Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee — Municipal Securities Transparency Subcommittee

Summary Minutes of January 28, 2020, Call

The Municipal Securities Transparency Subcommittee held a call on January 28, 2020.

The call convened at approximately 3:00 p.m. via telephone. The following Subcommittee Members were on the call:

  • Lynn Martin
  • Michael Heaney
  • John Bagley
  • Giedre Ball
  • Horace Carter
  • Ananth Madhavan
  • Amy McGarrity
  • Elisse Walter

The following staff from the Office of Municipal Securities joined the call:

  • Rebecca Olsen
  • Ahmed Abonamah
  • Ernie Lanza
  • Adam Allogramento
  • Adam Wendell
  • Emily Hanson Santana
  • Mary Simpkins

The following staff from the Division of Trading and Markets joined the call:

  • David Dimitrious
  • Tom Eady
  • Elizabeth Baird
  • Arisa Tinaves Kettig

The following staff from the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis joined the call:

  • Abby Kim
  • Mike Willis
  • Michael Schihl
  • Louis Craig

The Subcommittee discussed issues relating to the availability of current financial information about municipal issuers and their securities.

The call concluded at approximately 3:45 p.m.