Explore SEC resources to help equip small businesses, from startup to small cap, and their investors with the tools needed to navigate capital raising.

Funding Roadmap

small business funding roadmap image

Take a tour through various funding options for small businesses.

Navigating Your Options

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Explore regulatory pathways to raise capital from investors.

Building Blocks

Capital Raising- building blocks photo

Explore the fundamentals of capital raising.

Exempt Offerings

small business exempt offerings image

Regulation D, Regulation A, Crowdfunding, and other ways to raise capital without registering with the SEC.

Going Public

small business going public image

Raising capital through a registered public offering.

Glossary of Terms

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Cut through the jargon and learn the language of capital raising.

Capital Trends Maps

Survey where and how capital is being raised across the country.

Research Reports

Explore a collection of reports and studies on capital raising.

Small Business Compliance Guides

Find summaries of SEC rules affecting small businesses.


Check out these informational videos on capital-raising rules and their impact on small business.

Additional Resources

Find more tools for small businesses and their investors from the SEC and other agencies.

Past Small Business Events

Find recordings and other information from previous small business events.

Need Guidance on Our Rules?

Collaborate on Policy

Talk to the Small Business Advocacy team about ideas to improve policy.

Last Reviewed or Updated: June 28, 2024