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Budget and Performance

May 12, 2017

The SEC's Strategic Plan, annual reports, and budget documents make important performance and financial information available to the public, Congress, and the President. The agency's performance and financial data provide a foundation for programmatic and organizational decision-making and is an essential part of the agency's resource planning and commitment to accountability.

Strategic Plan

The Securities and Exchange Commission's strategic plan describes key policy and operational priorities for the agency. The plan details our strategic performance goals and highlights program initiatives aimed at achieving the mission of the agency.

Annual Performance and Financial Reports

Annual performance and financial reports outline the goals and intended outcomes of the Securities and Exchange Commission's programs and initiatives. Furthermore, these reports provide program performance and financial information that enables Congress, the President, and the public to assess the agency's performance and accountability over the resources entrusted to it.

Budget Reports

Each year, the SEC publishes its Congressional Budget Justification. This publication describes the agency's program performance and proposed program initiatives, the budget estimates for these program activities, and the distribution of agency resources.

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