Commission Opinions and Adjudicatory Orders

The list below provides links to opinions and orders issued by the Commission adjudicating either appeals from initial ALJ decisions or disciplinary or adverse action taken by self-regulatory organizations (such as FINRA) or motions in connection with these proceedings.

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Release No. Date Respondents
First Quarter
34-90945 Jan. 19, 2021 Jeremy Joseph Drake (Order Regarding Service)
34-90942 Jan. 19, 2021 Patrick S. Carter (Order Regarding Service)
34-90935 Jan. 15, 2021 Debt Resolve, Inc. and Elite Group, Inc. (Order to Show Cause)
34-90934 Jan. 15, 2021 United City Corp. and Worldwide Internet Marketing, Inc. (Order to Show Cause)
IA-5668 Jan. 14, 2021 Saving2retire, LLC and Marian P. Young (Order Extending Time to Issue Decision)
34-90915 Jan. 13, 2021 Green Endeavors, Inc. and Sputnik Enterprises, Inc. (Opinion of the Commission as to Sputnik Enterprises, Inc.)
34-90913 Jan. 13, 2021 Universal Detection Technology and VinCompass Corp. (Opinion of the Commission)
34-90911 Jan. 13, 2021 Equitec Proprietary Markets, LLC Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc. (Order Extending Time to Issue Decision)
34-90908 Jan. 13, 2021 Cannasys, Inc., et al. (Order to Show Cause)
34-90907 Jan. 13, 2021 Bluefire Renewables, Inc. and Canadian Cannabis Corp. (Order to Show Cause)
IA-5667 Jan. 12, 2021 Barton W. Stuck (Order)
34-90905 Jan. 12, 2021 TN-K Energy Group Inc. and Total Sports Media, Inc. (Opinion of the Commission)
34-90904 Jan. 12, 2021 Nexus Enterprise Solutions, Inc. and N-Viro International Corporation (Opinion of the Commission as to N-Viro International Corporation)
34-90892 Jan. 11, 2021 China Linen Textile Industry, Ltd. (Notice That Initial Decision Has Become Final)
34-90889 Jan. 11, 2021 ATNA Resources, Ltd. and Orckit Communications Ltd. (Opinion of the Commission)
34-90886 Jan. 11, 2021 ABN Amro Clearing Chicago LLC Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc. and C2 Options Exchange, Inc. (Order Extending Time to Issue Decision)
34-90884 Jan. 11, 2021 Scottsdale Capital Advisors Corporation, et al. (Order Extending Time to Issue Decision)
34-90888 Jan. 11, 2021 American Patriot Brands, Inc. a/k/a The Grilled Cheese Truck, Inc. and Big Tree Group, Inc. (Order Dismissing Proceedings as to Big Tree Group, Inc.)
34-90877 Jan. 8, 2021 Activecare, et al. (Opinion of the Commission)
34-90876 Jan. 8, 2021 Atlas Technology International, Inc., Centenary International Corporation and Dynacq Healthcare, Inc. (Opinion of the Commission as to Atlas Technology International, Inc. and Centenary International Corporation)
34-90879 Jan. 8, 2021 Donald Anthony Wojnowski (Extension Order)
34-90878 Jan. 8, 2021 Maurice Acriche (Extension Order)
34-90873 Jan. 7, 2021 Franklin Scientific, Inc. and Goodwell Inc. (Order to Show Cause)
34-90870 Jan. 7, 2021 ERHC Energy, Inc. and IDdriven, Inc. (Opinion of the Commission as to IDdriven, Inc.)
34-90869 Jan. 7, 2021 Comarco, Inc. and Eco-Shift Power Corp. (Opinion of the Commission)
34-90868 Jan. 7, 2021 Shad Nhebi Clayton (Extension Order)
34-90860 Jan. 6, 2021 Dougherty's Pharmacy, Inc. (Order to Show Cause)
34-90859 Jan. 6, 2021 Danka Business Systems Plc (Order to Show Cause)
34-90858 Jan. 6, 2021 Michael Joseph Clarke (Renewed Order Scheduling Briefs)
34-90857 Jan. 6, 2021 David B. Tysk (Order Extending Time to Issue Decision)
34-90856 Jan. 6, 2021 Black Stallion Oil & Gas, Inc. n/k/a Arize Therapeutics, Inc. and Cannabis Science, Inc. (Opinion of the Commission as to Black Stallion Oil & Gas n/k/a Arize Therapeutics, Inc.)
34-90855 Jan. 6, 2021 Tongli Pharmaceuticals (USA), Inc. and Vansen Pharma, Inc. (Opinion of the Commission)
IA-5662 Jan. 6, 2021 The Robare Group, Ltd., Mark L. Robare and Jack L. Jones, Jr. (Order Extending Time to Issue Decision)
34-90851 Jan. 5, 2021 Hengyi International Industries Group, Inc., Jacobs Financial Group, Inc. and Ranger Gold Corp. (Opinion of the Commission as to Hengyi International Industries Group, Inc.)
34-90850 Jan. 5, 2021 Medical Safetec, Inc., et al. (Opinion of the Commission)
34-90847 Jan. 4, 2021 Trevor Michael Saliba and Arthur Mansourian (Order Extending Time to Issue Decision)
34-90839 Jan. 4, 2021 Benjamin Durant III (Order Regarding Service)
Other Release No.: IA-5658