Learn the Basics of EDGAR

Review these How Do I guides that cover basic topics to help filers better understand the EDGAR filing system.

EDGAR Guidance

Find EDGAR guidance by filer type, SEC division or office, or form.

EDGAR Filer Manual

Contains the requirements for becoming an EDGAR filer and the necessary information to ensure timely acceptance and processing of filings.

EDGAR Glossary

Summarizes common terms, acronyms, and abbreviations used in the EDGAR Filer Manual and other materials to assist filers with the submission process.

Additional Resources

EDGAR State and Country Codes

Find a listing of codes identifying the state or country used by filers in particular submissions. These codes can be useful in EDGAR company searches.

EDGAR Contacts in SEC Divisions and Offices

For filing content, rule interpretations, filing date adjustments, and hardship exemption requests, contact the division or office that reviews the filing.

EDGAR Peak Filing Dates photo

EDGAR Calendar

The EDGAR system will not receive, process, or accept filings in observance of the following federal holidays. The SEC mailroom that receives paper filings will also be closed. EDGAR filings that have already been posted to the website will be accessible.

Need Help?

EDGAR filer support and assistance is available from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET (Monday–Friday except federal holidays). Voicemail menu support is available during off-hours. 

(202) 551-8900

Last Reviewed or Updated: June 28, 2024