The SEC is committed to making data readily accessible and easy to use. The agency identifies and publishes comprehensive data sets that provide investors and market participants as well as developers and other third parties with aggregated information from public filings for research and analysis.

Data Library

The SEC’s Data Library provides a variety of readily available datasets that were extracted from filings received by the Commission and structured into a downloadable, accessible format. This resource aims to help the public analyze data before making investment decisions and better understand how our economy and securities markets function.  

Data Visualizations

Interactive data visualizations convert analysis and findings into impactful visual representations of some of the SEC’s publicly available data. Explore them to gain valuable insights on historical market activity, capital formation trends, and market participants. And view data highlights for visual illustrations created by SEC staff from statistics reported to and collected by the Commission from different types of market participants.

Data Highlight: Money Market Fund Statistics

Staff-derived statistics from data reported to and collected by the commission from a variety of market participants.

Research and Reports

Staff economists and researchers regularly publish white papers, economic analyses, and working papers that investigate a broad range of issues relevant to the Commission's mission and are disseminated to stimulate discussion and critical comment for the benefit of the public.

Last Reviewed or Updated: July 2, 2024