Exchange Act Exemptive Notices and Orders

Exemptive notices and orders currently available include:

First Quarter

Release No. Date Details
First Quarter
34-80052 Feb. 16, 2017 Order Granting Limited Exemptions from Rule 102 of Regulation M Relating To NPM Securities, LLC's Alternatives Platform
File No.: TP 17-03
See also:  Incoming Letter
34-80042 Feb. 14, 2017 Order Granting Limited Conditional Exemption From Rule 200(c) Of Regulation SHO to Magnitude Special Investments Portfolio Fund, Ltd.
File No.: TP 17-04
See also:  Incoming Letter
34-80010 Feb. 10, 2017 Order Granting Limited Temporary Exemption from Exchange Act Section 12(j)
File No.: TP 17-06
See also:  Incoming Letter
34-79833 Jan. 18, 2017 Order Extending Certain Temporary Exemptions under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 in Connection with the Revision of the Definition of “Security” to Encompass Security-Based Swaps and Request for Comment
File No.: S7-27-11
Comments received are available. See also:  Release Nos. 34-71485, 34-68864, 34-64795