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Acceleration of registration statements if there is a change in the SEC's operating status

Oct. 4, 2013

We understand that the ongoing uncertainty about possible changes in the SEC's operating status in the event of a prolonged federal government shutdown is raising concerns for registrants that are planning to request acceleration of their registration statements in the near future. If a change in our operating status becomes imminent, we will provide as much advance notice as we can and will consider granting requests for acceleration of the effective date of those pending registration statements.

Please direct any questions to the Assistant Director or Office Chief of the Office overseeing your filing at the number presented below. If the Division of Investment Management is overseeing the review of your filing, please click here.

AD Office 1 - Healthcare and Insurance
Jeffrey Riedler, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3710

AD Office 2 - Consumer Products
Mara Ransom, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3720

AD Office 3 - Information Technologies and Services
Barbara Jacobs, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3730

AD Office 4 - Natural Resources
H. Roger Schwall, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3740

AD Office 5 - Transportation and Leisure
Max Webb, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3750

AD Office 6 - Manufacturing and Construction
Pamela Long, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3760

AD Office 7 - Financial Services I
Todd Schiffman, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3770

AD Office 8 - Real Estate and Commodities
Michael McTiernan, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3780

AD Office 9 - Beverages, Apparel and Mining
John Reynolds, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3790

AD Office 10 - Electronics and Machinery
Amanda Ravitz, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3528

AD Office 11 - Telecommunications
Larry Spirgel, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3810

AD Office 12 - Financial Services II
Suzanne Hayes, Assistant Director
(202) 551-3830

Office of Structured Finance
Katherine Hsu, Chief
(202) 551-3850

October 4, 2013

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