Oct. 11, 2017

Information for Prospective Receivers

In both settled and litigated cases, the Division of Enforcement makes recommendations to the courts regarding persons to assist the court in a variety of capacities, including as receivers to take control of, marshal, maintain, and/or distribute assets; or to operate businesses. If you are interested in being considered for a position as a receiver in an SEC enforcement action pending in a federal district court, please complete this application.

Information Regarding SEC Enforcement Actions in Which Receivers Have Been Appointed

The following is a list of active SEC enforcement actions in which receivers or similar agents have been appointed. The list is updated periodically; at any given time it may not reflect all actions falling into this category, and it may include an action that is no longer active.

The list is searchable, including by defendant name, by using your web browser's Find function. Press Ctrl+F (Windows) or Command+F (MacOS) to bring up a Find field in the top of your browser. Then type the name or word you wish to find and press Enter on your keyboard. The browser will highlight every instance of your term, typically in bright yellow (and pale orange for the current "hit").

If you have a question about one of the actions listed, please contact the SEC staff listed on the matter's court docket. To ask a question or report a problem concerning your investments, your investment account, or a financial professional, submit an inquiry online or call the SEC's toll-free investor assistance line at 1-800-SEC-0330.

SEC Action (SEC v.) Docket No. District Court Defendants
1 Global Capital, LLC et al. 2018 CV 61991 Southern District of Florida 1 Global Capital, LLC; 1 West Capital, LLC; Bright Smile Financing, LLC; BRR Block, Inc.; Digi South, LLC; Ganador Enterprises, LLC; Media Pay LLC; Pay Now Direct, LLC; Ruderman, Carl; Ruderman Family Trust
2Randall Consulting Group, LLC, et al. 2009 CV 01465 Northern District of Texas Randall, Brion; 2Randall Consulting Group
4D Circle, LLC, et al 2017 CV 00321 Northern District of Texas Bell, David Edward; 4D Circle, LLC; Hawkins, Mantford
Abdallah, Thomas et al. 2014 CV 01155 Northern District of Ohio Abdallah, Thomas; Cicolani, Jerry A, Jr.; Gainer, Jeffrey L; Gainer, Nancy E; George, Mark M, Esq.; Grant, Kenneth A; Hood, Kelly C; KGTA Petroleum, Ltd.; NATG, LLC; Turnbury Consulting Group, LLC
Adams, Arthur Lamar, et al. 2018 CV 00252 Southern District of Mississippi Adams, Arthur Lamar; Madison Timber Properties, LLC
Aequitas Management, LLC, et al 2016 CV 00438 District of Oregon Aequitas Capital Management, Inc.; Aequitas Commercial Finance, LLC; Aequitas Holdings, LLC; Aequitas Investment Management, LLC; Gillis, N. Scott; Jesenik, Robert J; Oliver, Brian A
Ahmed, Iftikar, et al. 2015 CV 00675 District of Connecticut Ahmed, Iftikar Ali; Ahmed, Shalini; Diya Holdings LLC; Diya Real Holdings, LLC; I-Cubed Domains, LLC; Iftikar Ali Ahmed Sole Prop; I, I1; I, I2; I, I3
Alleca, Angelo A., et al. 2012 CV 03261 Northern District of Georgia Alleca, Angelo Anthony; Asset Class Diversification Fund, LP; Private Credit Opportunities Fund, LLC; Summit Investment Fund, LP; Summit Wealth Management, Inc.
Amerindo Investment Advisors Inc., et al. 2005 CV 05231 Southern District of New York Amerindo Advisors UK Limited; Amerindo Investment Advisors Inc.; Amerindo Management Inc.; Amerindo Technology Growth Fund, Inc.; Amerindo Technology Growth Fund II, Inc.; Tanaka, Gary Alan; Techno Raquia, S.A.; Vilar, Alberto William
AriseBank, et al. 2018 CV 00186 Northern District of Texas AriseBank; Rice, Jared, Sr.; Ford, Stanley
Beasley, Matthew Wade, et al. 2022 cv 00612 District of Nevada ACAC LLC; Alberto, Anthony Michael Jr; Beasley Law Group PC; Beasley, Matthew Wade J.D.; BJ Holdings LLC; CJ Investments LLC; Humphries, Christopher Ronn; J & J Consulting Services, Inc. (Alaska); J & J Consulting Services, Inc. (Nevada); J and J Purchasing, LLC; Jager, Shane Michael; Jeffery, Larry Daniel; Jenne, Jason A
Beckman, Jason Bo-Allen, et al. 2011 CV 00574 District of Minnesota Beckman, Hollie; Beckman, Jason Bo-Alan; The Oxford Private Client Group, LLC
Bentley, Robert L., et al. 2001 CV 05366 Eastern District of Pennsylvania Bentley, Lynn S; Bentley, Robert L; Bentley Financial Services, Inc.; Entrust Group
BioChemics, Inc., et al. 2012 CV 12324 District of Massachusetts BioChemics, Inc.; Kroning, Gregory S; Masiz, John J; Medoff, Craig
Bivona, John V., et al 2016 CV 01386 Northern District of California Bivona, Anne F; Bivona, John V; Clear Sailing Group IV, LLC; Clear Sailing Group V, LLC; Felix Investments, LLC; Mazzola, Frank G; Mazzola, Michele; Saddle River Advisors, LLC; SRA I, LLC; SRA II, LLC; SRA III, LLC; SRA Management Associates, LLC
Bliss, Roger S. 2015 CV 00098 District of Utah Bliss, Roger Stanley
Bryant United Capital Funding, Inc., et al 2017 CV 00336 Eastern District of Texas Bryant United Capital Funding, Inc.; Bryant, Jr. Thurman P; Bryant, Thurman P, III; Goodspeed, Carlos Desean; Wammel, Arthur Franz; Wammel Group, LLC
Cambridge Capital Group Advisors, LLC 2019 cv 00420 Northern District of Florida Cambridge Capital Group, LLC; Howard, Phillip Timothy, Esq.; Reinhard, Don Warner
Capital Cove Bancorp LLC, et al. 2015 CV 00980 Central District of California Capital Cove Bancorp LLC; Lee, Christopher M
Champion-Cain, Gina, et al. 2019 CV 01628 Southern District of California American National Investments, Inc; ANI Development, LLC; Champion-Cain, Gina
Chen, Edward, et al. 2017 CV 06929 Central District of California Chen, Edward; Chen, Jean; First Financial Investment Group, LLC; Four Star Realty Group Inc.; GH Design Group LLC; GH Investment LP; Golden Galaxy LP; Home Paradises LLC; Home Paradise Investment Center LLC; Mega Home, LLC; US Grandhood, LLC
Chen, Steve, et al. 2015 CV 07425 Central District of California Aborell Advisors I, LLC; Aborell MGMT I, LLC; Aborell Reit II, LLC; Ahome Real Estate, LLC; Alliance Financial Group, Inc.; Alliance NGN, Inc.; Amauction, Inc.; Amkey, Inc.; Apollo Reit I, Inc.; Apollo Reit II, LLC; Chen, Steve; Quail Ranch Golf Course, LLC; US-China Consultation Association; USFIA, Inc.
Churchville, Patrick, et al. 2015 CV 00191 District of Rhode Island Churchville, Patrick; Clearpath Wealth Management, LLC; ClearPath Multi-Strategy Fund I, L.P.; ClearPath Multi-Strategy Fund II, L.P.; ClearPath Multi-Strategy Fund III, L.P.; HCR Value Fund, L.P.
Cobalt Multifamily Investors I, LLC, et al. 2006 CV 02360 Southern District of New York Cobalt Capital Funding, LLC; Cobalt Multifamily Co. I, LLC; Cobalt Multifamily Investors I, LLC; Foster, William B; Shapiro, Mark Alan; Stitsky, Irving J; Vail Mountain Trust;
Colonial Tidewater Realty Income Partners, LLC., et al. 2015 CV 02401 District of Maryland Colonial Tidewater Realty Income Partners, LLC; Glover, James R; Hill, Sherman T
Complete Business Solutions Group Inc. d/b/a PAR Funding et al. 2020 CV 81205 Southern District of Florida Abbonizio, Perry Stephen; LLC; ABFP Income Fund LLC; ABFP Income Fund 2 L.P.; ABFP Management Company, LLC; Cole Barleta Joseph Lewis; Complete Business Solutions Group, Inc.; Fidelis Financial Planning LLC; Full Spectrum Processing, Inc.; Furman, Michael C; Gissas, John; LaForte, Joseph W; McElhone, Lisa; RE Income Fund LLC; RE Income Fund 2 LLC; Retirement Evolution Group, LLC; The LME 2017 Family Trust; United Fidelis Group; Vagnozzi, Dean J
Cook, Trevor G., et al. 2009 CV 03333 District of Minnesota Basel Group, LLC; Berg, Clifford; Berg, Ellen; Cook, Trevor G; Crown Forex, LLC; Kiley, Patrick J; Market Shot, LLC; Oxford Developers, S.A.; Oxford FX Growth, L.P.; Oxford Global Advisors, LLC; Oxford Global FX, LLC; Oxford Global Managed Futures Fund, L.P.; Oxford Global Partners, LLC; Universal Brokerage FX Management, LLC; UBS Diversified FX Advisors, LLC; UBS Diversified Growth, LLC; UBS Diversified FX Growth, L.P.; UBS Diversified FX Management, LLC; PFG Coin and Bullion
Copeland, Charles P, et al. 2011 CV 09607 Central District of California Copeland, Charles P; Copeland Wealth Management, A Financial Advisory Corporation ("CWM"); Copeland Wealth Management, A Real Estate Corporation
Davis, Richard W., Jr., et al. 2016 CV 00285 Western District of North Carolina Davis Capital Group, Inc.; Davis Financial Inc.; Davis, Richard W, Jr.; DCG ABF Management, LLC; DCG Commercial Holdings, LLC; DCG Commercial Fund I, LLC; DCG Funds Management, LLC; DCG Funds Underwriting LLC; DCG Partners LLC; DCG PMF LLC; DCG Real Assets, LLC; DCG Real Estate Development, LLC; H20, LLC; Huntersville Plaza Phase One, LLC; Huntersville Plaza Phase Two, LLC; North Lake Business Park, LLC; Richard Davis Enterprises LLC
Davison, Brian et al 2020 cv 00325 Middle District of Florida Blue Waters TI, LLC; BNAZ, LLC; Bungalows TI LLC; BR Support Services, LLC; Capri Haven, LLC; Davison, Brian D; EA NY LLC; EA SIP, LLC; EquiAlt LLC; EquiAlt Fund, LLC d/b/a EquiAlt I, LLC; EquiAlt Fund II, LLC d/b/a EquiAlt II, LLC; EquiAlt Fund III, LLC; EquiAlt 519 3rd Ave S., LLC; McDonald Revocable Living Trust; Rybicki, Barry M; Silver Sands TI, LLC; TB Oldest House Est. 1842, LLC; 128 E. Davis Blvd, LLC; 310 78th Ave, LLC; 551 3rd Ave S, LLC; 604 West Azeele, LLC; 2101 W. Cypress, LLC; 2112 W. Kennedy Blvd, LLC; 5123 E. Broadway Ave, LLC
Detroit Memorial Partners, LLC, et al. 2013 CV 01817 Northern District of Georgia Detroit Memorial Partners, LLC; Morrow, Mark D
Dewey, Josias N, et al. 2023 CV 00482 Northern District of Utah Digital Licensing Inc. (d/b/a “Debt Box”), Jason R. Anderson, Jacob S. Anderson, Schad E. Brannon, Roydon B. Nelson, James E. Franklin, Western Oil Exploration Company, Inc., Ryan Bowen, IX Global, LLC, Joseph A. Martinez, Benajmin F. Daniels, Mark W. Schuler, B & B Investment Group, LLC (d/b/a “Core 1 Crypto”), Travis A. Flaherty, Alton O. Parker, BW Holdings, LLC (d/b/a The “Fair Project”), Brendan J. Stangis, Matthew D. Fritzsche, Archer Drilling, LLC; Business Funding Solutions, LLC, Blox Lending, LLC, Calmfritz Holdings, LLC, Calmes & Co, Inc., Flaherty Enterprises, LLC, IX Ventures Fzco, Purdy Oil, LLC, The Gold Collective LLC, UIU Holdings, LLC
Direct Lending Investments, LLC 2019 CV 02188 Central District of California Direct Lending Investments, LLC
Dowdell, Terry L., et al. 2001 CV 00116 Western District of Virginia Authorized Auto Service, Inc.; Derouard, Daniel; Dowdell, Adam F; Dowdell, David M; Dowdell, Marcia A; Dowdell, Mary E; Dowdell, Terry, Jr.; Dowdell, Rebecca L; Dowdell, Terry L; Dowdell, Wendy S; Dowdell, Dutcher & Associates, Inc.; Emerged Market Securities & DE, LLC; Mason, Kenneth G; Mechlenburg, Birgit Gitte; Pierce, Cynthia; Pierce, Nona; Pierce, Stephen; Vavasseur Corporation; Willowood Design Corporation
EB5 Asset Manager, LLC, et al. 2015 CV 62323 Southern District of Florida B.X Wok Construction LLC; B.X Property Management LLC; EB5 Asset Manager, LLC; Investor Asset Protection, LLC; Oakland Office Holdings LLC; Ocean BLVD. Family Limited Partnership, Ltd.; Top Sun Energy LLC; U.S. EB-5 Investments LLC; US Investment LLC; US1 Real Estate Developments, LLC; Zhong, Lin
Edwards, Dwayne et al. 2017 CV 00393 District of New Jersey Barker, Todd; Columbus ALF, LLC; Edwards, Dwayne; Edwards, Susan; Gainesville ALF, LLC; Manor House Senior Living, LLC; Montgomery ALF, LLC; Nunamaker, Sharon; Opelika ALF, LLC; Oxton Place of Douglas, LLC; Oxton Senior Living, LLC; Rome ALF, LLC; Savannah ALF, LLC; SDH Design, LLC; Senior Solutions of Social Circle, LLC; Waterford Place ALF, LLC
EFS, LLC., et al. 2006 CV 00793 Northern District of Texas Coffin, Timothy V; EFS, LLC; Freedom Fidelity, LLC; Pratt, James N; SP&V, LLC
Elm, Frederic, et al. 2015 CV 60082 Southern District of Florida Elm, Amanda Rachel; Elm Tree "e" Conomy Fund, LP; Elm, Frederic Daniel; Elm Tree Investment Advisors, LLC; Elm Tree Investment Fund, LP; Elm Tree Motion Opportunity
Equitybuild, Inc., et al. 2018 CV 05587 District of Illinois Cohen, Jerome H; Cohen, Shaun D; Equitybuild Finance, LLC; Equitybuild, Inc
The Estate of Stephen Romney Swensen., et al. 2022 CV 00135 District of Utah Stephen Romney Swensen, Crew Capital Group, LLC, Wendy Swensen, Saria C. Rodriguez, WS Family IP, LLC, Wingman, LLC, Swensen Capital, LLC.
Faulkner, Christopher A, et al 2016 CV 01735 Northern District of Texas Ahmedi, Jetmir; Breitling Energy Corp; Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation; Crude Energy, LLC; Faulkner, Christopher A; Freedman, Tamra M; Hallam, Parker R; Handkins, Beth C; Hoover, Judson F; Miller Rodriguez Dustin Michael; Patriot Energy, Inc; Simo, Joseph; Steedley, Gilbert; Wagers, Jeremy S., Esq.
First Choice Management Services 2000 cv 0446 Northern District of Indiana First Choice Management Services, Inc; VanWaeyenberghe, Gary R
Founding Partners Capital Management Company, et al. 2009 CV 00229 Middle District of Florida Founding Partners Capital Management Company; Founding Partners Hybrid-Value Fund, LP; Founding Partners Global Fund, LTD.; Founding Partners Stable-Value Fund , LP; Founding Partners Stable-Value Fund II, LP; Gunlicks, William Lee; Sun Capital, Inc.; Sun Capital Healthcare Inc.;
Fujinaga, Edwin, et al. 2013 CV 01658 District of Nevada CSA Service Center, LLC; Fujinaga, Edwin Y; Fujinaga, June; MRI International, Inc.; The Factoring Company; The Yunju Trust
Gallagher, William Neil "Doc", et al. 2019 CV 00575 Northern District of Texas Gallagher Financial Group, Inc.; Gallagher, William Neil; W. Neil Gallagher, Ph.D Agency, Inc.
Giewartowski, Joseph Edwin, et al. 1995 CV 00554 Middle District of Florida Giewartowski, Joan Marie; Giewartowski, Joseph Edwin
Global Fiance & Invesgtments, Inc. et al. 2007 CV 00346 Eastern District of Texas Clark, William H; CMR MGNT. GROUP, LLC; Davis, Charles R; Dippolito, William F; Global Fiance & Investments, Inc.; JTA Enterprises, Inc.; Level Par Investments, LLC; Linn, Ronald James; Lucre Fund LLC; Maske, Glenn E; Nevada Sentry Service Corp.; Rogers, Kelly G; Sterling Meridian LLC; Trequestra Management Corp.; USASSET & Funding Corporation; Wells Ventures, LLC
Gray, Gregory W. Jr., et al. 2015 CV 01465 Southern District of New York Archipel Capital LLC; Archipel Capital - Agrivida LLC; Archipel Capital - Amyris Biotechnologies LP; Archipel Capital - Bloom Energy LP; Archipel Capital - Late Stage Fund LP; Archipel Capital - Lineagen LP; Archipel Capital - Social Media Fund LP; Archipel Capital - Social Media Fund II LP; Archipel Capital - Social Media Fund LP 3; Archipel Capital - Social Media Fund LP 4; Bennington - Everloop LP; BIM Management LP; Gray, Cynthia H; Gray, Gregory W, Jr.
Harbor City Capital Corp., et al. 2021 cv 00694 Middle District of Florida Celtics Enterprises, LLC; Harbor City Capital Corp.; Harbor City Digital Ventures, Inc.; Harbor City Ventures, LLC; HCC Media Funding, LLC; HCCF-1 LLC; HCCF-2 LLC; HCCF-3 LLC; HCCF-4 LLC; HCCF-5 LLC; Maroney, Jonathan Paul; Maroney, Tonya L
Hitt, Todd, et al. 2018 CV 01262 Eastern District of Virginia ESA Highwood LLC; ESA Emerson LL; Kiddar AQ LLC; Kiddar Capital LLC; Kiddar Herndon Station LLC; Kiddar Homebuilding Fund I LLC; Kiddar Group Holdings, Inc.; Kiddar Mass Ave LLC; Kiddar Ridgeview LLC; Melbourne Retreat LLC
Horwitz, Zachery J, et al. 2021 cv 02927 Central District California 1INMM Capital, LLC; Horwitz, Zachary Joseph
Howard, Patrick O., et al 2017 CV 00420 Northern District of Texas Howard Capital Holdings, LLC; Howard, Patrick O'Neal; Optimal Economics Capital Partners LLC
Hyatt, Jason R., et al. 2008 CV 02224 Northern District of Illinois Hyatt, Jason R; Hyatt Johnson Capital LLC; Johnson, Jay D
Iannelli, et al. 2018 CV 05008 Central District of California Essex Capital Corporation; Iannelli, Ralph T
Illarramendi, Francisco et al. 2011 CV 00078 District Connecticut Highview Point LP; Highview Point Master Fund, Ltd; Highview Point Offshore, Ltd.; Highview Point Partners, LLC; Illarramendi, Francisco A; Michael Kenwood Asset Management, LLC; Michael Kendwood Capital Manegement, LLC; MK Energy And Infrastructure, LLC; Mkei Solar, LP
Integrated National Resources, Inc., et al. 2023 CV 00855 Central District of California Integrated National Resources, Inc. dba Weedgenics; Hirschmann, Rolf Max aka "Max Bergmann," Patrick Earl Williams
International Fiduciary Corp., S.A., et al. 2006 CV 01354 Eastern District of Virginia Byer, Daniel Eric; CD2E, INC.; International Fiduciary Corp., S.A.; Lowery Robert; Martin, Terry; M&M Technologies; Pinkett, Preston DAVID, II; Stevenson, Malcolm Cameron Boyd; SZE Coast Operating Corporation; Winchell Corporation
JCS Enterprises, Inc., et al. 2014 CV 80468 Southern District of Florida JCS Enterprises, Inc.; Schumack, Paul Lewis, II; Signore, Joseph; T.B.T.I., Inc.
Kapoor, Rishi., et al. 2023 CV 04903 Southern District of Florida Location Ventures, LLC; URBIN, LLC; Patriots United, LLC; Location Properties, LLC; Location Development, LLC; Location Capital, LLC; Location Ventures Resources, LLC; Location Equity Holdings, LLC; Location GP Sponsor, LLC; 515 Valencia Sponsor, LLC; LV Montana Sponsor, LLC; URBIN Founders Group, LLC; URBIN CG Sponsor, LLC ; 515 Valencia Partners, LLC; LV Montana Phase I, LLC; Stewart Grove 1, LLC; Stewart Grove 2, LLC; Location Zamora Parent, LLC; URBIN Coral Gables Partners, LLC; URBIN Coconut Grove Partners, LLC; URBIN Miami Beach Partners, LLC ; and URBIN Miami Beach II Phase 1, LLC
Kinetic Investment Group, LLC, et al. 2020 CV 00394 Middle District of Florida Bright Smile Financing, LLC; BRR Block, Inc.; Digi South, LLC; Ganador Enterprises, LLC; 1 Global Capital, LLC; 1 West Capital, LLC; Media Pay LLC; Pay Now Direct, LLC; Ruderman, Carl; Ruderman Family Trust
King, Justin Robert, et al. 2020 CV 02398 Central District of California Elevate Investment LLC; King, Justin Robert; King, Shannon Leigh
Labry, Thomas A. et al. 2010 CV 00018 Central District of California Cherokee Gas Systems, Inc.; Labry, Thomas A; Maddux, Gary; Silva, Shea Christian
Lester, Donald J., et al. 2015 CV 02301 District of Colorado CFI Fund, LLC; Equity Edge Companies, LLC; Equity Edge, LLC; Equity Edge Preferred Income Fund I, LLC; Lester, Donald J; NuPower LLC; Rubicon Alliance, LLC
Mantria Corporation, et al. 2009 CV 02676 District of Colorado Knorr, Amanda; Mantria Corporation; Mckelvy, Donna; McKelvy, Speed Of Wealth, LLC; Wayde Michael; Wragg, Troy
McClintock, Billy Wayne, et al. 2012 CV 04028 Northern District of Georgia Alexander, Linda Dianne; McClintock, Billy Wayne; MSC Holdings, Inc.; MSC Holdings USA, LLC; MSC Ga Holdings, LLC
McGinn, Smith & Co., Inc., et al. 2010 CV 00457 Northern District of New York David L. and Lynn A. Smith Irrevocable Trust; First Advisory Income Notes, LLC; First Excelsior Income Notes, LLC; First Independent Income Notes, LLC; McGinn Smith Advisors, LLC; Smith, David Lee; Smith, Geoffrey R; Smith, Lauren T; Smith, Lynn A; McGinn, Nancy; McGinn, Smith Capital Holdings Corp.; McGinn Smith & Co., Inc.; McGinn. Timothy Michael; Third Albany Income Notes, LLC
McKnight, Gregory N., et al. 2008 CV 11887 Eastern District of Michigan Burton, Danielle; Burton, Theresa; Healthy Body Nutraceuticals; Legisi Holdings, LLC; Legisi Marketing, Inc.; Lido Consulting, LLC; Lindenwood Enterprises, LLC; McKnight, Gregory N; McKnight, Jennifer
Mediatrix Capital Inc., et al. 2019 CV 02594 Arual LP; Baker, Michael C; Blue Isle Markets Ltd.; Blue Isle Markets Inc.; Casa Conejo LLC; DCC Islands Foundation; Hase Haus, LLC; Island Technologies LLC; Keystone Business Trust; Mediatrix Capital Fund Ltd.; Mediatrix Capital Inc.; Mediatrix Capital, LLC; Mediatrix Capital PR, LLC; Salve Regina Trust; Sewall, Bryant E; Sewall, Hanna Ohonkova; Stewart, Michael Shawn; Stewart, Victoria M.; The 1989 Foundation; TF Alliance LLC; Young, Maria C.; Young, Michael Stephen; Young, Walter C, III; Weinzel, LLC; West Beach LLC
Merrill, Kevin B., et al. 2018 CV02844 District of Maryland Delmarva Capital, LLC; DeVille Asset Management LTD; Global Credit Recovery, LLC; Jezierski, Cameron R; Ledford, Jay B; Ledford, Lalaine; Merrill, Amanda; Merrill, Kevin B; Rhino Capital Group, LLC; Rhino Capital Holdings, LLC; Riverwalk Financial Corporation
Meyer, Joseph A., Jr., et al. 2018 CV 05868 Northern District of Georgia Meyer, Joseph A, Jr.; Statim Holdings, Inc.
Millenium Bank, et al. 2009 CV 00050 Northern District of Texas Angeloni, Philippe; Chopra, Brijesh; Hoegel, Daryl C; Hoegel, Jacquelin S; Hoegel, Kristi M; Hoegel, Ryan D; Jasmine Administration, LLC; Matrix Administration, LLC; Millenium Bank; Millenium Financial Group; Sterling I.S., LLC; United Trust Of Switzerland S.A.; United T Of S, LLC; UT OF S, LLC; Walton, Laurie H; Wise, Lynn P; Wise, William J
MJ Capital Funding, LLC, et al. 2021 cv 61644 Southern District of Florida Garcia, Johanna; MJ Capital Funding, LLC; MJ Taxes and More, Inc.
Morgan Robert C., et al. 2019 CV 00661 Western District of New York Morgan Acquisitions, LLC; Morgan Messanine Fund Manager, LLC; Morgan, Robert C
Nadel, Arthur, et al. 2009 CV 00087 Middle District of Florida Nadel, Arthur G; Scoop Capital LLC; Scoop Management, Inc.; Scoop Real Estate, L.P.; Valhalla Investment Partners, L.P.; Valhalla Management, Inc.; Viking Fund, LLC; Victory Fund, LTD; Viking IRA Fund, LLC; Viking Management, LLC; Victory IRA Fund, LTD
Narayan, Ash, et al 2016 CV 01417 Northern District of Texas Harmon, Richard M; Kaptrosky, John A; Narayan, Ash;The Ticket Reserve, Inc. a/k/a Forward Market Media, Inc.
Natural Diamonds Investment Co., et al. 2019 CV 80633 Southern District of Florida Aman, Jose Angel; Argyle Coin, LLC; Eagle Financial Diamond Group Inc.; Gold 7 of Miami, LLC; H.S. Management Group LLC; Natural Diamonds Investment Co.; Seigel, Harold; Seigel, Jonathan H; Shipman, Frederick D; Shipman, Whitney; Winners Church International Inc. of West Palm Beach, Florida
New Day Atlanta, LLC et al. 2010 CV 01333 Northern District of Georgia Avery, Andrew L; Marks, Lee E; New Day Atlanta, LLC
Nguyen, Richard Vu, et al. 2019 CV 01174 Central District of California Do, Mai; Nguyen, Richard Vu; NTV Financial Group
North Dakota Developments, LLC, et al. 2015 CV 00053 District of North Dakota Ames Engineering & Development Services LLC; Augusta Exploration, LLC; Gavin, Robert L; Great American Lodge LLC; Hogan, Daniel J;NDD Holdings 1 LLC; NDD Holdings 2 LLC; NDD Modular LLC; North Dakota Developments, LLC; North Dakota Developments Property Management, LLC
Northridge Holdings, Ltd., et al. 2019 CV 05957 Northern District of Illinois Amberwood Holdings, Ltd.; Brookstone Investment Group, Ltd.; Eastridge Holdings, Ltd.; Guardian Investment Group, Ltd.; Mueller, Glenn C; Northridge Holdings, Ltd; Southridge Holdings, Ltd.; Unity Investment Group, Ltd.
Pacific West Capital Group, Inc., et al. 2015 CV 02563 Central District of California BAK West; Barry, Brenda Christine; Calhoun, Andrew B, Jr.; Calhoun, Andrew B, IV; Cannon, Eric Christopher; Century Point, LLC; Dotta, Michael Wayne; Moody, Caleb Austin;Pacific West Capital Group, Inc.; PWCG Trust
Path America, LLC, et al 2015 CV 01350 Western District of Washington Dargey Development, LLC; Dargey Enterprises, LLC; Dargey Holdings, LLC; Dargey, Lobsang; Path America KingCo LLC; Path America, LLC; Path America Farmer's Market, LP; Path America SnoCo LLC; Path America Tower, LP; Path Farmer's Market, LLC; Path Othello, LLC; Path Tower Seattle, LP; Potala Shoreline, LLC; Potala Tower Seattle, LLC; Potala Village Kirkland, LLC
Pehrson, Chad, et al. 2022 CV 00135 District of Utah Stephen Romney Swensen, Crew Capital Group, LLC, Wendy Swensen, Saria C. Rodriguez, WS Family IP, LLC, Wingman, LLC, Swensen Capital, LLC
Petters, Thomas J., et al. 2009 CV 01750 District of Minnesota Petters, Thomas Joseph
Petters, Thomas J., et al. 2009 CV 01750 District of Minnesota Asia Trust Ltd.; Bell, Gregory M; Blue Sky Trust; Goldman, Inna; Gregory Bell Revocable Trust; Inna Goldman Revocable Trust; Lancelot Investment Management Company LLC
Platinum Management (NY) LLC, et al. 2016 CV 06848 Eastern District of New York Landesman, Uri; Levy, David; Mann, Joseph; Nordlicht, Mark; Platinum Credit Management, L.P.; Platinum Management (NY) LLC; Sanfilippo, Joseph; Shulse, Jeffrey; Small, Daniel
PLCMGMT LLC, dba Prometheus Law et al. 2016 CV 02594 Central District of California Aldrich, David A; Catipay, James Anthony; PLCMGMT LLC
Private Euity Management Group, Inc. et al. 2009 cv 02901 Central District of California Pang, Danny, (Estate of); Private Equity Management Group, Inc.; Private Equity Management Group LLC
Profit Connect Wealth Services, Inc., et al. 2021 cv 02198 District of Nevada Kovar, Brent Carson; Kovar, Joy Irene Carson; Profit Connect and Wealth Services, Inc.
Property Income Investors LLC, et al. 2021 cv 61176 Southern District of Florida Brodman, Larry B.; Equinox Holdings Inc.; Nicolosi, Anthony J. Jr.; Property Income Investors 1361 LLC; Property Income Investors 201 LLC; Property Income Investors 26 LLC; Property Income Investors 304 LLC; Property Income Investors 3050 LLC; Property Income Investors 3504 LLC; Property Income Investors 4020 LLC; Property Income Investors 417 LLC; Property Income Investors 4450 LLC; Property Income Investors 9007 LLC; Property Income Investors LLC
Quiros, Ariel, et al. 2016 CV 21301 Southern District of Florida AnC Bio Vermont GP Services, LLC; G.S.I. of Dade County, Inc.; Jay Peak, Inc.; Jay Construction Management, Inc.; Jay Peak Biomedical Research Park, L.P.; Jay Peak GP Services Golf, Inc.; Jay Peak GP Services Lodge, Inc.; Jay Peak GP Services Stateside, Inc.; Jay Peak Golf and Mountain Suites, LP; Jay Peak Hotel Suites, LP; Jay Peak Hotel Suites Stateside, L.P.; Jay Peak Hotel Suites Phase II, L.P.; Jay Peak Lodge and Townhouses, LP;Jay Peak Management, Inc.; Jay Peak Penthouse Suites, LP; North East Contract Services, LLC; Stenger, William; Q Resorts, Inc.; Q Burke Mountain Resort, LLC; Quiros, Ariel
San Francisco Regional Center, LLC, et al 2017 CV 00223 Northern District of California Berkeley Healthcare Dynamics, LLC; CallSocket, LLC; CallSocket II, LLC; CallSocket III, LLC; CallSocket, LP; CallSocket II, LP; CallSocket III, LP; CallSocket Holding Company, LLC; CallSocket III Holding Company, LLC; California Gold Medal, LP; Central California Farms, LLC; Comprehensive Care of California, LLC; Comprehensive Care of Oakland, LP; Henderson, Thomas M; Immedia, LLC; JL Gateway, LLC; NA3PL, LP; North America 3PL, LLC; San Francisco Regional Center, LLC; West Oakland Plaza, LP
Schmidt, Lawrence P., et al. 2014 CV 01002 District of Columbia Commercial Equity Partners Ltd; FutureGen Company; FutureGen Capital DDA CG Fund LLC; FGC CM Note Fund LLC; FGC Distressed Assets Investment #1, LLC; FGC SPE No 1 LLC; FGC SPE NO 2 LLC; FGC Trading Fund #1 LLC; FGC Tax Lien Fund #2, LLC; Schmidt, Lawrence Paul
Seaman, Brent, et al. 23 CV 22791 Southern District of Florida Seaman, Brent; Accanito Equity, LLC; Accanito Equity II, LLC; Accanito Equity III LLC; Accanito Equity IV, LLC; Accanito Capital Group, LLC; Surge, LLC; Accanito Holdings, LLC, Surge Capital Ventures, LLC
Sethi Petroleum, LLC, et al. 2015 CV 00338 Eastern District of Texas Sethi, Sameer Praveen; Sethi Petroleum LLC
Smith, Brenda A. et al. 2019 CV 17213 District of New Jersey Bristol Advisors, LLC; Broad Reach Capital, LP; Broad Reach Partners, LLC; Smith, Brenda Ann
Smith, Paul Horton Sr., et al. 2020 CV 01056 Central District of California eGate LLC; Northstar Communications, LLC; Planning Services, Inc.; Smith, Paul Horton, Sr
Stanford Group Company, et al. 2009 CV 00298 Northern District of Texas Davis, James M; King, Leroy; Kuhrt, Mark; Lopez, Gilberto; Pendergest-Holt, Laura; Stanford Capital Management; Stanford Financial Group Company; Standford Financial Group Bldg, Inc.; Stanford Group Company; Stanford International Bank, LTD.; Stanford, Robert Allen
Stinson, Robert JR. ET AL. 2010 CV 03130 Eastern District of Pennsylvania First Commonwealth Service Company;Keystone State Capital Corporation; IA Capital Fund, LLC; Life's Good, Inc.; Life's Good Capital Growth Fund, LLC; Life's Good High Yield Mortgage Fund, LLC; Life's Good STABL Mortgage Fund, LLC; Marable, Laura; Stinson, Michael G; Stinson, Christine A; Stinson, Susan L; Stinson, Robert, Jr.
Summit Trust Company, et al. 2015 CV 05843 Eastern District of Pennsylvania Brown, George P; Brown, Kevin C; Brown Investment Advisors, Inc.; Hoddinott Farm Development, LLC; Rampart Capital Management, LLC; Rampart Fund LP; Summit Trust Company; Trust Counselors Network; Wealth Maintenance Organization
Sunray Oil Company, Inc., et al. 2006 CV 01097 Northern District of Texas Abilene Oil & Gas LP; J & L Drilling LLC; Stiles, Larry M; Sunray Oil Company, Inc.
TCA Fund Management Group Corp., et al. 2020 CV 21964 Southern District of Florida TCA Global Credit Fund GP, Ltd.; TCA Global Credit Master Fund, LP; TCA Global Credit Fund, Ltd.; TCA Global Credit Fund, LP; TCA Fund Management Group Corp.
Todays Growth Consultant Inc. et al. 2019 CV 09454 Northern District of Illinois Courtright, Kenneth D, III; Todays Growth Consultant, Inc.
Torchia, James A., et al. 2015 CV 03904 Northern District of Georgia American Motor Credit, LLC; Credit Nation Acceptance, LLC; Credit Nation Auto Sales, LLC; Credit Nation Capital, LLC; Spaghetti Junction, LLC; Torchia, James A
Total Wealth Management, Inc., et al. 2015 CV 00226 Southern District of California Cooper, Jacob Keith; Total Wealth Management, Inc.
Traffic Monsoon, LLC, et al. 2016 CV 00832 District of Utah Scoville, Charles David; Traffic Monsoon LLC
Treasure Enterprise LLC, et al. 2017 CV 10963 Eastern District of Michigan Gray, Patricia Enright; Holley, Carleen Renee; Holley, Larry Allen; Kingdom Asset Management LLC; Treasure Enterprise LLC
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Last Reviewed or Updated: June 27, 2024