Open Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The two items of the Open Meeting will address the Commission’s continued efforts to enhance transparency, improve disclosures, and increase confidence in the proxy process. The specific matters to be considered are:

Item 1: Tailored Shareholder Reports, Treatment of Annual Prospectus Updates for Existing Investors, and Improved Fee and Risk Disclosure for Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds; Fee Information in Investment Company Advertisements
Office: Division of Investment Management
Staff: Dalia Blass, Sarah ten Siethoff, Brian M. Johnson, Amanda Hollander Wagner, Zeena Abdul-Rahman, Daniel K. Chang, Mykaila DeLesDernier, Pamela K. Ellis, Angela Mokodean, Daniel Rooney, Keith Carpenter, and Michael Kosoff

The Commission will consider whether to propose rule and form amendments that would modernize the disclosure framework for open-end investment companies. The disclosure framework would feature concise and visually engaging shareholder reports that would highlight information that is particularly important for retail investors to assess and monitor their fund investments. The Commission also will consider whether to propose amendments to the advertising rules for registered investment companies and business development companies.

For further information, please contact Brian M. Johnson and Amanda Hollander Wagner, Division of Investment Management, at (202) 551-6792.

Item 2: Publication on the Commission’s Website of Procedures for Nominating Candidates for Appointment to the Investor Advisory Committee
Office: Office of the General Counsel
Staff: Robert Stebbins, Laura Jarsulic, and Bryant Morris.

The Commission will consider whether to provide additional transparency regarding the appointment of candidates to the Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) by publishing procedures governing the nomination of candidates for appointment to the IAC.

For further information, please contact Bryant Morris, Office of the General Counsel, at (202) 551-5100.