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The Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA) was created in September 2009 to integrate financial economics and rigorous data analytics into the core mission of the SEC. The Division is involved across the entire range of SEC activities, including policy-making, rule-making, enforcement, and examination.

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NEW! Available for download, Crowdfunding Offerings Data Sets provide the structured data from crowdfunding offering statements, updates, annual reports, and terminations filed with the Commission in the structured eXtensible Markup Language (XML) based fillable portion of Form C.

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NEW! Available for download, Draft 2016 Order Handling Data Schema and Report Renderer for Broker-Dealers.

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Chyhe Becker PhotoChyhe Becker, Acting Director, Division of Economic and Risk Analysis

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Latest Academic Publications

  • Marcus Asplund, David Jinkins, Chandler Lutz and Gyorgy Paizs, 2018, Winners and Losers from an Announced Durable Tax Hike, Applied Economics, forthcoming.

  • Rebel A. ColeIoannis V. Floros and Vladimir I. Ivanov, 2018, U.S. exchange upgrades: Reducing uncertainty through a two-stage IPO, Journal of Financial Intermediation, forthcoming.

  • Mariassunta Giannetti and Mengxin Zhao, 2018, Board Ancestral Diversity and Firm Performance Volatility, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.

  • Jeffrey F. Jaffe, Jan Jindra, David J. Pedersen, and Torben Voetmann, 2018, Do Unlisted Targets Sell at Discounts?, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.

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