Request a Filing Date Adjustment

June 4, 2024

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The SEC will not adjust the filing time (time of day when a filing is made) or acceptance time (time of day when a filing is accepted) of a filing. Please do not request an adjustment to the filing time or the acceptance time of a filing, as any such request will be denied.

The filing date, however, may be adjusted by the SEC, when appropriate under the facts and circumstances, to accommodate situations that are beyond the control of the filer, as discussed further below.

To request that the official filing date of an EDGAR filing be adjusted, a filer must indicate how it meets the criteria in Rule 13(b) of Regulation S-T. Submitted through EDGAR, the request must be made by the filer itself, not a third party such as a filing agent. The request should be submitted under the filer’s central index key (CIK) and signed by the filer or an authorized legal representative of the filer.

The request should include:

  • An affirmative request, pursuant to Rule 13(b) of Regulation S-T, for adjustment of the filing date from the specific filing date to the date of the initial attempted transmission;
  • The name and CIK of the filer;
  • For subject company filings, the name and CIK of the subject company;
  • The accession number of the filing that is the subject of the request;
  • The EDGAR submission type of the filing that is the subject of the request;
  • A statement that the filing had a required due date;
  • A concise, but detailed, description of the technical difficulties leading to the late filing, including the date and time of the initial attempted transmission or transmissions; 
  • A statement of how the company will be harmed if the SEC does not grant the filing date adjustment request; and
  • Any emails sent by EDGAR for test filings and all filing attempts—including acceptance/suspense messages—which demonstrate your good faith effort to file timely. (You should receive emails for every filing submitted using your CIK if you have set up your company information properly.)

Please ensure that the request DOES NOT CONTAIN any private or sensitive information such as EDGAR access codes or social security numbers.

In addition, we strongly encourage that the filer send an email to to confirm its request made through EDGAR. The email should include

  • The accession number received after submitting the request to EDGAR; and
  • A name, email address, and phone number for the person the SEC should contact regarding the request.

To receive a call back to discuss a request for a filing date adjustment or other filing correction prior to submitting it through EDGAR, please send an email to with details about your particular filing matter, including the accession number, description of the issues that gave rise to the matter, and your contact information.

The SEC generally processes filing date adjustment requests within 5-7 business days of receipt.

Last Reviewed or Updated: April 7, 2023