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Draft 2023 Fund (FND) Taxonomy

Oct. 11, 2023

The Commission adopted amendments to its rule under the Investment Company Act of 1940 that addresses certain broad categories of investment company names that are likely to mislead investors about an investment company's investments and risks. See

As part of the adopted amendments, the Commission is requiring funds and unit investment trusts to tag narrative information about their 80% investment policy and the terms used in their name, including the definition of each term and the specific criteria they use to select the investments that the term describes, if any, in Inline XBRL. The new elements needed to tag these disclosures are in the new draft Fund (FND) taxonomy.

Note: This draft version does not include an fnd-entire entry point due to technical issues while importing other 2023 taxonomy files. The 2024 version to be released in the next EDGAR update will include an fnd-entire entry point.

A draft version of the FND taxonomy has been posted, and the files are available at Please provide comments to by December 11, 2023. Include “Draft 2023 SHR Taxonomy” in the subject header.

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