The purpose of the public test suite is to assist developers of software that must validate Interactive Data prior to its submission to EDGAR. The test suite consists of many small Interactive Data instances, schemas and linkbases that are categorized as to whether they violate a validation check, and if so, what validation check they violate and whether that would result in a warning, or in an error that would cause the Interactive Data to be rejected.

Filers that attach Interactive Data files to EDGAR submissions as EX-101 attachments are responsible for compliance with all validations in Chapter 6 of Volume II of the EDGAR Filer Manual ("the Manual"). Automated validation by preparation software can make it more efficient for filers to verify compliance before sending their filings to EDGAR itself. Nothing in this test suite is intended to create new requirements or change existing requirements for EDGAR submissions; filers should consult the Commission rules and the Manual for submission requirements.

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