Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities (PAUSE)

Archive of Impersonators of Genuine Firms

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Capital One Management Inc.
Maine Business Center
415 Congress Street, Suite 102
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 212-330-9008
Fax: 212-330-9009

  1. There is a U.S.-registered company named Capital One Financial Corporation ("Capital One") with U.S.-registered broker-dealer affiliates named Capital One Securities, LLC ("COSL") d/b/a Capital One Investment, LLC, Capital One Southcoast, Inc. ("COSCI"), and Capital One Investment Services LLC, f/k/a NFB Investment Services Corporation (collectively, the "Capital One Brokers"). The staff's review of complaints indicates that persons not affiliated with Capital One or the Capital One Brokers have been using the name Capital One Management, Inc. ("COMI") in solicitations of investors. In particular, complaints to us have stated that persons using the phone number (1-212-330-9008) and/or the website address ( and/or the business address 415 Congress Street, Suite 102, Portland, ME 04101 have either claimed to be affiliated with Capital One or the Capital One Brokers, or implied such affiliation by the use of the COMI name in investor solicitations; however, neither this phone number, website nor address are used by Capital One or the Capital One Brokers. To verify the registration and address of a U.S. securities broker, see
  2. As part of its solicitations, COMI makes claims that a third party is entitled to FDIC payments for "non profitable securities." The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has confirmed to us that no such program exists and that these purported obligations are fictitious.
M&A Securities Group
4151 N. Mulberry Drive, Suite 252
Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: 660-530-8078
Fax: 567-429-0445