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Comments on NASD Rulemaking

Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Change and Amendment No. 1 Thereto by the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. Amending Its Rules Regarding the Transmission of Proxy and Other Shareholder Communication Material and the Proxy Reimbursement Guidelines Set Forth In Those Rules, and Requesting Permanent Approval of the Amended Proxy Reimbursement Guidelines

Release No. 34-45263; File No. SR-NYSE-2001-53

  • Comments of Elva Gonzalez, February 8, 2002 (File name: gonzalez1.txt)
  • Comments of Paul Conn, Executive Vice President, Computershare Limited, and Steven Rothbloom, President, Computershare Investor Services (US), February 6, 2002 (File name: conn1.htm)
  • Comments of Rachel E. Kosmal, Senior Attorney, Intel Corp.; D. Craig Nordlund, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Agilent Technologies, Inc.; Keith Dolliver, Senior Attorney, Microsoft Corporation, February 6, 2002 (File name: kosmal1.htm)
  • Comments of Keith G. Berkheimer, President, CTA - A National Shareholder Service Association, February 6, 2002 (File name: berkheimer1.htm)
  • Comments of Carl T. Hagberg, February 4, 2002 (File name: hagberg1.htm)

Modified: 03/15/2002