Mathe, Erick Laszlo
File Number:3-16554 Respondents:Gray Financial Group, Inc. Gray, Laurence O. Hubbard, Robert C., IV
File Number:3-16555 Respondents:Culver, Curtis Steven
File Number:3-16556 Respondents:Colangelo, Stephen A., Jr.
File Number:3-16556-rtv Respondents:Colangelo, Jr., Stephen A.
File Number:3-16558 Respondents:ANTH1, Inc. Ares Global Assets, Inc. Asat Holdings Ltd. Asia Quest Ventures, Inc. Aux (USA), Inc. Barton Solar Acquisition, Inc.
File Number:3-16559 Respondents:America West Resources, Inc. Sonoma Valley Bancorp Worldstar Energy, Corp.
File Number:3-16560 Respondents:Quigley, William
File Number:3-16564 Respondents:Haryman, Gerard
File Number:3-16568 Respondents:Horizon Wimba Inc. (n/k/a Hayse Corp.) Interlock Services, Inc. International Freight Logistics, Ltd.
File Number:3-16571 Respondents:Anticus International Corp. China Marketing Media Holdings, Inc. Cigma Metals Corp. LL&E Royalty Trust
File Number:3-16574 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16576-rtv Respondents:Brickman, Mark G.; and Baratto, Mark B
File Number:3-16577 Respondents:Ramcon Financial LLC
File Number:3-16579 Respondents:Guardian Zone Technology, Inc. (f/k/a Curtis Acquisition Inc.) Heartland Wisconsin Corp. Klein Retail Centers, Inc. LightFirst, Inc.
File Number:3-16586 Respondents:Pennington, Jason Matthew
File Number:3-16590 Respondents:Ourand, Brian J.
File Number:3-16592 Respondents:Integrated.Com, Inc. Las Vegas Sports Resort, Inc. (f/k/a Samdrew V Inc.)
File Number:3-16593 Respondents:Hornby International, Inc. Impart Media Group, Inc. Integrated Micrometallurgical Systems, Inc. Intellicapital, Inc.
File Number:3-16594 Respondents:Equity Trust Company
File Number:3-16595 Respondents:Neologic Animation Inc.
File Number:3-16596 Respondents:Oraco Resources, Inc. SaviCorp (a/k/a Savi Media Group, Inc.) Smoky Market Foods, Inc. Soltera Mining Corp. Wolverine Holding Corp. (a/k/a Mobility Plus Medical Equipment, Inc.)
File Number:3-16597 Respondents:Enterologics, Inc. Midas Medici Group Holdings, Inc. SEFE, Inc.
File Number:3-16601 Respondents:GSP-2, Inc.
File Number:3-16602 Respondents:China Organic Fertilizer, Inc.
File Number:3-16603 Respondents:KPNQwest N.V. Preventia, Inc.
File Number:3-16604 Respondents:BioCoral, Inc. GC China Turbine Corp. Race World International, Inc. Worldwide Biotech & Pharmaceutical Co.
File Number:3-16642 Respondents:Johnson, John V.
File Number:3-16647 Respondents:Ireeco, LLC Ireeco Limited
File Number:3-16649 Respondents:Ironridge Global Partners, LLC Ironridge Global IV, Ltd.
File Number:3-16650 Respondents:China SLP Filtration Technology, Inc. Sickbay Health Media, Inc. SoTech, Inc.
File Number:3-16651 Respondents:Papertradex (US) Inc. Park Hill Capital I Corp.
File Number:3-16653 Respondents:Vantone International Group, Inc.
File Number:3-16654 Respondents:Accres Holding, Inc. FirstBank Financial Services, Inc. MicroSmart Devices, Inc. Polymedix, Inc. RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Inc. The Sagemark Companies Ltd.
File Number:3-16655 Respondents:Aspire Japan, Inc. Market & Research Corp. (n/k/a MRC Group Ltd.) McIntosh Bancshares Inc. Pure Minerals, Inc. (f/k/a Pure Pharmaceuticals Corp.) Salamon Group, Inc.
File Number:3-16657 Respondents:Welhouse & Associates, Inc. Welhouse, Mark P.
File Number:3-16658 Respondents:DiPietro, Michael Albert
File Number:3-16666 Respondents:Green Planet Solutions Corp. Harbor Town Holding Group I, Inc. IDG Capital Holdings Inc. (f/k/a Artcraft VI Inc.) Network, Innovative Financial Inc. (f/k/a Information Link Corp.)
File Number:3-16668 Respondents:Davey, Jonathan D., CPA
File Number:3-16673 Respondents:Anmore, Inc. Bakery Acquisition Corp.
File Number:3-16674 Respondents:Baxter Capital Co. BF Acquisition Group III, Inc. BF Acquisition Group V, Inc.
File Number:3-16677 Respondents:The American Corp. (a/k/a American Corp.) Madison Acquisition Ventures, Inc. Nugen Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-16678 Respondents:Arrin Corporation Gundaker/Jordan American Holdings (a/k/a Jordan American Holdings, Inc.) Liberty Petroleum Corporation Mikojo Incorporated Royal Invest International Corp. San Joaquin Bancorp
File Number:3-16679 Respondents:International Hi-Tech Industries Inc. Mark One Global Industries, Inc. Nortel Networks Corporation Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.
File Number:3-16680 Respondents:Harvest Valley Ventures, Inc. Introtech, Inc.
File Number:3-16681 Respondents:Hinds, Inc. Kenyon, Inc.
File Number:3-16685 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16687-rtv Respondents:Hunter, Toby D.
File Number:3-16692 Respondents:Capital Connection, Inc. China Biotechnology, Inc. China Sports & Entertainment, Ltd. Christie Fun, Inc. Cosway Industries, Inc. Oriole, Inc.
File Number:3-16693 Respondents:CDMemories.Com, Inc. Cedar Grove Marketing, Inc. Centro Services, Inc. Codatek Corp. Dipper Inc.
File Number:3-16696 Respondents:Greene Power, Inc. Intacta Technologies, Inc. Lane Co. #3, Inc.
File Number:3-16697 Respondents:ILN Amherst Corp. ILN Brentwood Corp. ILN Celeste Corp. ILN Century Corp. Interstate Data USA, Inc.
File Number:3-16705 Respondents:iFuture.Com, Inc. Interlotto International Holdings, Inc. ISee3D, Inc. Kaw Acquisition Corp. Lane Co. #7, Inc.
File Number:3-16706 Respondents:Uppal, Sachin K.
File Number:3-16706-rtv Respondents:Uppal, Sachin K.
File Number:3-16708 Respondents:Buckhead Community Bancorp, Inc. Caribbean Exploration, Inc. Coffee Exchange, Inc. Colony Energy, Inc. Watchit Media, Inc.
File Number:3-16712 Respondents:Charsonville, Gilles T. De
File Number:3-16713 Respondents:Seabolt, Michael T.
File Number:3-16714-rtv Respondents:Gold Mountain Management, LLC, and Gregory Bied
File Number:3-16719 Respondents:Volt Solar Systems, Inc.
File Number:3-16720 Respondents:PDK Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-16721 Respondents:Solar Acquisition Corp.
File Number:3-16722 Respondents:Bloom, Eric A.
File Number:3-16722-rtv Respondents:Bloom, Eric A.
File Number:3-16723 Respondents:Mosley, Charles K.
File Number:3-16724 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16725-rtv Respondents:Dorkan, Murat M.
File Number:3-16729 Respondents:Miller Energy Resources, Inc. Boyd, Paul W., CPA Hall, David M. Vogt, Carlton W., III, CPA
File Number:3-16730 Respondents:Johnson, Reid S.
File Number:3-16734 Respondents:Bussanich, Jr. George,
File Number:3-16736-rtv Respondents:Esposito, Dean A.
File Number:3-16737-rtv Respondents:DeVito, Joseph
File Number:3-16739 Respondents:Lamson, Jeffrey L., CPA
File Number:3-16745 Respondents:Austin Corporation Core Medical Group, Inc. Modern City Entertainment, Inc.
File Number:3-16746 Respondents:Storm Cat Energy Corp. Univision Engineering Limited World Gaming PLC
File Number:3-16747 Respondents:Mattmar Minerals, Inc. Strategic Mining Corporation Thomas Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
File Number:3-16748 Respondents:New Energy Systems Group
File Number:3-16749 Respondents:CityView Corp. Ltd. Com-Animation Inc. (a/k/a Com-Animatrix Inc.) TPI Enterprises, Inc.
File Number:3-16755 Respondents:Success Trade, Inc. Success Trade Securities, Inc. Ahmed, Fuad
File Number:3-16761 Respondents:Internal Fixation Systems, Inc.
File Number:3-16763 Respondents:Hitcom Corp. Iberian Group, Inc. International Commodity Logistics, Inc. Jet Cheer Investments Ltd. Legend Marketing Corp.
File Number:3-16765 Respondents:Avalon Digital Marketing Systems, Inc. Computerized Thermal Imaging, Inc. Daw Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-16766 Respondents:Price, Aubrey Lee
File Number:3-16768 Respondents:McCune, Michael Earl
File Number:3-16769 Respondents:Ci4net.Com Inc. Curragh, Inc. RePhex, Inc.
File Number:3-16771 Respondents:China Bio-Immunity Corp. China Culture Resorts Holdings, Inc. Par 3 Services, Inc. Parks One, Inc.
File Number:3-16774 Respondents:GW One, Inc. Pacific Power Group, Inc. PFF Bancorp, Inc Robertson Acquisitions II, Inc. (CIK No. 1554100) Robertson Acquisitions II, Inc. (CIK No. 1554622)
File Number:3-16775 Respondents:Calico Commerce, Inc. (a/k/a CCI Liquidation Corp.) China Fuhua New Material Holdings, Inc. China Multimedia, Inc. China Water & Drinks, Inc. CMR Mortgage Fund II, LLC
File Number:3-16778 Respondents:High Point Transport, Inc. Kohler Capital III, Corporation Mega Group, Inc. Merci, Inc. Our Glass, Inc. Synthetic Industries, LP
File Number:3-16779 Respondents:INverso Corp. Madison Venture Capital Group, Inc. Plantation Lifecare Developers, Inc. Prins Recycling Corp. SCN Holdings, Inc. Skin Nutrition International, Inc. Tecfin Corporation
File Number:3-16793 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16795 Respondents:Fox, Joseph J.
File Number:3-16801 Respondents:Bennett Group Financial Services, LLC Bennett, Dawn J.
File Number:3-16802 Respondents:Bala Cynwyd Corp. Digital Lighthouse Corp. Great Idea Corp. Green Carbon Technologies Corp. Riverside Parkway, Inc. Southern Community Bancshares, Inc. SubMicron Technologies, Inc. United eSystems, Inc.
File Number:3-16803 Respondents:Kara, Maher F.
File Number:3-16804 Respondents:Empire Gold, Inc. GMS Capital Corp. Greater China Acquisition Corp. IC2e International Inc. Intelliservices, Inc. S.F.H. Holdings I, Inc. S.F.H. Holdings II, Inc. Sowa Jisho International Inc.
File Number:3-16805-rtv Respondents:Becker, Shawn A.
File Number:3-16806 Respondents:MSGI Technology Solutions (a/k/a MSGI Security Solutions, Inc.) NMI Health, Inc. PlushZone, Inc. ProsorCons Sports & Entertainment Co.
File Number:3-16807 Respondents:Charles Booth, Inc. Chatsworth Acquisitions I, Inc.
File Number:3-16811 Respondents:AgriBioTech Inc. Condor Capital, Inc. Tuffnell Ltd.
File Number:3-16812 Respondents:Aim Safety Co. Inc. (a/k/a Aimglobal Technologies Co. Inc.) Determination, Inc. Franklyn Resources II, Inc. Red Oak Mining Corp. (a/k/a Austin Developments Corp. f/k/a Universal Wing Technologies Inc.) travelbyus Inc. (f/k/a Aviation Group Inc.)
File Number:3-16814 Respondents:Manzella, Aliza A.
File Number:3-16824 Respondents:Paez, Daniel
File Number:3-16830 Respondents:Samdrew VI, Inc. Subei Business Development, Inc.
File Number:3-16832 Respondents:Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. Chauvin Enterprises, Inc. (a/k/a Internet Solutions for Business, Inc., a/k/a International Solutions for Business, Inc.) Oilsands Quest Inc.
File Number:3-16834 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16836 Respondents:Muehler, Steven J. Alternative Securities Markets Group Corp. Blue Coast Securities Corp., d/b/a GlobalCrowdTV, Inc. and Blue Coast Banc
File Number:3-16839 Respondents:Bartholomew, Daniel R. Hjelvik, Karl I.
File Number:3-16840 Respondents:The Money Tree Lending Group, Inc. PEP Management Corp. Pop Starz Ventures 2, Inc. Primo World Markets Ltd.
File Number:3-16841 Respondents:Paygard, Inc. Quantum Companies, Inc. Reidco Acquisition I, Inc.
File Number:3-16845-rtv Respondents:Anisky, Douglas J.
File Number:3-16875-rtv Respondents:Borg, Edward T.; and Mulkeen, Brian J.
File Number:3-16876 Respondents:Aksanov, Efim
File Number:3-16878-rtv Respondents:Goodland, James; and Securus Wealth Management, LLC
File Number:3-16883 Respondents:Jacob, Arthur F., CPA Innovative Business Solutions, LLC
File Number:3-16883-rtv Respondents:Jacob, Arthur F.; and Innovative Business Solutions, LLC
File Number:3-16885 Respondents:OSK Capital I Corp. OSK Capital III Corp. PowerNomics Enterprise Corp. ReDirect, Inc.
File Number:3-16886 Respondents:OneSource Technologies, Inc. Packitgreen Holdings Corp. Raytec Corp.
File Number:3-16888 Respondents:Roberts, Phillip Cory Bay Peak, LLC
File Number:3-16893 Respondents:Evans, James A., Jr.
File Number:3-16900 Respondents:Ahmed, Fuad Success Trade Securities, Inc.
File Number:3-16904 Respondents:Cicolani, Jerry A. Jr.
File Number:3-16905 Respondents:Hood, Kelly C.
File Number:3-16906 Respondents:Accentia Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Biostem U.S. Corp.
File Number:3-16907 Respondents:Life Care Medical Devices Ltd. New Leaf Brands, Inc.
File Number:3-16912 Respondents:Butler, Joseph R.
File Number:3-16913 Respondents:AutoChina International Limited aka Fincera, Inc.
File Number:3-16914 Respondents:Litwok, Evelyn
File Number:3-16916 Respondents:King, Jeffrey A.
File Number:3-16917 Respondents:Taylor, Garfield M.
File Number:3-16918 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16920 Respondents:Oriental Nonferrous Metals Technology Co., Ltd. Pantheon China Acquisition Corp. Queen 1, Inc. Queen 2, Inc. Stand International Holdings, Ltd.
File Number:3-16921 Respondents:The Jenex Corp. Orgral Technologies Corp. Professional Services Network, Inc. UBX Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-16926 Respondents:Burton, Robert
File Number:3-16928 Respondents:Pan Asia Mining Corp. Petro Horizon Energy Corp. Powerhouse Energy Corp.
File Number:3-16933 Respondents:Dawson James Securities, Inc.
File Number:3-16935 Respondents:American Power Corp. Locan, Inc.
File Number:3-16936 Respondents:Brooks, Jonathan Warren
File Number:3-16936-rtv Respondents:Brooks, Jonathan Warren
File Number:3-16937 Respondents:Murray, James Michael
File Number:3-16940 Respondents:CodeSmart Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-16942 Respondents:Exploration, Friendly Energy Public Media Works, Inc. VRDT Corp. Zoro Mining Corp.
File Number:3-16943 Respondents:Bernath, Lonny S.
File Number:3-16946 Respondents:Price, George Charles Cody
File Number:3-16947 Respondents:Inelco Corp. Teliphone Corp.
File Number:3-16948 Respondents:Jarkas, Rani T.
File Number:3-16949 Respondents:Shah, Sandip
File Number:3-16953 Respondents:Echelon Acquisition Corp. FirstChina Capital, Inc.
File Number:3-16954 Respondents:Riverdale Mining Inc. Tresoro Mining Corp.
File Number:3-16960 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-16962 Respondents:Equity Ventures Group, Inc. Games On Demand International, Inc. (a/k/a Firmware Technologies Inc.)
File Number:3-16965 Respondents:African Copper Corp. Genmed Holding Corp. Yanglin Soybean, Inc.
File Number:3-16967 Respondents:Erwin, James L. Joint Venture Solutions, Inc.
File Number:3-16972 Respondents:Cooper, Brett A.
File Number:3-16978 Respondents:Afshar, Behruz Afshar, Shahryar Kenny, Richard F., IV Fineline Trading Group LLC Makino Capital LLC
File Number:3-16979 Respondents:Ben Franklin Financial, Inc. (a/k/a Franklin Ben Financial, Inc.) Cincinnati Regional Initiative Inc. (a/k/a Midwest Regional Authority, Inc., a/k/a Buffalo Capital II Ltd.) Dayton General Systems, Inc. Display.IT Holdings PLC Gali Global Holdings Ltd.
File Number:3-16980 Respondents:Fox Energy Corp.
File Number:3-16989 Respondents:Nevatia, Vinay Kumar
File Number:3-16990 Respondents:Cadan Resources Corp. Consolidated Global Minerals Ltd. Doreal Energy Corp. GeoCan Energy Inc. (a/k/a Arsenal Energy Inc.)
File Number:3-16991 Respondents:Downer's Gap, Inc. (a/k/a Downers Gap, Inc.) DST Media, Inc. Lazare Kaplan International, Inc.
File Number:3-17000 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17003 Respondents:Eichler, Jr., Peter J.
File Number:3-17004 Respondents:Sellers, Deven Barrera, Roland
File Number:3-17006 Respondents:Dewpoint Environmental, Inc. DLR Funding, Inc. Earth Energy Reserves, Inc. ELF Inc. Expect the Best, Inc. First Omega of Louisiana, Inc.
File Number:3-17007 Respondents:Dome Holding Corp. E-Gold Group, Inc. Esco, Inc. Fortune Pharmaceutical, Inc.
File Number:3-17010 Respondents:Scription Work Solutions, Inc. (f/k/a Transtech Solutions, Inc.)
File Number:3-17011 Respondents:Blue Mountain Eco Tours, Inc.
File Number:3-17013 Respondents:Perres, Allen M. Germain, Willard R. St.
File Number:3-17014 Respondents:Bravo Resource Partners, Ltd. First Potash Corp. HIP Energy Corporation Musgrove Minerals Corp. Starcore International Ventures Ltd. (a/k/a Starcore International Mines Ltd.)
File Number:3-17015 Respondents:Bioject Medical Technologies, Inc. Black Castle Developments Holdings Inc. (n/k/a ingXabo Corporation) Catalyst Resource Group, Inc. SSI International, Ltd. Strike Axe, Inc. Viper Powersports, Inc.
File Number:3-17019 Respondents:USChina Venture I, Inc. USChina Venture II, Inc.
File Number:3-17020 Respondents:Diane D. Dalmy, Esq.
File Number:3-17025 Respondents:Yayi International, Inc.
File Number:3-17026 Respondents:Easylink Information Technology Co., Ltd.
File Number:3-17027 Respondents:Zinn, Kevin I.
File Number:3-17028 Respondents:Zhong Wen International Holding Co., Ltd.
File Number:3-17029 Respondents:Changda International Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-17030 Respondents:USA Graphite, Inc.
File Number:3-17031 Respondents:China Domestica Bio-Technology Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-17032 Respondents:Buncombe, Inc. Cotton Bay Holdings, Inc. Middlesex Inc. REON Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-17033 Respondents:DE Acquisition 7, Inc. DE Acquisition 8, Inc. DE Acquisition 9, Inc. DE Acquisition 10, Inc. DE Acquisition 12, Inc.
File Number:3-17035 Respondents:Desai, Shreyans
File Number:3-17037 Respondents:Palmer, Wayne L.
File Number:3-17038 Respondents:China Holdings Group, Inc. Design Products, Inc. Divia.Com, Inc. Environmental Products & Technologies Corp. (a/k/a Enviro Products & Technologies Corp.) The Financial Group Connection Inc. (a/k/a Financial Group Connection Inc.) Four Peaks Group Inc.
File Number:3-17039 Respondents:Cinema Internet Networks Inc.(a/k/a Quentin Ventures Ltd.) Corvair Resources Inc. Dalian Capital Group, Inc. Denver Resources Inc.
File Number:3-17040 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17042 Respondents:DC Brands International Inc.
File Number:3-17043 Respondents:Crawford, Paul D.
File Number:3-17044 Respondents:Go Green Smokeless Oil International, Inc. T.O Entertainment Inc. (f/k/a Ibi Acquisitions Inc.) Xian Resources, Ltd.
File Number:3-17049 Respondents:Rahfco Management Group, LLC
File Number:3-17050 Respondents:Hudson Capital Partners Corporation
File Number:3-17061 Respondents:China Ticket Center, Inc. Dawn Capital Corp. Nanotailor, Inc. New Century Energy Corp. Vadda Energy Corp.
File Number:3-17063 Respondents:Daytona Systems, Inc. Equitel, Inc.
File Number:3-17064 Respondents:99 Cent Stuff, Inc. Bizzingo, Inc. Clicker, Inc. Incentra Solutions, Inc. Maxray Optical Technology Co. Ltd. Peer Review Mediation & Arbitration, Inc.
File Number:3-17065 Respondents:Oldwebsites.Com, Inc. RPHL Acquisition Corp. (a/k/a Rockport Healthcare Group Inc.) The Brainy Brands Company, Inc. TheraBiogen, Inc. U.S. Helicopter Corporation Vicor Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-17066 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17067 Respondents:Malik, Moazzam "Mark"
File Number:3-17068 Respondents:Renaldi, Salvatore
File Number:3-17069 Respondents:Lee, Justin Moongyu, Esq., CPA
File Number:3-17070 Respondents:3C Advisors & Associates, Inc. Jones, Stephen Prolman, David
File Number:3-17073 Respondents:Diversified Health & Fitness, Inc. Engenyous Technologies, Inc. Equitex 2000, Inc. Gifts of Learning Foundation, Inc.
File Number:3-17074 Respondents:Eight-Eight Acquisition Corp. I Eight-Eight Acquisition Corp. II Eight-Eight Acquisition Corp. III
File Number:3-17076 Respondents:Akindemowo, Kenny
File Number:3-17081 Respondents:RSL Communications Ltd. Ltd. Six Diamond Resorts International Zimtu Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-17082 Respondents:DCI Telecommunications, Inc. Helionetics, Inc. LDP-III, a California Limited Partnership Lyric International, Inc. Q-Net Technologies, Inc. Seiler Pollution Control Systems, Inc. The Mortgage Bancfund of America II, L.P.
File Number:3-17083 Respondents:Beckman, Jason Bo-Alan
File Number:3-17102 Respondents:Bailey Frances Corp. Kingly Chateau Corp. Lucy's Water World, Inc.
File Number:3-17103 Respondents:CBC Acquisition Corp. 1 China Renewable Construction Materials, Inc. Whoopass Poker Corp. WNC Housing Tax Credit Fund VI, L.P., 12, Series
File Number:3-17104 Respondents:BioElectronics Corp. IBEX, LLC St. John's, LLC Whelan, Andrew J. Whelan Kelly A., CPA Bedwell, Robert P., CPA
File Number:3-17105 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17110 Respondents:Disaster Preparedness Systems, Inc. Electric Moto Corp. Emo Corp.
File Number:3-17112 Respondents:Frazer Frost LLP Woo, Susan, CPA Suen, Miranda, CPA
File Number:3-17113 Respondents:Wentworth IV, Inc. Wentworth V, Inc. Wentworth VI, Inc. Wentworth VII, Inc. Wentworth VIII, Inc. White Horse Resources, Inc. Xtreme Healthcare Corporation Zylorain, Inc.
File Number:3-17114 Respondents:Shearson Financial Network, Inc. Shelby Acquisition I, Inc. (n/k/a Phoenix Capital Source, Inc.) Shelby Acquisition II, Inc. Shelby Acquisition III, Inc. Shelby Acquisition IV, Inc. US WATS Inc. Western Hemisphere Investments Corporation Whirlwind Marketing, Inc.
File Number:3-17115 Respondents:Schooler, Louis V.
File Number:3-17116 Respondents:China Rongxin Chemical Holding Group, Inc. Ves Ventures & Holdings Inc. (a/k/a Helios Energia, Inc., a/k/a Accelerated Acquisitions XXI, Inc.)
File Number:3-17117 Respondents:Merrick, Gregory L.
File Number:3-17122 Respondents:Digiblue Media, Inc. Morgain Minerals Inc. New World Batteries, Inc. North Pacific GeoPower Corp. Northern Canadian Uranium Inc. (f/k/a Northern Canadian Minerals Inc.)
File Number:3-17123 Respondents:Ceyoniq AG (n/k/a CEYONIQ, Inc.) Market Data Consultants, Inc. Mentergy Ltd. (a/k/a Gilat Communications Ltd.) Mid-Am Systems, Inc. Nu Energy Inc.
File Number:3-17126 Respondents:Maiher, Jason
File Number:3-17128 Respondents:Parris, Christopher A.
File Number:3-17131 Respondents:Lopez, Mark A.
File Number:3-17132 Respondents:Infrastructure International, Inc.
File Number:3-17133 Respondents:Texstar Oil Corporation Bonamour, Inc.
File Number:3-17134 Respondents:Quintanilla, Timothy, CPA
File Number:3-17135 Respondents:De Acquisition 5, Inc. De Acquisition 11, Inc. Gimmeabid.Com Inc. (a/k/a Gimmeabid Com Inc.)
File Number:3-17136 Respondents:Chardan China Acquisition Corp. Garden Bay International, Ltd.
File Number:3-17137-rtv Respondents:Giordano, Joseph A.
File Number:3-17138 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17144 Respondents:Map IV Acquisition, Inc. Med-Zone Biotechnologies Acquisition, Inc. Millennium Direct, Inc.
File Number:3-17146 Respondents:Rey, Janice D.
File Number:3-17147 Respondents:Mclean, Devon C.
File Number:3-17149 Respondents:Elsinore Capital II, Ltd. EPS Solutions Corp. Free DA Connection Systems Inc. (a/k/a Free DA Connection Services, Inc., a/k/a Earthshine International Ltd.)
File Number:3-17151 Respondents:Reid, Joseph Denard (a/k/a Reid Joseph Denard) Shared 1, Inc. Vanport Acquisition I, Corp. Westview Acquisition Corp. Wi-Net Communications Inc. Wisdom Holdings, Inc. Yang Holding Company Youngheart Production Holding Co, Inc.
File Number:3-17157 Respondents:Zoernack, Steven EquityStar Capital Management, LLC
File Number:3-17160 Respondents:Geo Global Group Ltd. (f/k/a Geo Genesis Group Ltd.)
File Number:3-17172 Respondents:Clare, Barry B.
File Number:3-17175 Respondents:CONCERTSBYU.COM, INC. Freedom Bancshares, Inc. MetaMorphix Inc.
File Number:3-17176 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17180 Respondents:Berman, Elliot R., CPA Berman & Company, P.A.
File Number:3-17184 Respondents:Gibson, Christopher M.
File Number:3-17185 Respondents:Rings to Dine For, Inc.
File Number:3-17189 Respondents:Citadel Securities LLC Ronin Capital, LLC Susquehanna Investment Group Susquehanna Securities
File Number:3-17191 Respondents:Clubhouse Videos, Inc. GLX.Com, Inc. (f/k/a American Environmental, Inc., a/k/a GLX, Inc.) Mortgage Shakers, Inc. Newbridge Mortgage Corp. Newcourt Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-17200 Respondents:Lindemann, Levi D.
File Number:3-17202 Respondents:Expleo Solutions, Inc. Numida, Inc.
File Number:3-17208 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17209 Respondents:Mondeo Investments, Inc. MPEG Super Site, Inc. Myriad International, Inc.
File Number:3-17210 Respondents:White, Paul Leon II
File Number:3-17211 Respondents:Guevara, Rogelio
File Number:3-17216-rtv Respondents:Hartshorn, Bruce A.
File Number:3-17217 Respondents:TPG Advisors LLC d/b/a The Phillips Group Advisors Phillips, Larry M.
File Number:3-17218 Respondents:Powell, Daniel Christian Stanley
File Number:3-17222 Respondents:CelLynx Group, Inc. Dot VN, Inc. Global Health Voyager, Inc.
File Number:3-17223 Respondents:Gold Hills Mining, Ltd. Massive Dynamics, Inc. Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MDU Communications International, Inc.
File Number:3-17226 Respondents:Wanger, Eric David
File Number:3-17228 Respondents:Hall, David S., P.C. d/b/a the Hall Group CPAs Hall, David S., CPA Cochran, Michelle L. Helterbran, CPA Cisneros, Susan A.
File Number:3-17232-rtv Respondents:Hurtado, Jose Alejandro
File Number:3-17236 Respondents:Pioneer Exploration, Inc. Premier Brands, Inc. Private Media Group, Inc.
File Number:3-17237 Respondents:Coyote Resources, Inc. Harbor Island Development Corp. Medical Makeover Corp. of America Shades Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-17241 Respondents:EQCO2, Inc. Hondo Minerals Corp. Liberty Gold Corp.
File Number:3-17242 Respondents:Giant Resources, Inc. Rush Exploration, Inc.
File Number:3-17244 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17246 Respondents:Ruehle, Greg
File Number:3-17247 Respondents:Li-ion Motors Corp. (a/k/a Terra Inventions Corp.) PetroHunter Energy Corp. Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc.
File Number:3-17248 Respondents:GroveWare Technologies Ltd. Luve Sports, Inc. Northcore Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-17250 Respondents:Striper Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-17251 Respondents:Blount, John Steven
File Number:3-17251-rtv Respondents:Blount, John Steven
File Number:3-17252 Respondents:Hase, Stephan Von
File Number:3-17253 Respondents:Winkelmann, James A. Sr. Blue Ocean Portfolios, LLC
File Number:3-17254 Respondents:Meyers, Bruce Meyers Associates, LP.
File Number:3-17255 Respondents:Bodisen Biotech, Inc. China Global Media, Inc. China Heli Resource Renewable, Inc. GFR Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
File Number:3-17256 Respondents:Dragon Bright Mintai Botanical Technology Cayman Ltd. JinZangHuang Tibet Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Macau Resources Group Ltd.
File Number:3-17258 Respondents:China Unistone Acquisition Corp. Ideal Restaurant Group, Inc.
File Number:3-17259 Respondents:Greenpower International Group Ltd. Hauge Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-17262 Respondents:MKM Partners LLC
File Number:3-17265 Respondents:Markusen, Steven R. Cope, Jay C.
File Number:3-17266 Respondents:China VantagePoint Acquisition Co. Citizens Community Bancorp, Inc. Solis Pharma US, Inc.
File Number:3-17282 Respondents:Eric B. Global Ventures, Inc. Parallax Diagnostics, Inc. Secure Digital, Inc.
File Number:3-17289 Respondents:Gold, Alan H.
File Number:3-17291 Respondents:MIT Holding, Inc.
File Number:3-17292 Respondents:Cascade Technologies Corp. Echo Automotive, Inc. Vision Industries Corp.
File Number:3-17293 Respondents:Advanced Life Sciences Holdings, Inc. Anoteros, Inc. Emperial Americas, Inc. Nord Resources Corporation UNR Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-17294 Respondents:Tysk, David B.
File Number:3-17302 Respondents:Essential Telecommunications, Inc. Medisys Technologies, Inc. New Day Financial Management, Inc. Pivotal Group, Inc.
File Number:3-17303 Respondents:Jones, Gregory G.
File Number:3-17307 Respondents:Galileo Petroleum Ltd. Hyperion Acquisition Corp. Satori Beverages International, Ltd.
File Number:3-17309 Respondents:Coastal Pacific Mining Corp. Petaquilla Minerals Ltd.
File Number:3-17310 Respondents:Caspian International Oil Corporation Elevate, Inc. Frawley Corporation Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc. Logic Devices, Incorporated
File Number:3-17311 Respondents:Rebornne (USA) Inc.
File Number:3-17313 Respondents:Tirrell, William
File Number:3-17316 Respondents:Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Limited
File Number:3-17319 Respondents:Helen, Jan E.
File Number:3-17327 Respondents:Easy Health Technologies Ltd. Neptune Acquisition Corp. Segway IV Corp.
File Number:3-17331 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17334-rtv Respondents:Matthews, William E.
File Number:3-17336 Respondents:Breitling Energy Corporation
File Number:3-17342 Respondents:RD Legal Capital, LLC Dersovitz, Roni
File Number:3-17344 Respondents:Hsu, Li-Lin
File Number:3-17346 Respondents:Franklin Bank Corporation
File Number:3-17350 Respondents:Algorex Corporation Canadian Piper Air Corp. Capital and Services, Inc. NP Energy Corporation
File Number:3-17351 Respondents:Great Basin Gold Limited
File Number:3-17352 Respondents:Saving2Retire, LLC Young, Marian P.
File Number:3-17353 Respondents:Scanner Technologies Corp. Seville Ventures Corp. StarInvest Group, Inc. The Digital Development Group Corp.
File Number:3-17358 Respondents:Braslau, Samuel
File Number:3-17360-rtv Respondents:Nemeckay, Timothy A.
File Number:3-17363 Respondents:Sand International, Inc.
File Number:3-17365 Respondents:Alison, LLC Alison, Stephen D.
File Number:3-17366 Respondents:Capitol City Bancshares, Inc. Chang-On International, Inc. Computer Graphics International Inc. John D. Oil and Gas Company Legal Life Plans, Inc. Powder River Coal Corp.
File Number:3-17372 Respondents:Island Trader LLC Nickles, Richard H.
File Number:3-17373-rtv Respondents:Hawkins, Brad R.
File Number:3-17374 Respondents:Dominion Minerals Corp. Foxwedge, Inc. Harrington Resources, Inc. Juniper Acquisition Corporation Nexus Data Security Corp.
File Number:3-17375 Respondents:Ameralink, Inc. Basin Industries, Inc. Claire Coast Corporation Clinicorp Inc. (n/k/a Trident Medical Concepts, Inc.)
File Number:3-17376 Respondents:Eastland Financial Corp. Granite Cliffs, Incorporated Greater Asia Realty Holdings, Ltd.
File Number:3-17381 Respondents:Safecode Drug Technologies Corp.
File Number:3-17383 Respondents:Dynamic Ventures Corp.
File Number:3-17387 Respondents:Lathen, Donald F. ("Jay") Jr. Eden Arc Capital Management, LLC Eden Arc Capital Advisors, LLC
File Number:3-17393 Respondents:Peterson, Curtis A.
File Number:3-17395 Respondents:Jones, Anthony Tyrone Jr.
File Number:3-17398 Respondents:Delaney Equity Group LLC Delaney, David C. Kass, Ian C.
File Number:3-17402 Respondents:McGee, Bernard G.
File Number:3-17405 Respondents:Bay City Transfer Agency and Registrar, Inc. Amersey, Nitin M.
File Number:3-17406 Respondents:Keith D. Geary
File Number:3-17408 Respondents:Global Earth Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-17507 Respondents:Pittera, Joseph L., Esq.
File Number:3-17508 Respondents:Michael Ralph Casey, Esq.
File Number:3-17511 Respondents:Watson, Pamella B.
File Number:3-17511-rtv Respondents:Watson, Pamella B.
File Number:3-17512 Respondents:KCD Financial, Inc.
File Number:3-17513 Respondents:Fairfield Minerals, Ltd. Metal Storm Limited
File Number:3-17514 Respondents:Ilio, Inc. Industrial Imaging Corporation JackRay Corporation
File Number:3-17515 Respondents:Kerr III , David R.
File Number:3-17518 Respondents:Multi-Corp. International, Inc. Pan American Goldfields Ltd. Sky Harvest Energy Corp.
File Number:3-17519 Respondents:Grace Development, Inc. Luxeyard, Inc. SuperDirectories, Inc.
File Number:3-17521-rtv Respondents:Pincheira, Mario
File Number:3-17522-rtv Respondents:Kayatta, David
File Number:3-17525 Respondents:Milligan, Robert D.
File Number:3-17527 Respondents:Hahn, Karl E.
File Number:3-17528 Respondents:Kazinec, Aaron Nash
File Number:3-17542 Respondents:All Energy Corp. As Seen On TV, Inc.
File Number:3-17543 Respondents:Affordable Green Homes International Jilco Industries, Inc. TMP Land Mortgage Fund, Ltd., a California Limited Partnership
File Number:3-17545 Respondents:Fusion Pharm, Inc.
File Number:3-17546 Respondents:Dittman, Scott M., CPA
File Number:3-17547 Respondents:Sears, William J.
File Number:3-17548 Respondents:Microcap Management LLC Bayside Realty Holdings LLC Meadpoint Venture Partners, LLC
File Number:3-17549 Respondents:Bodden, Cliffe R.
File Number:3-17550 Respondents:Tod A. Ditommaso, Esq.
File Number:3-17551 Respondents:Med-X, Inc.
File Number:3-17558 Respondents:Bluforest, Inc.
File Number:3-17559 Respondents:Rose, Sheldon MKJJ Consulting LLC
File Number:3-17560 Respondents:Springsteen-Abbott, Kimberly
File Number:3-17563 Respondents:AIC International Resources Corp. Stellar Metals, Inc.
File Number:3-17564 Respondents:Amarillo Mesquite Grill, Inc. Global Opportunity Fund LP Healthrenu Medical, Inc. Hynes & Howes Insurance Counselors, Inc.
File Number:3-17565 Respondents:Capital Preferred Yield Fund-III, LP Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp. Diversinet Corp.
File Number:3-17570 Respondents:Medient Studios, Inc., a/k/a Moon River Studios, Inc.
File Number:3-17571 Respondents:Mellon, Matthew T., II
File Number:3-17574 Respondents:Accel Brands, Inc.
File Number:3-17577 Respondents:Seibert, Robert
File Number:3-17589 Respondents:Cantab Pharmaceuticals PLC International Panorama Resource Corp. Zealous Inc. (n/k/a Corestream Energy Inc.)
File Number:3-17590 Respondents:Telestone Technologies Corp. US Fuel Corp. Victory Eagle Resources Corp.
File Number:3-17591 Respondents:Sierra Resource Group, Inc.
File Number:3-17595 Respondents:Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC Oz Management LP Och, Daniel S. Frank, Joel M.
File Number:3-17610 Respondents:Halali, Benham
File Number:3-17612-rtv Respondents:Duban, Dennis
File Number:3-17614 Respondents:Balter, Laurence I. d/b/a Oracle Investment Research
File Number:3-17615 Respondents:Boreal Water Collection, Inc.
File Number:3-17621 Respondents:Stitt, Andrew
File Number:3-17632 Respondents:Leonard, John M.
File Number:3-17633 Respondents:Aronson, David A., CPA
File Number:3-17641 Respondents:Dynamic Response Group, Inc. Eagle Telephonics, Inc. Far East Energy Corporation
File Number:3-17642 Respondents:Cala Corporation China Huaren Organic Products, Inc. Daystar Technologies, Inc. Hangover Joe's Holding Corp.
File Number:3-17645 Respondents:Snisky, Gary C.
File Number:3-17648 Respondents:Q Lotus Holdings, Inc. Spare Backup, Inc.
File Number:3-17649 Respondents:BioNovo, Inc. InterAmerican Gaming, Inc. Spot Mobile International Ltd.
File Number:3-17650 Respondents:Lawler, Joe
File Number:3-17651 Respondents:Beamish, Adrian D., CPA
File Number:3-17657 Respondents:Smith, Gregory J.
File Number:3-17659 Respondents:Bill the Butcher, Inc. Hitor Group, Inc. Xun Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-17661 Respondents:Altholtz, Harvey
File Number:3-17663 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17664 Respondents:The Registration Statement of Flaster Corporation
File Number:3-17665 Respondents:The Registration Statement of iLoan Inc.
File Number:3-17666 Respondents:The Registration Statement of Zubra Inc.
File Number:3-17667 Respondents:The Registration Statement of Instride, Inc.
File Number:3-17668 Respondents:Helpeo, Inc.
File Number:3-17674 Respondents:Kon, Alexander
File Number:3-17676 Respondents:OTC Global Partners, LLC Dias, Raimundo
File Number:3-17677 Respondents:Lek Securities Corporation
File Number:3-17679 Respondents:Questrust Ventures, Inc. Zaring Homes, Inc.
File Number:3-17680 Respondents:Kogeto, Inc. Lustros, Inc. Med-X Systems, Inc.
File Number:3-17681 Respondents:Anderson, Bryan Wayne
File Number:3-17682 Respondents:Interactive Brokers LLC Interactive Brokers Corp.
File Number:3-17683 Respondents:Harvey Westbury Corp. InterCore, Inc. Kalex Corp.
File Number:3-17685 Respondents:Mark D. Holt (a/ka Mark D. Holthusen)
File Number:3-17686 Respondents:Lee, James Y.
File Number:3-17690 Respondents:MGN Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-17692 Respondents:All-Pro Products, Inc. Cashtek Corp. Gotham Apparel Corp. Lafayette Industries, Inc.
File Number:3-17693 Respondents:Finn, Sean P. M. Dwyer LLC
File Number:3-17698 Respondents:Odyssey Pictures Corporation Portus Corporation Vampt America, Inc. Westport Energy Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-17699 Respondents:Neman, Shervin Neman Financial, Inc.
File Number:3-17700 Respondents:Mars Acquisitions, Inc. SoftNet Technology Corp.
File Number:3-17702 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17711 Respondents:Aquanatural Co. Bullet Sports International Inc. Pearce Systems International, Inc.
File Number:3-17715 Respondents:Sen Yu International Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-17716 Respondents:Baker, Robert L. Herrera, Jacob B. Bowen, Michael D. Ballard, Terrence A.
File Number:3-17721 Respondents:Ben Franklin Retail Stores, Inc. Enrotek Corp. Spectre Gaming, Inc.
File Number:3-17733 Respondents:Wilson-Davis & Company, Inc.
File Number:3-17734 Respondents:Sequeira, Keith Patrick
File Number:3-17738 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17740 Respondents:Augustine Capital Management LLC (f/k/a Augustine Capital Management Inc.) Porter, John T. Duszynski, Thomas F. , CPA
File Number:3-17741 Respondents:Ellis, Jonathan Roth
File Number:3-17743 Respondents:AFN, Inc. Allen Energy Company American Cascade Energy, Inc. Millenia Hope Inc. (n/k/a Clubs Choice Holdings, Inc.)
File Number:3-17744 Respondents:PAB Bankshares, Inc. USABG Corp.
File Number:3-17747 Respondents:Rose, Brian C.
File Number:3-17748 Respondents:McGregor, Robert S.
File Number:3-17749 Respondents:Smith, Jason B.
File Number:3-17751 Respondents:Dekel, Roy
File Number:3-17752 Respondents:Schwartz, Michael David
File Number:3-17758 Respondents:Reinhart, CPA, Cynthia C.
File Number:3-17766 Respondents:Gilmer, Wanda L.
File Number:3-17767 Respondents:McBarron Capital LLC
File Number:3-17787 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17811 Respondents:Black, Hans Peter Interinvest Corporation, Inc.
File Number:3-17813 Respondents:Windsor Street Capital, L.P. (f/k/a Meyers Associates, L.P.) Telfer, John David
File Number:3-17814 Respondents:Infeed Medica Corp.
File Number:3-17818 Respondents:GL Capital Partners, LLC
File Number:3-17819 Respondents:GL Investment Services, LLC
File Number:3-17820 Respondents:Delverton Resorts International Inc.
File Number:3-17821 Respondents:AVT, Inc. Jaguar Acquisition Corporation Liberty Group Holdings, Inc. Med One Oak, Inc. Ocean Power Corp. (n/k/a Opc Liquidation Corp.)
File Number:3-17822 Respondents:Fibercorp International, Inc. Hygenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Investors Trust, Inc.
File Number:3-17823 Respondents:Caniford, Thomas H.
File Number:3-17828 Respondents:Herman, Rosalind
File Number:3-17839 Respondents:King, Jr., Sylvester
File Number:3-17848 Respondents:Griffin, James P.
File Number:3-17849 Respondents:Angel Oak Capital Partners, LLC Peraza Capital and Investment, LLC Prabhu, Sreeniwas Wells, David W.
File Number:3-17850 Respondents:Hydrocarb Energy Corp.
File Number:3-17852 Respondents:Jones, Kalid M.
File Number:3-17856 Respondents:Gibson, John Austin, Jr.
File Number:3-17857 Respondents:Richardson Edward, Jr., CPA Richardson Edward, Jr.
File Number:3-17858 Respondents:Sidewinder Explorations Inc.
File Number:3-17859 Respondents:Prestige Financial Corp. Ross Technology, Inc. Skylynx Communications, Inc. (a/k/a PawsPlus, Inc., n/k/a OPPL, Inc.) Upod, Inc.
File Number:3-17860 Respondents:Myriad Entertainment & Resorts, Inc. National Real Estate Limited Partnership VI Paradise Communications Services, Inc.
File Number:3-17861 Respondents:Go EZ Corporation
File Number:3-17862 Respondents:Arc Lifestyle Group Inc.
File Number:3-17863 Respondents:Nova Smart Solutions Inc.
File Number:3-17865 Respondents:CirTran Corp. Conolog Corp. Technologies, Blink Inc. (f/k/a Epunk Inc.) World Surveillance Group, Inc.
File Number:3-17868 Respondents:GCA I Acquisition Corp. International Metals Acquisition Corp. (n/k/a Niagara Lasalle Corp.) Syprus Inc. (n/k/a Ricky's Holdings Inc.) Unity One Capital, Inc.
File Number:3-17874 Respondents:Harris, Talman
File Number:3-17875 Respondents:Alfaya, Victor
File Number:3-17877 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-17878 Respondents:Parthemer, Aaron R.
File Number:3-17882 Respondents:Shallbetter Industries, Inc. Phoenix Hydro International, Inc. Vanport Acquisition II, Corp. Vanport Acquisition III, Corp.
File Number:3-17883 Respondents:Nadel, Warren D.
File Number:3-17884 Respondents:Ubiquity, Inc.
File Number:3-17886 Respondents:China Biopharma, Inc. China Linen Textile Industry, Ltd. China Water Group, Inc. Scout Exploration, Inc. Teryl Resources Corp.
File Number:3-17888 Respondents:Bucci, William D.
File Number:3-17894 Respondents:Real Hip-Hop Network, Inc. Resource Services, Inc. Surpure Inc. (f/k/a Pacific Quest Ventures Corp.) Vanport Acquisition IV, Corp. Vanport Acquisition V, Corp.
File Number:3-17897 Respondents:International Building Concepts Ltd. (n/k/a Home Builders International Inc.) RXBAZAAR, Inc. Victory Park Acquisition Corp. I Worldwide Data, Inc.
File Number:3-17902 Respondents:Lynch, John T., Jr.
File Number:3-17906 Respondents:The Application of ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago, LLC
File Number:3-17907 Respondents:Zufelt, Anthony C.
File Number:3-17908 Respondents:6D Global Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-17909 Respondents:North, Thaddeus J.
File Number:3-17925 Respondents:Elgart, David Adam
File Number:3-17928 Respondents:Solar Shore One, Inc. Solar Shore Two, Inc. Soular Energy, Inc. University General Health System, Inc.
File Number:3-17930 Respondents:Ottimo, Louis
File Number:3-17934 Respondents:Gadelkareem, Ahmed
File Number:3-17935 Respondents:Biovest International, Inc. Olie Inc. (n/k/a Syndicate Business Development Corp.) Stargate Entertainment, Inc. Three Sigma Ventures, Inc.
File Number:3-17936 Respondents:Farhang, S. Brent, CPA
File Number:3-17937 Respondents:In the Matter of the Continued Association of Bruce M. Zipper with Dakota Securities International, Inc.
File Number:3-17939 Respondents:McBarron Capital LLC
File Number:3-17941 Respondents:Axesstel, Inc.
File Number:3-17943 Respondents:Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association for Review of Action Taken by Certain Self-Regulatory Organizations
File Number:3-17945 Respondents:Prospect Ventures, Inc. StarNet Pacific Co. Ltd. Sunburst Acquisitions V, Inc. Sunburst Acquisitions VI, Inc.
File Number:3-17947 Respondents:Cervino, Christopher
File Number:3-17948 Respondents:Khan, Abida
File Number:3-17950 Respondents:Pruitt, David, CPA
File Number:3-17951 Respondents:Application of Bloomberg L.P.
File Number:3-17959 Respondents:Reyftmann, Gregory
File Number:3-17963 Respondents:Zipper, Bruce; Dakota Securities International
File Number:3-17977 Respondents:Ciralight Global, Inc. GS Enviroservices, Inc. IPOworld Parabel, Inc.
File Number:3-17981 Respondents:Sunshine Capital, Inc.
File Number:3-17983 Respondents:Emerald Isle Exploration Ltd.
File Number:3-17984 Respondents:Canso Enterprises Ltd.
File Number:3-17985 Respondents:Privoz
File Number:3-17986 Respondents:Universal Movers Corp.
File Number:3-17987 Respondents:Lorilay Corp.
File Number:3-17988 Respondents:Formous Corp.
File Number:3-17989 Respondents:Lion Print Corp.
File Number:3-17990 Respondents:Digital Brand Media & Marketing Group, Inc. Intellicell Biosciences, Inc.
File Number:3-17991 Respondents:Atomic Paintball, Inc. North American Oil & Gas Corp. VelaTel Global Communications, Inc.
File Number:3-17995 Respondents:Turner, Michael R.
File Number:3-17997 Respondents:Hanmer, Lisa, CPA
File Number:3-17998 Respondents:Double Crown Resources, Inc. GMCI Corp.
File Number:3-17999 Respondents:A.C. Simmonds and Sons, Inc. Joshua Gold Resources, Inc. (f/k/a Enhanced Energy Solutions, Inc.) Game Plan Holdings, Inc. HashingSpace Corp.
File Number:3-18002 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18004 Respondents:Cardinal Resources, Inc. StationDigital Corp.
File Number:3-18007 Respondents:New Western Energy Corp. Preferred Restaurant Brands, Inc. Primco Management, Inc.
File Number:3-18010 Respondents:Application of Bloomberg L.P.
File Number:3-18011 Respondents:Integrated Freight Corporation
File Number:3-18014 Respondents:Evolucia, Inc. Legend International Holdings, Inc. OSL Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-18015 Respondents:Mallett, David K.
File Number:3-18017 Respondents:Can-Cal Resources Ltd. China Fruits Corp. Skystar Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.
File Number:3-18023 Respondents:T3 Holdings, Inc. Vortronnix Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-18025 Respondents:Chung, Wilson
File Number:3-18037 Respondents:dELiA*s Inc. Global Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-18038 Respondents:Energy Edge Technologies Corp. Focus Gold Corp. New York Sub Co.
File Number:3-18045 Respondents:Nash, Robert G. Merrimac Corporate Securities, Inc
File Number:3-18047 Respondents:Ibex Advanced Mortgage Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-18057 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18061 Respondents:Retirement Surety LLC Crescendo Financial LLC Rose, Thomas Leeman, David Featherstone, David
File Number:3-18070 Respondents:Lubin, David
File Number:3-18074 Respondents:Carrillo, Luis J.
File Number:3-18075 Respondents:Huettel, Wade D., Esq.
File Number:3-18077 Respondents:Cibolan Gold Corporation Medbook World Inc. Pacific Gold Corp. Sungame Corporation (n/k/a Freevi Corp.)
File Number:3-18078 Respondents:Aja Cannafacturing, Inc. Montalvo Spirits, Inc. Sanook Enterprises, Inc. (n/k/a Applife Digital, Inc.) Spire Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-18079 Respondents:Attitude Drinks Incorporated Core Resource Management, Inc. Maverick Minerals Corporation Panacea Global, Inc.
File Number:3-18081 Respondents:Medicus Homecare Inc.
File Number:3-18082 Respondents:CNK Global Inc. (a/k/a American Life Holding Co. Inc.)
File Number:3-18083 Respondents:Aquentium, Inc. Del Toro Silver Corp. Islet Sciences, Inc. Sealand Natural Resources Inc.
File Number:3-18091 Respondents:Kung Fu Dragon Group Limited
File Number:3-18092 Respondents:Aurios Inc. EFLO Energy, Inc. Inergetics, Inc. Monar International, Inc.
File Number:3-18094 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18095 Respondents:AV Therapeutics, Inc. Balqon Corporation Empress Mining Inc. (f/k/a Penola, Inc.) Passport Potash, Inc.
File Number:3-18096 Respondents:Axiom Oil & Gas Corp. GEI Global Energy Corp. Ironwood Gold Corp. Surge Global Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-18097 Respondents:China Greenstar Corporation Cortronix Biomedical Advancement Technologies, Inc. HW Holdings, Inc. Microelectronics Technology Company
File Number:3-18098 Respondents:Teran, Alfred C.
File Number:3-18099 Respondents:Black Diamond Asset Management LLC Wilson, Robert
File Number:3-18100 Respondents:Valdor Technology International, Inc.
File Number:3-18103 Respondents:Boldface Group, Inc. China Tianfeihong Wine Inc. Goldfields International Inc. Grizzly Gold Corp.
File Number:3-18104 Respondents:Altovida Inc. Aurora Gold Corporation Auxillium Energy, Inc. Silver Falcon Mining, Inc.
File Number:3-18105 Respondents:American Magna Corp. Bioneutral Group, Inc. Livingventures, Inc. Oryon Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-18106 Respondents:China Du Kang Co., Ltd.
File Number:3-18107 Respondents:E-Waste Systems, Inc.
File Number:3-18108 Respondents:Kolquist, Kenneth J.
File Number:3-18119 Respondents:Palladino, James M.
File Number:3-18126 Respondents:Reyes, Gerardo E.
File Number:3-18127 Respondents:Shkreli, Martin
File Number:3-18129 Respondents:Berger, Brian Michael
File Number:3-18130 Respondents:Gainer, Jeffrey
File Number:3-18138 Respondents:Taboada, Paul E.
File Number:3-18141 Respondents:CellCyte Genetics Corp. China Pediatric Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Hawker Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-18142 Respondents:Circle Star Energy Corp. Energy Holdings International, Inc.
File Number:3-18143 Respondents:Escobio, Robert J.
File Number:3-18144 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18145 Respondents:Application of Bloomberg L.P.
File Number:3-18146 Respondents:Accelerated Aquisition Inc. XVII, (a/k/a Accelerated Aquisition XVII, Inc.) Ambassadors International, Inc. L & L Energy, Inc. Lihua International, Inc.
File Number:3-18148 Respondents:BioPharma Manufacturing Solutions Inc. CLTC Ventures Corporation (n/k/a Dreamfly Productions Corporation) Crane Global Energy Company DCA Asset Management, Inc.
File Number:3-18149 Respondents:Mackenzie Taylor Minerals, Inc. Raptor Resources Holdings, Inc. Shoshone Silver Gold Mining Co. VR Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-18150 Respondents:North, Thaddeus J.
File Number:3-18151 Respondents:Bohai Pharmaceuticals Group Inc.
File Number:3-18152 Respondents:China Precision Steel, Inc. Golden River Resources Corp.
File Number:3-18153 Respondents:GeoGlobal Resources, Inc. USA Synthetic Fuel Corp.
File Number:3-18155 Respondents:Hall Tees, Inc. Hosokawa Micron International, Inc. James River Coal Company Napa Sonoma Group Inc. (f/k/a Andes 1, Inc.) Self Change Corporation
File Number:3-18156 Respondents:American-Swiss Capital, Inc. Aquilarts, Inc. Avalon Holding Group, Inc. Broadstreet Power, Inc. (f/k/a Summer Valley Acquisition Corp.)
File Number:3-18157 Respondents:Tintic Gold Mining Company
File Number:3-18162 Respondents:Century Acquisition Corp. Eastern Acquisition Corp.
File Number:3-18165 Respondents:Yin, Gary
File Number:3-18169 Respondents:Kun De International Holdings, Inc. New Colombia Resources, Inc. Sutor Technology Group Limited
File Number:3-18170 Respondents:Gamzio Mobile, Inc. Gold Hill Resources, Inc.
File Number:3-18173 Respondents:Experience Art and Design, Inc. Fu Lu Cai Productions Ltd. (n/k/a Alfa Star Energy Ltd.) Heavy Earth Resources, Inc. Horne International, Inc.
File Number:3-18174 Respondents:Chile Mining Technologies Inc.
File Number:3-18175 Respondents:Bank, Daryl G.
File Number:3-18176 Respondents:ANV Security Group, Inc.
File Number:3-18177 Respondents:Cono Italiano, Inc. Native American Energy Group, Inc. Plures Technologies, Inc. Secured Technology Innovations Corp.
File Number:3-18179 Respondents:China Hefeng Rescue Equipment, Inc. Greenworld Development, Inc. Mountain National Bancshares, Inc. UCP Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-18180 Respondents:Neurologix, Inc. Organic Alliance, Inc. Zinco do Brasil, Inc.
File Number:3-18185 Respondents:ARX Gold Corporation
File Number:3-18187 Respondents:Huixin Waste Water Solutions, Inc.
File Number:3-18188 Respondents:Meridian Co., Ltd.
File Number:3-18189 Respondents:Creator Capital Ltd.
File Number:3-18190 Respondents:Immunoclin Corp. Intelligent Living America, Inc. Ivanhoe Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-18191 Respondents:Engage Eco Solutions, Inc. Old Stone Corporation Teltronics, Inc. (n/k/a Forerunner Technologies Inc.) Xunna Information Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-18193 Respondents:JuQun, Inc. Live Brands, Inc. Nevada Gold Corp. Nexus Data Technologies Corporation
File Number:3-18199 Respondents:Aervision Holdings, Inc. Amalgamated Pictures Corp. American Patriot Financial Group, Inc. Asia8, Inc.
File Number:3-18201 Respondents:Hampshire Group, Limited United Mortgage Trust, Inc. Zoom Companies, Inc.
File Number:3-18202 Respondents:Penny Auction Solutions, Inc. Sebring Software, Inc. Studio II Brands, Inc.
File Number:3-18203 Respondents:IMK GROUP, INC. Mobilebits Holdings Corporation National Energy Services, Inc. Power of the Dream Ventures Inc.
File Number:3-18204 Respondents:GO EZ Corporation Green St. Energy, Inc. Hyperview Ltd. Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp.
File Number:3-18206 Respondents:IN Media Corporation New Media Insight Group, Inc. Pacific Sands, Inc. Saleen Automotive, Inc.
File Number:3-18207 Respondents:KollagenX Corp. Microlin Bio, Inc. Vaccinogen, Inc. Virtus Oil and Gas Corp.
File Number:3-18208 Respondents:HydroPhi Technologies Group, Inc. iTalk Inc. Soellingen Advisory Group, Inc. U.S. Rare Earths, Inc.
File Number:3-18209 Respondents:Feng, Hui Law Offices of Feng & Associates, P.C.
File Number:3-18210 Respondents:Icon Vapor, Inc. POWRtec International Corp. Silvergraph International, Inc. Walter Energy, Inc. (n/k/a New WEI. Inc.)
File Number:3-18212 Respondents:Keenan, Brian J.
File Number:3-18217 Respondents:Infinity Real Estate Holdings Corporation International Industrial Enterprise, Inc. Scor International Foods, Inc. Xhibit Corp.
File Number:3-18219 Respondents:Next Galaxy Corp. Novamex Energy, Inc. Occidental Development Group, Inc. Sable Natural Resources Corporation.
File Number:3-18220 Respondents:Hydrogen Future Corporation Liberty Energy Corp. Omega Brands, Inc. Optionable Inc.
File Number:3-18221 Respondents:Guardian 8 Holdings Idaho North Resources Corporation Mecklermedia Corporation Verde Science, Inc.
File Number:3-18223 Respondents:Dearborn Bancorp, Inc. Greentech Mining International, Inc. Hoverink International Holdings, Inc. South West Coast Senior Living Corp.
File Number:3-18229 Respondents:Hallas, Demitrios
File Number:3-18236 Respondents:Jones, Bobby D.
File Number:3-18248 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18250 Respondents:Megalli, Mark
File Number:3-18252 Respondents:Vitale, Joseph
File Number:3-18256 Respondents:Zipper, Bruce
File Number:3-18261 Respondents:Zoom Companies, Inc.
File Number:3-18262 Respondents:Riemer, Richard Allen, Jr.
File Number:3-18271 Respondents:Smith, Jeffrey D. Carswell, Joseph Fullard, Michael W.
File Number:3-18276 Respondents:Baccam, Patric Ken a/k/a Khanh Sengpraseuth
File Number:3-18277 Respondents:Ferrone, Stephen D.
File Number:3-18278 Respondents:Feng, Hui, Esq. Law Offices of Feng & Associates P.C.
File Number:3-18280 Respondents:Osunkwo, David I., Esq.
File Number:3-18283 Respondents:Dowd, Patrick
File Number:3-18286 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18288 Respondents:Penn, Lawrence E., III
File Number:3-18292 Respondents:Anton & Chia, LLP Wahl, Gregory A., CPA Deutchman, Michael, CPA Chung, Georgia, CPA Shek, Tommy, CPA
File Number:3-18310 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18313 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18314 Respondents:The Application of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18315 Respondents:The Application of Bloomberg LP.
File Number:3-18316 Respondents:Bloomberg, LP
File Number:3-18325 Respondents:Global Digital Solutions, Inc.
File Number:3-18326 Respondents:American Nano Silicon Technologies, Inc. American Soil Technologies, Inc. Andalay Solar, Inc. Crimson Forest Entertainment Group, Inc.
File Number:3-18327 Respondents:Abakan, Inc. Car Monkeys Group CN Dragon Corp. Western Graphite, Inc.
File Number:3-18333 Respondents:Blacksands Petroleum, Inc. China Education Alliance, Inc. DoMark International, Inc. East Coast Diversified Corp.
File Number:3-18336 Respondents:Ambicom Holdings, Inc. Arrow Cars International, Inc. CDEX, Inc. EFactor Group Corp. iCoreConnect Inc. (a/k/a iMedicor Inc. or Vemics Inc.)
File Number:3-18339 Respondents:Altona Resources, Inc. APEX 10, Inc. APEX 11, Inc. Clone Algo, Inc.
File Number:3-18345 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18346 Respondents:Holder, Cynthia, CPA Wada, Jeffrey, CPA Middendorf, David, CPA Whittle, Thomas, CPA Britt, David, CPA
File Number:3-18347 Respondents:Sweet, Brian, CPA
File Number:3-18350 Respondents:Meyers Associates, LP. (n/k/a Windsor Street Capital, LP.)
File Number:3-18353 Respondents:Canwealth Minerals Corp. Cubed, Inc. Eco Integrated Technologies, Inc. Enviro Cleanse, Inc.
File Number:3-18359 Respondents:Meyers Associates, L.P. (n/k/a Windsor Street Capital, L.P) Meyers, Bruce
File Number:3-18360 Respondents:California Mines Corp. Cindisue Mining Corp. Dune Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-18361 Respondents:Moses, Michael S.
File Number:3-18362 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18365 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18368 Respondents:Rust, Jay Mac, Esq.
File Number:3-18378 Respondents:Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc. Armada Oil, Inc. China Energy Technology Corp., Ltd. Chuma Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-18382 Respondents:Dakota Securities International
File Number:3-18383 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18404 Respondents:Gray, David
File Number:3-18405 Respondents:New Global Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-18411 Respondents:Wedbush Securities, Inc.
File Number:3-18414 Respondents:Terracciano, Eugene
File Number:3-18416 Respondents:Williams, Bradley C.
File Number:3-18417 Respondents:Present, Howard B.
File Number:3-18420 Respondents:Efuel EFN Corporation
File Number:3-18421 Respondents:Tuthill, Gregory John
File Number:3-18422 Respondents:Mosshart, Joshua D.
File Number:3-18432 Respondents:Block, Gabriel First Standard Financial Company
File Number:3-18438 Respondents:Wallace, Jason A.
File Number:3-18441 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18445 Respondents:Marilynjean Interactive Inc.
File Number:3-18450 Respondents:Oriental Dragon Corp.
File Number:3-18454 Respondents:Lee, Christopher M., aka Rashid K. Khalfani
File Number:3-18458 Respondents:Senefeld, Tobin J.
File Number:3-18460 Respondents:Alcorn, David
File Number:3-18461 Respondents:Universal Bioenergy, Inc.
File Number:3-18472 Respondents:Baltia Air Lines, Inc. Graphite Corp. Green Energy Management Services Holdings, Inc. 24Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-18475 Respondents:Content Checked Holdings, Inc. e.Digital Corp. Liberty Coal Energy Corp.
File Number:3-18479 Respondents:Dykes, Steven J.
File Number:3-18480 Respondents:Grey Fox Holdings Corp. (f/k/a Gray Fox Petroleum Corp.) Green Innovations Ltd. Red Giant Entertainment, Inc.
File Number:3-18481 Respondents:Angela Rubbo Beckcom Monaco
File Number:3-18483 Respondents:Scarpino, Timothy C.
File Number:3-18484 Respondents:Hedgebrook JayHawk Energy, Inc. Rubicon Financial, Inc.
File Number:3-18485 Respondents:Sonora Resources Corp.
File Number:3-18489 Respondents:Solaris Power Cells, Inc. Stragenics, Inc. Ultimate Rack Inc.
File Number:3-18490 Respondents:America Greener Technologies, Inc. MV Portfolios, Inc. Trycera Financial, Inc.
File Number:3-18492 Respondents:Play La Inc. Titan Trading Analytics, Inc.
File Number:3-18493 Respondents:Apptigo International, Inc. JD International Limited XLI Technologies Inc. Zentric, Inc.
File Number:3-18494 Respondents:Windsor Street Capital, L.P.
File Number:3-18496 Respondents:COPsync, Inc. Falconridge Oil Technologies Corp. FLASR, Inc. Fonon Corp.
File Number:3-18497 Respondents:Green Parts International, Inc. Integrated Environmental Technologies, Ltd. M2 Ngage Group Inc. (n/k/a Troika Media Group)(a/k/a Roomlinx Inc.) Urban Barns Foods, Inc.
File Number:3-18500 Respondents:Solo International, Inc. Urban Hydroponics, Inc. Your Event, Inc.
File Number:3-18501 Respondents:Mullan Agritech, Inc. ReliaBrand, Inc. UBL Interactive, Inc.
File Number:3-18506 Respondents:Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company, Inc. Bobbers, Stark Naked TOA Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-18507 Respondents:Radiant Oil & Gas, Inc. Tungsten Corp. Well Power, Inc.
File Number:3-18508 Respondents:Bercowy, Gregory M.
File Number:3-18525 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18530 Respondents:Fern Holdings Corp. Fortune Capital Financial Holding Corp. Gaming Entertainment International, Inc. Global Food Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-18534 Respondents:Halek, Jason A.
File Number:3-18535 Respondents:Kessler, Richard W.
File Number:3-18539 Respondents:Cristo, Constantine Gus
File Number:3-18545 Respondents:Addington, Bryan Lee
File Number:3-18546 Respondents:Holeman, Allen
File Number:3-18550 Respondents:Escalera Resources Co. Force Minerals Corp.
File Number:3-18551 Respondents:FuelNation, Inc. 3D Total Solutions, Inc.
File Number:3-18552 Respondents:Development Capital Group, Inc. SharkReach, Inc. Spiral Toys Inc. Worthington Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-18553 Respondents:Nanto, Mike
File Number:3-18554 Respondents:Commonwealth Capital Securities Corp.
File Number:3-18555 Respondents:Newport Coast Securities, Inc.
File Number:3-18567 Respondents:Metatron, Inc.
File Number:3-18572 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18580 Respondents:Egan-Jones Ratings Company
File Number:3-18612 Respondents:Scottsdale Capital Advisors Corporation Hurry, John Diblasi, Timothy Cruz, D. Michael
File Number:3-18616 Respondents:Sullivan, Tim
File Number:3-18617 Respondents:Rosenthal, William Burk
File Number:3-18637 Respondents:Acosta, Gregory
File Number:3-18664 Respondents:Gepco, Ltd. Imerjn Inc. Liverpool Group, Inc. Myriad Interactive Media, Inc. Y3K Secure Enterprise Software, Inc. a/k/a Ecuity, Inc.
File Number:3-18666 Respondents:Inner Systems, Inc. Toga Capital Limited
File Number:3-18667 Respondents:American Standard Energy Corp. Elm Valley Acquisition Corporation LVFAR Green Technology Corp.
File Number:3-18668 Respondents:Kvintess F&DI Holdings Corp. Teletronics International, Inc. TOA Carbon Fiber, Inc.
File Number:3-18670 Respondents:Forum Acquisitions I, Inc. Forum Acquisitions II, Inc. One XL Corp. Sea Valley Acquisition Corporation
File Number:3-18671 Respondents:Lightstone Technologies, Inc. Madison & 51St, Inc. Three Shades for Everybody, Inc.
File Number:3-18672 Respondents:RS Soda Holdings, Inc. SGREP, Inc. Surface Coatings, Inc.
File Number:3-18674 Respondents:Fig Run Acquisition Corporation SLM Technologies, Inc. Trail Run Acquisition Corporation
File Number:3-18675 Respondents:Cellular Concrete Technologies, Inc. Gold Mountain, Inc. Powerwave Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-18676 Respondents:EBHI Holdings, Inc. New Venture Holdings, Inc. Progressive Gaming International Corp.
File Number:3-18677 Respondents:Media Group 2000 Inc. a/k/a Urban Resorts International Inc. New Pacific, Inc.
File Number:3-18678 Respondents:Middle Kingdom Resources Ltd. Multimod Investments, Inc. New Generation Films, Inc.
File Number:3-18679 Respondents:Central Park Acquisition I, Inc. Genitope Corporation Meridian Acquisition Corporation
File Number:3-18680 Respondents:Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
File Number:3-18686 Respondents:Micra Soundcards Inc. Mirex, Inc. Myotec, Inc.
File Number:3-18687 Respondents:Rio Bravo Oil, Inc. UAN Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd.
File Number:3-18690 Respondents:IDO Security, Inc. Redify Group, Inc. Spartan Gold Ltd.
File Number:3-18691 Respondents:Equilar Capital Corp. Neuro-Biotech Corporation
File Number:3-18692 Respondents:Great Wall Builders Ltd. PuraMed BioScience, Inc. TagLikeMe Corp.
File Number:3-18694 Respondents:Gaming Ventures PLC GeeWhiz, Inc. (a/k/a GeeWiz.Com, Inc.) Grace 3, Inc.
File Number:3-18695 Respondents:Manna Capital, Inc. MCA Holdings Corp. QMI Seismic, Inc.
File Number:3-18696 Respondents:Makism 3D Corp. Safebrain Systems, Inc.
File Number:3-18697 Respondents:Rotoblock Corporation U.S. China Mining Group, Inc.
File Number:3-18699 Respondents:AlphaMetrix Managed Futures LLC AlphaMetrix Managed Futures III LLC APT Motovox Group, Inc. DRC Eneroy, Inc.
File Number:3-18700 Respondents:Amonra Omnia Inc. (f/k/a Acclerated Acquisitions XIX, Inc.) Futon World, Inc. Innovative Card Technologies, Inc. Shire Warwick Lewis Holdings Inc. (f/k/a DE Acquisition 4, Inc.)
File Number:3-18701 Respondents:Everyday Assembly Productions, Inc. Forgotten Investments Co., Inc. Market Integrity, Inc.
File Number:3-18702 Respondents:Americas Wind Energy Corporation Casablanca Mining Ltd. Circa Pictures and Production Co. International, Inc. Magnus International Resources Inc.
File Number:3-18720 Respondents:Allied American Steel Corp. Besra Gold, Inc. Silver Dragon Resources, Inc. (f/k/a Networking Partners, Inc.)
File Number:3-18721 Respondents:Alterrus Systems, Inc. Corgreen Technologies Holdings Corp. PC Group, Inc.
File Number:3-18722 Respondents:American First Financial, Inc. Assurance Group, Inc. (a/k/a Air Media Now!, Inc.) Avantair, Inc. eLayaway, Inc.
File Number:3-18723 Respondents:Morrow, Mark
File Number:3-18725 Respondents:ScanSys, Inc. Voz Mobile Cloud LTD
File Number:3-18726 Respondents:Nutrastar International, Inc.
File Number:3-18727 Respondents:Petron Energy II, Inc. Saga Energy, Inc. Saratoga Resources, Inc. U.S. Precious Metals, Inc.
File Number:3-18731 Respondents:China Health Resource, Inc. China Logistics Group, Inc.
File Number:3-18732 Respondents:Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. Juniper Group, Inc. Multimedia Platforms, Inc. Satya Worldwide, Inc.
File Number:3-18733 Respondents:American Locker Group, Inc. INTREorg Systems, Inc. Pegasi Energy Resources Corp.
File Number:3-18734 Respondents:The Buck A Day Co., Inc. Kronos Ventures Corp. Magenta Media (US), Inc. Malacology, Inc.
File Number:3-18735 Respondents:CrossClick Media, Inc. Kabe Exploration, Inc. Swingplane Ventures, Inc.
File Number:3-18736 Respondents:Bitzio, Inc. Enerpulse Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-18737 Respondents:EMAV Holdings, Inc. Manasota Group Inc. (f/k/a Horizon Bancorporation Inc.) Thinspace Technology, Inc.
File Number:3-18741 Respondents:Endeavor IP, Inc. (n/k/a Nanolife Health, Inc.) With, Inc.
File Number:3-18742 Respondents:Fastfunds Financial Corporation First Asia Holdings Ltd. Zap
File Number:3-18743 Respondents:Golden Global Corp. Power Efficiency Corporation
File Number:3-18744 Respondents:Crailar Technologies, Inc. Midwest Oil & Gas, Inc. Preston Corp.
File Number:3-18746 Respondents:Royal B.Y. Investment Management LLC Toda International Holdings Inc. Westpoint Energy, Inc. 360 Global Investments (f/k/a 360 Global Wine Co.)
File Number:3-18747 Respondents:CPI Corp. Evergreen Energy, Inc. GlobalPayNet Holdings, Inc. Gunpowder Gold Corporation
File Number:3-18748 Respondents:FalconTarget, Inc. Grand Monarch Holdings, Inc. OICCO Acquisition III, Inc.
File Number:3-18749 Respondents:Golden Pig Ventures, Inc. Stoneleigh Acquisition Corp. Transcendent One Inc. (a/k/a Transcendent Inc.)
File Number:3-18750 Respondents:Eco-Trade Corp. LTWC Corporation Onyx Service & Solutions, Inc.
File Number:3-18751 Respondents:AFH Acquisition VI, Inc. AFH Acquisition VII, Inc. AFH Acquisition VIII, Inc. AFH Acquisition XI, Inc.
File Number:3-18752 Respondents:American Natural Energy Corp. CenturyTouch Ltd. Kaeland Resources Corporation
File Number:3-18753 Respondents:Stonewall Financial, Ltd. Super Ventures Corporation Tuttle Industries Corp. United China Acquisitions I Corp.
File Number:3-18754 Respondents:Aquarius Cannabis, Inc. (n/k/a AC DE, Inc.) Energy, Green Field Inc. (n/k/a GFE Sustainable Energy, Inc.) Soft iCastle, Inc.
File Number:3-18755 Respondents:Munro Developments, Inc. Stallion Synergies, Inc. (n/k/a World Wind Holding Group, Inc.) Sunergy, Inc.
File Number:3-18756 Respondents:Position Inc. Test Case Acquisition, Inc. Tidal Wave Holding, Inc.
File Number:3-18757 Respondents:AFS Holdings, Inc. Midas Real Estate Ventures, Inc.
File Number:3-18758 Respondents:Geo Reserve Corp. I Sites, Inc. T.A.G. Acquisitions, Ltd.
File Number:3-18759 Respondents:Montbriar, Inc. Soul Delicious3 Corp. Universal Holdings & Consulting, Inc.
File Number:3-18763 Respondents:Ournett Holdings, Inc. Unigene Laboratories, Inc. Vicon Fiber Optics Corp.
File Number:3-18764 Respondents:MedPro Safety Products, Inc. Mindpix Corp. One2one Living Corp. Wild Craze, Inc.
File Number:3-18769 Respondents:Wolf, Jennifer F., CPA
File Number:3-18773 Respondents:Gathright, John L., Jr.
File Number:3-18774 Respondents:Wivolin, Heidi
File Number:3-18775 Respondents:First Liberty Power Corp. MEC, Inc. (a/k/a MyECheck, Inc.) T3M Inc.
File Number:3-18776 Respondents:Colorstars Group Green Earth Technologies, Inc. Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. Jishanye, Inc.
File Number:3-18777 Respondents:AMI James Brands, Inc. Biofuels Power Corp. Energy Quest, Inc. Synergetics, Inc.
File Number:3-18778 Respondents:Ampal-American Israel Corporation Robertson Global Health Solutions Corporation Sanguine Corporation
File Number:3-18780 Respondents:Johnson, Jennifer R.
File Number:3-18781 Respondents:Walker, Susan E.
File Number:3-18782 Respondents:Swissinso Holding, Inc. SYDYS Corporation UnifiedOnline, Inc.
File Number:3-18783 Respondents:Epic Stores Corp. Global Marine Minerals, Inc. Khang Gia Holding, Inc. Southern Labs, Inc.
File Number:3-18784 Respondents:Avant Diagnostics, Inc. ChitrChatr Communications, Inc. ROI Land Investments, Ltd. WORDLOGIC Corp.
File Number:3-18785 Respondents:China Ginseng Holdings, Inc. Hongli Clean Energy Technologies Corp. Tianyin Pharmaceuticals Co., Inc.
File Number:3-18786 Respondents:Entourage Mining Ltd. I.I.S. Intelligent Information Systems, Ltd. NewLead Holdings Ltd. Quantitative Alpha Trading, Inc. Starfield Resources, Inc.
File Number:3-18789 Respondents:Bruton, Karen, CPA Hope Advisors, LLC
File Number:3-18790 Respondents:Bruton, Karen, CPA
File Number:3-18791 Respondents:Branch, Travis A.
File Number:3-18792 Respondents:Roth, Allan Michael
File Number:3-18797 Respondents:GSM Group Inc. (f/k/a Northam Acquisition Corp.)
File Number:3-18798 Respondents:Bahamas Concierge, Inc. eMONEco, Inc. Titanium Healthcare, Inc.
File Number:3-18799 Respondents:American Sands Energy Corp. Next Fuel, Inc. Tumbleweed Holdings, Inc. (a/k/a Digital Creative Development Corporation)
File Number:3-18800 Respondents:American Petro-Hunter, Inc. Prospect Global Resources Inc.
File Number:3-18801 Respondents:Colorado Goldfields, Inc. LYFE Communications, Inc. Revolutions Medical Corporation
File Number:3-18802 Respondents:Coupon Express, Inc. Eastern Resources, Inc. First Corporation TLC Vision Corp.
File Number:3-18805 Respondents:Appian, Inc. Bulk Storage Software, Inc. DMC Beverage Corp. Galaxy Strategy & Communications, Inc.
File Number:3-18807 Respondents:Welch, David Howard (a/k/a David Howard Bryant)
File Number:3-18808 Respondents:Bryant, Marc Jay (a/k/a Marc Jay Welch)
File Number:3-18809 Respondents:Petrosonic Energy, Inc. PSM Holdings, Inc. Rackwise, Inc.
File Number:3-18810 Respondents:GeneSYS ID, Inc. (f/k/a RX Safes, Inc.) Gateway, Genie The Mint Leasing, Inc. MJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
File Number:3-18811 Respondents:Ceelox, Inc. Talon Real Estate Holding Corp. Virtual Sourcing, Inc. Windstream Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-18812 Respondents:Anpulo Food Development, Inc. CSA Holdings, Inc. Delta Oil & Gas, Inc. RJS Development, Inc. Uni Core Holdings Corp.
File Number:3-18813 Respondents:Cybergy Holdings, Inc. Cyclone Uranium Corp. Geovic Mining Corp. OGL Holdings Ltd. STW Resources Holding Corp.
File Number:3-18814 Respondents:Be Industries, Inc. Fenton Graham Marketing, Inc. Milost Acquistion Corp. Neogenix Oncology, Inc.
File Number:3-18818 Respondents:Scrap China Corp. Spring Valley Management Corp. WNC Housing Tax Credit Fund VI, LP Series 11
File Number:3-18826 Respondents:Golden Claw Ventures, Inc. Q Therapeutics, Inc. Readaboo, Inc. Zika Diagnostics, Inc.
File Number:3-18827 Respondents:MaryJane Group, Inc. Omega Commercial Finance Corp. Redpoint Bio Corp.
File Number:3-18831 Respondents:Dicken, Shawn K.
File Number:3-18832 Respondents:United Development Funding III, LP United Development Funding IV United Development Funding Income Fund V
File Number:3-18845 Respondents:Elmas, Ismail
File Number:3-18846 Respondents:Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc.
File Number:3-18849 Respondents:Katsaros, Paul
File Number:3-18854 Respondents:Deshetler, Lawrence Allen
File Number:3-18866 Respondents:Suster, Saul Daniel
File Number:3-18867 Respondents:Touizer, Daniel Joseph
File Number:3-18869 Respondents:TMR Bayhead Securities LLC
File Number:3-18877 Respondents:Kaplow, Bart Steven
File Number:3-18879 Respondents:Cole, Daryl Andrew
File Number:3-18881 Respondents:Vungarala, Gopi Krishna
File Number:3-18882 Respondents:Kincaid III, John Boone
File Number:3-18883 Respondents:Cuenca, Frank Augustine
File Number:3-18890 Respondents:Eldrick E. Woodley d/b/a Woodley & Co. Wealth Strategies
File Number:3-18893 Respondents:Salvadore D. Palermo
File Number:3-18894 Respondents:Prentice, Thomas Christophe
File Number:3-18895 Respondents:William H. Murphy & Co., Inc.; andMurphy, William H.
File Number:3-18900 Respondents:Myers, Robert William, Jr.
File Number:3-18910 Respondents:Jackson, Kurt Charles
File Number:3-18919 Respondents:Mosely, Brock
File Number:3-18920 Respondents:Hua Yang Investment Group, Inc. (a/k/a Tarheel Billboard, Inc.) Oil, TAMM and Gas Corp. Titan Oil & Gas, Inc.
File Number:3-18934 Respondents:Wetzel, Ronald R.
File Number:3-18943 Respondents:Moskowitz, Mark J.
File Number:3-18960 Respondents:Jumper, John Sherman
File Number:3-18967 Respondents:LBB & Associates Ltd., LLP Lopez, Carlos, CPA
File Number:3-18979 Respondents:Alpine Securities Corporation
File Number:3-18980 Respondents:Cox, Kevin Clayton
File Number:3-18988 Respondents:Ramsay, Peter Ashley
File Number:3-18989 Respondents:Saliba, Trevor Michael
File Number:3-18990 Respondents:Mansourian, Arthur
File Number:3-18994 Respondents:Amundsen, Joseph S., CPA Remus, Michael T., CPA Remus Michael, CPA
File Number:3-18995 Respondents:Jones, Marques Andrew
File Number:3-19006 Respondents:Romer, Ernest J. III
File Number:3-19007 Respondents:Beyn, Edward
File Number:3-19012 Respondents:Taddonio, Craig S.
File Number:3-19013 Respondents:Wojnowski, Donald Anthony
File Number:3-19014 Respondents:Wojnowski, Donald Anthony
File Number:3-19016 Respondents:Rottier, Mark Vernon
File Number:3-19017 Respondents:Gordinier, Carl G.
File Number:3-19018 Respondents:Seewer, Stephen Mark
File Number:3-19019 Respondents:Vanderver, Timothy Arthur, Ill
File Number:3-19024 Respondents:Ascension Asset Management, LLC Gooder, Grenville M., JR.
File Number:3-19112 Respondents:Cardinal Energy Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19138 Respondents:Zipper, Bruce Dakota Securities International, Inc.
File Number:3-19142 Respondents:Graham, Jonathan Edward
File Number:3-19145 Respondents:Rossi, Matthew R. SJL Capital, LLC
File Number:3-19146 Respondents:Starkot Corp.
File Number:3-19151 Respondents:Winstead, Charles Myrick
File Number:3-19166 Respondents:Rivera, Oscar Ferrer
File Number:3-19182 Respondents:Equitec Proprietary Markets, LLC
File Number:3-19185 Respondents:Southeast Investments, N.C., Inc. Frank Harmon Black
File Number:3-19191 Respondents:Rand, Michael T.
File Number:3-19192 Respondents:Treehouse Real Estate Investment Trust
File Number:3-19195 Respondents:Ramirez, Jose G., Jr.
File Number:3-19204 Respondents:Gill, Jaswant
File Number:3-19206 Respondents:J.W. Korth & Company, Limited Partnership
File Number:3-19214 Respondents:Feitelberg, Brendan
File Number:3-19216 Respondents:Aiguier, Dustin Tylor
File Number:3-19219 Respondents:Waring, Jordan Whitney
File Number:3-19222 Respondents:Mandracken, Nicholi
File Number:3-19228 Respondents:Pearce, Kent
File Number:3-19231 Respondents:Goss, Edward Dean
File Number:3-19232 Respondents:Gross, Kenneth S.
File Number:3-19233 Respondents:Shoucair, Jonathan E.
File Number:3-19237 Respondents:White, Alexander Charles
File Number:3-19238 Respondents:Landmark Technology Group Inc. (now known as Allied Corp. and formerly Good Vibrations Shoes, Inc.)
File Number:3-19239 Respondents:CareX Blockchain Platform, Inc. (formerly, Inc.)
File Number:3-19242 Respondents:Apotheca Biosciences Inc.
File Number:3-19243 Respondents:Fidelity Transfer Services, Inc. Sanchez, Ruben
File Number:3-19245 Respondents:Hannan, Kimm C.
File Number:3-19262 Respondents:Gold Lakes Corp. Novagen Ingenium Inc.
File Number:3-19263 Respondents:Africa Growth Corporation Gold Dynamics Corp.
File Number:3-19264 Respondents:QuantumSphere, Inc. Shenzhen Yidian Double Way of Innovation Culture Media Corp.
File Number:3-19265 Respondents:American Smooth Wave Ventures, Inc.
File Number:3-19268 Respondents:Equality Investments, Inc. Freedom Financial Corporation Mustang Resources Inc.
File Number:3-19269 Respondents:Neco Energy Corporation Neighborhood Investment, Ltd. New Dawn Entertainment Inc.
File Number:3-19270 Respondents:Knowledgebroker, Inc. Millers American Group, Inc. (a/k/a Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Co.) Omega Orthodontics, Inc.
File Number:3-19271 Respondents:Enhanced Services Company, Inc. Ingenex, Inc.
File Number:3-19272 Respondents:Armco Metals Holdings, Inc. Global Future City Holding, Inc. TraceGuard Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-19273 Respondents:Biolog, Inc. Bozki, Inc. China Gewang Biotechnology, Inc.
File Number:3-19274 Respondents:Capital Trust Holdings, Inc. Florida Gaming Corporation Go Public, Inc.
File Number:3-19275 Respondents:Biscayne Acquisition Group Inc. Teleplus World, Corp.
File Number:3-19276 Respondents:Diversified Corporate Resources, Inc. NetWolves Corporation Samdrew VIII, Inc.
File Number:3-19278 Respondents:5BARz International, Inc. Eagle Mountain Corporation EFT Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-19281 Respondents:Minor, William Harper, Jr.
File Number:3-19282 Respondents:Bingo Nation, Inc. Sino-American Net Media Corp. Wussler Worldwide Media Co.
File Number:3-19283 Respondents:House of BODS Fitness, Inc. Reef Oil & Gas Income & Development Fund III LP Techlabs, Inc.
File Number:3-19284 Respondents:Mariposa Health, Inc. STL Marketing Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19285 Respondents:chatAND, Inc. DTS8 Coffee Company, Ltd. Greenfield Farms Food, Inc.
File Number:3-19286 Respondents:Hybrid Coating Technologies, Inc. Infrastructure Developments Corp. Oro East Mining, Inc.
File Number:3-19287 Respondents:MMRGlobal, Inc. Silver Hill Mines, Inc. Sterling Group Ventures, Inc.
File Number:3-19289 Respondents:Blackcraft Cult, Inc. Unified Signal, Inc.
File Number:3-19290 Respondents:Bioshaft Water Technology, Inc. MeeMee Media Inc. Zeecol International, Inc.
File Number:3-19291 Respondents:Cornerworld Corp. DMH International, Inc.
File Number:3-19292 Respondents:Electronic Cigarettes International Group, Ltd. Seaniemac International, Ltd. Ziwira, Inc.
File Number:3-19295 Respondents:Axiom Corp. Smartchase Corp. Veracity Management Global, Inc. n/k/a Santa Fe Resource Development, Inc.
File Number:3-19296 Respondents:American Business Services, Inc. Iris Biotechnologies, Inc. Soul & Vibe Interactive Inc.
File Number:3-19297 Respondents:Arabella Exploration, Inc. Scivanta Medical Corp. Westmountain Distressed Debt, Inc.
File Number:3-19303 Respondents:Quicksilver Stock Transfer, LLC, aka Quicksilver Stock Transfer Corporation
File Number:3-19304 Respondents:Watson, Jason Dwayne
File Number:3-19305 Respondents:Agritech Worldwide, Inc. Consolidated Gems, Inc. Dominovas Energy Corporation
File Number:3-19306 Respondents:Empire Energy Corporation International Moller International, Inc. Rangeford Resources, Inc.
File Number:3-19308 Respondents:Artisanal Brands, Inc. Daleco Resources Corporation
File Number:3-19309 Respondents:American Rare Earths and Materials, Corp. PureSafe Water Systems, Inc. SpendSmart Networks, Inc.
File Number:3-19310 Respondents:Dutch Gold Resources, Inc. Paracap Corporation
File Number:3-19313 Respondents:Alife Corporation Budget Group Inc. a/k/a BRAC Group, Inc. Feather Valley Financial Ltd.
File Number:3-19314 Respondents:Aroga Holding Corp. Global Sources Limited United States Properties, Inc.
File Number:3-19315 Respondents:ASN Satellites, Inc. Caleminder Inc. Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. Hyperfeed Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-19316 Respondents:Aramex International Limited
File Number:3-19317 Respondents:BTHC X, Inc. Eco Building Products, Inc. Kama Resources Inc.
File Number:3-19318 Respondents:BCI Holding Inc. Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. Omni Bio Pharmaceutical, Inc.
File Number:3-19319 Respondents:Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium, Inc. Speed of Thought, Inc.
File Number:3-19320 Respondents:Fighton Succession Corporation Grand Enterprises, Inc.
File Number:3-19321 Respondents:Sweetwater Investing, Inc. Thunor International, Inc.
File Number:3-19323 Respondents:Kelly, Sean
File Number:3-19324 Respondents:Ceetop Inc. n/k/a S.Q Hydrogen Power, Inc. China Internet Cafe Holdings Group, Inc. Starlight Supply Chain Management Company
File Number:3-19325 Respondents:Oriental Magic Soup, Inc. Pan Ocean Container Supplies Ltd. n/k/a Red Wolf Enterprises Int. or Red Wolf Enterprises, Inc. You Han Data Tech Co Ltd.
File Number:3-19329 Respondents:China Tongzilian Group Share Limited, Inc.
File Number:3-19330 Respondents:China Xingbang Industry Group Inc. Kingsmen Capital Group, Ltd.
File Number:3-19331 Respondents:Drake, Jeremy Joseph
File Number:3-19333 Respondents:Liss, Barry
File Number:3-19335 Respondents:Dow, Mitchell B.
File Number:3-19336 Respondents:Blasko, Steve G.
File Number:3-19338 Respondents:Medisun Precision Medicine, Ltd. Next Graphite, Inc. Omni Shrimp, Inc.
File Number:3-19339 Respondents:Greenwood Hall, Inc. PMX Communities, Inc. SurePure, Inc.
File Number:3-19340 Respondents:Wayland, Carol J.
File Number:3-19341 Respondents:Pacific Telcom, Inc. Peopleline Telecom Inc. Spectrum Meditech Inc. n/k/a Resilient Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-19342 Respondents:Golden Rush, Inc. LeGall Holdings, Inc. My Healthy Access, Inc.
File Number:3-19343 Respondents:Healthway Shopping Network Monetiva, Inc. Unity Global Holdings Ltd.
File Number:3-19344 Respondents:IMC Holdings, Inc. Microphase Corporation Wintahenderson International, Inc.
File Number:3-19347 Respondents:Greenhouse Solutions, Inc. Latitude 360, Inc.
File Number:3-19348 Respondents:Monarch America, Inc. VW Win Century, Inc.
File Number:3-19349 Respondents:Oakridge Holdings, Inc. Park Premier Mining Company Sella Care, Inc. a/k/a Sella Care USA, Inc.
File Number:3-19350 Respondents:NWT Uranium Corp.
File Number:3-19351 Respondents:Stirling Acquisition Corporation ThinkEngine Networks, Inc.
File Number:3-19352 Respondents:Samdrew IV, Inc. Southland Health Services, Inc.
File Number:3-19353 Respondents:SPIRE Corporation The Staffing Group, Ltd.
File Number:3-19360 Respondents:Alpine Securities Corp. Scottsdale Capital Advisors Corp.
File Number:3-19371 Respondents:Patrick L. O'Connor
File Number:3-19375 Respondents:Adama Technologies Corp. GeoBio Energy, Inc. Powerdyne International, Inc.
File Number:3-19376 Respondents:Diadexus, Inc. Mustang Alliances, Inc. Protea Biosciences Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19382 Respondents:Bakken Resources, Inc. Ireland Inc. Worlds Mall, Inc.
File Number:3-19383 Respondents:LD Holdings, Inc. Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining, Inc. RadTek, Inc.
File Number:3-19385 Respondents:Veris Gold Corp.
File Number:3-19386 Respondents:SiVault Systems, Inc. SVC Financial Services Inc. The Heritage Organization, Inc.
File Number:3-19387 Respondents:A La Carte Charts Corp. Iron Sands Corp. TOPAW, Inc.
File Number:3-19389 Respondents:Competitive Companies, Inc. Unilava Corporation Uplift Nutrition, Inc.
File Number:3-19393 Respondents:Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc. International Cigar Holdings, Inc. Lepora Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-19394 Respondents:Briarwood Holdings Group, Inc. Heyu Leisure Holidays Corporation TJ Roasters Inc.
File Number:3-19396 Respondents:Fantastic Financial Corporation STAT Software Walnut Valley Ventures Inc. a/k/a Walnut Valley Management Corp. or Extension Media, Inc.
File Number:3-19399 Respondents:Advanced Voice Technologies, Inc. American Pharmaceutical Company Apollo Eye Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19400 Respondents:Aztech International Ltd. Bev-Tyme, Inc. Concord Energy Incorporated
File Number:3-19401 Respondents:Crescent Airways Corp. Electronic Manufacturing Services Group Inc. M&M Financial Corp.
File Number:3-19402 Respondents:Medical Safetec, Inc. ML Bancorp, Inc. Pioneer Western Properties Income Fund Limited Partnership U.S. Coal Corporation
File Number:3-19404 Respondents:Simpson, Wayne Scott
File Number:3-19405 Respondents:Rossi, Vincent Harl
File Number:3-19406 Respondents:EyeCity.Com, Inc.
File Number:3-19407 Respondents:Good Vibration Shoes, Inc.
File Number:3-19409 Respondents:Hengyi International Industries Group, Inc. Jacobs Financial Group, Inc. Ranger Gold Corp.
File Number:3-19410 Respondents:Tongli Pharmaceuticals (USA), Inc. Vansen Pharma, Inc.
File Number:3-19412 Respondents:McKinley, Karen
File Number:3-19415 Respondents:Black Stallion Oil & Gas Inc. n/k/a Arize Therapeutics, Inc. Cannabis Science, Inc.
File Number:3-19417 Respondents:Comarco, Inc. Eco-Shift Power Corp.
File Number:3-19419 Respondents:ERHC Energy, Inc. IDdriven, Inc.
File Number:3-19420 Respondents:Lans Holdings, Inc. Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19423 Respondents:Atlas Technology International, Inc. Centenary International Corporation Dynacq Healthcare, Inc.
File Number:3-19424 Respondents:Activecare Inc. n/k/a ACAR Wind Down, Inc. Ramtal Inc. a/k/a Ramtal Corporation
File Number:3-19425 Respondents:ATNA Resources, Ltd. Orckit Communications Ltd.
File Number:3-19428 Respondents:Nexus Enterprise Solutions, Inc. N-Viro International Corporation
File Number:3-19429 Respondents:NXChain Inc. f/k/a Agrivest Americas, Inc. Rock Energy Resources, Inc. SoOum Corp.
File Number:3-19431 Respondents:Tn-K Energy Group Inc. Total Sports Media, Inc.
File Number:3-19432 Respondents:Universal Detection Technology Vincompass Corp.
File Number:3-19433 Respondents:American Patriot Brands Inc. a/k/a the Grilled Cheese Truck, Inc. Big Tree Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19435 Respondents:Apostelos, William M.
File Number:3-19437 Respondents:Blockchain Solutions, Inc. Universal Resources (f/k/a Global Immune Technologies Inc.)
File Number:3-19438 Respondents:Green Endeavors, Inc. Sputnik Enterprises, Inc.
File Number:3-19439 Respondents:Dynamic Enviro Inc. United Restaurant Group International, Inc.
File Number:3-19440 Respondents:Oceanus Acquisition Corp. Pinkbrick Holdings Inc. Puravita Corporation
File Number:3-19441 Respondents:Performance Capital Management, LLC Silicon Mountain Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-19442 Respondents:Gyrotron Technology, Inc. Nation Energy Inc.
File Number:3-19443 Respondents:Innocom Technology Holdings, Inc. The Pulse Beverage Corporation Ystrategies Corp.
File Number:3-19444 Respondents:Aurum, Inc. Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-19449 Respondents:New Environmental Solutions Inc.
File Number:3-19450 Respondents:Physician Healthcare Plan of New Jersey, Inc. Teda Technologies International, Inc. Ucellit.Com, Inc.
File Number:3-19451 Respondents:American Retirement Villas Properties, Inc.
File Number:3-19456 Respondents:Shenzhen-ZhongRong Morgan Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc.
File Number:3-19459 Respondents:Apollo Solar Energy, Inc.
File Number:3-19460 Respondents:Cirque Energy, Inc. Millennium Healthcare Inc.
File Number:3-19465 Respondents:China Longyi Group International Holdings Ltd. Leo Motors, Inc. LNPR Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19466 Respondents:Fact Corporation Tandy Brands Accessories Inc.
File Number:3-19476 Respondents:Camarco, Sonya D.
File Number:3-19480 Respondents:Haller, Ronald P.
File Number:3-19483 Respondents:Ezagoo Inc.
File Number:3-19484 Respondents:Presidion Corporation
File Number:3-19485 Respondents:EMTA Corp. a/k/a Wiltex A Fuzzy Logic Software Corp. a/k/a China Global Solar Corporation Limited Granite Futures Fund Limited Partnership
File Number:3-19486 Respondents:Hawk Street Acquisition Corp. Mobad Service Corporation
File Number:3-19487 Respondents:R-Tec Holding, Inc. RTR, Inc. SCAPPLE Inc.
File Number:3-19488 Respondents:Sea Breeze Power Corp. 1701 Productions, Inc.
File Number:3-19489 Respondents:Tryon Alpha, Inc. Tundra Resources, Inc.
File Number:3-19495 Respondents:Changing Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-19496 Respondents:China Gerui Advanced Materials Group Limited
File Number:3-19497 Respondents:Vassallo, Anthony
File Number:3-19502 Respondents:Sledziejowski, Roman
File Number:3-19503 Respondents:Nexus Resources Corporation Private Access, Inc.
File Number:3-19504 Respondents:Pro Squared, Inc. Protech Global Holdings Corp.
File Number:3-19505 Respondents:RARAN Corporation Refco Public Commodity Pool, L.P. Rent USA, Inc.
File Number:3-19506 Respondents:Green Ballast, Inc. Lithium Exploration Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19507 Respondents:Seen On Screen TV, Inc. The Pulse Network, Inc.
File Number:3-19508 Respondents:FlikMedia, Inc.
File Number:3-19510 Respondents:Hu, Albert K.
File Number:3-19515 Respondents:Carter, Patrick S.
File Number:3-19516 Respondents:Toups, Michael P.
File Number:3-19517 Respondents:Inglis, Chet
File Number:3-19518 Respondents:Rhodes, Erik
File Number:3-19519 Respondents:VanBlaricum, James
File Number:3-19523 Respondents:Pope, Rodney L.
File Number:3-19524 Respondents:Gilliam, Robert
File Number:3-19525 Respondents:Leaverton, Matthew
File Number:3-19564 Respondents:Schulman Lobel Zand Katzen Williams & Blackman, LLP a/k/a Schulman Lobel LLP
File Number:3-19573 Respondents:Murphy, Michael Patrick
File Number:3-19574 Respondents:Shulman, Scott
File Number:3-19575 Respondents:Falcon Technologies, Inc.
File Number:3-19576 Respondents:Portfolio Advisors Alliance, Inc.
File Number:3-19577 Respondents:Allen, Howard J., III
File Number:3-19578 Respondents:Wasserman, Kerri L.
File Number:3-19588 Respondents:Davis, Jr., Alton Theodore
File Number:3-19589 Respondents:Reifler Bradley C.
File Number:3-19590 Respondents:Thomas D. Conrad, Jr.
File Number:3-19594 Respondents:Edmark, Curtis Richard
File Number:3-19608 Respondents:Martin, Michael K.
File Number:3-19611 Respondents:Luken, Gregory Lee
File Number:3-19617 Respondents:Goulding, Randall S.
File Number:3-19629 Respondents:Olsen, Blair E.
File Number:3-19631 Respondents:KJM Securities, Inc.
File Number:3-19635 Respondents:Peters, Stephen Condon
File Number:3-19638 Respondents:Franklin Scientific, Inc. Goodwell Inc.
File Number:3-19640 Respondents:Danka Business Systems PLC
File Number:3-19641 Respondents:Bluefire Renewables, Inc. Canadian Cannabis Corp.
File Number:3-19642 Respondents:CannaSys, Inc. China Modern Agricultural Information, Inc. Cinderella Target Value Zones Inc. f/k/a China Travel Resort Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-19643 Respondents:Debt Resolve, Inc. Elite Group, Inc.
File Number:3-19646 Respondents:United City Corp. Worldwide Internet Marketing, Inc.
File Number:3-19647 Respondents:Trimerica Energy Corporation f/k/a Treaty Energy Corporation
File Number:3-19649 Respondents:Toshoan Holdings, Inc. Toa Optical Tech, Inc.
File Number:3-19650 Respondents:Conversion Services International, Inc. Chester County Bancshares, Inc.
File Number:3-19651 Respondents:Primera Foods Corporation Rubicon Corp. a/k/a Osprey Holding, Inc. Super 8 Motels Texas Ltd.
File Number:3-19652 Respondents:Tweed, Robert R.
File Number:3-19653 Respondents:GroGenesis, Inc. Golden Gate Partners, Inc.
File Number:3-19654 Respondents:Piedmont Mining Company, Inc. Rainbow Coral Corp.
File Number:3-19655 Respondents:Mongolia Holdings, Inc. MyGo Games Holding Co.
File Number:3-19656 Respondents:MediaWorx, Inc. Perrin Partners, Inc.
File Number:3-19659 Respondents:Jurberg, Paul
File Number:3-19661 Respondents:Genoil Inc. SAMEX Mining Corp.
File Number:3-19662 Respondents:Morrone, Jonathan
File Number:3-19663 Respondents:Hamburger, Brett
File Number:3-19664 Respondents:Great Basin Scientific, Inc.
File Number:3-19665 Respondents:Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc.
File Number:3-19666 Respondents:Wilson-Davis & Co.;Snow, James C.; and Barkley, Byron B.
File Number:3-19667 Respondents:Soupman, Inc. Trailblazer Resources, Inc.
File Number:3-19669 Respondents:Medigreen Holdings Corporation (a/k/a Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.)
File Number:3-19685 Respondents:Stuck, Barton W.
File Number:3-19696 Respondents:Meyer, Joseph A., Jr.
File Number:3-19697 Respondents:Goulding, Randall, Esq.
File Number:3-19703 Respondents:Boggs, Marcus
File Number:3-19707 Respondents:Dean, Faiyaz
File Number:3-19724 Respondents:Attis Industries, Inc.
File Number:3-19726 Respondents:Worthington, Bruce C.
File Number:3-19734 Respondents:Brandel, Anthony B. M.Y. Consultants, Inc.
File Number:3-19740