Provides analysis in support of the Commission on issues related to the regulation and examination of issuers of securities with a duty to register under the 1933 Securities Act and make periodic disclosures pursuant to the 1934 Exchange Act. Topical areas include initial public offerings, seasoned equity offerings, corporate mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, corporate governance and voting, corporate and municipal debt offerings, and disclosures related to asset-backed securities. Related areas frequently addressed include-cross border finance and unregistered offerings.

OCF Economists

Vacant, Assistant Director

Tara Bhandari, Financial Economist

Rachita Gullapalli, Financial Economist

Vladimir I. Ivanov, Senior Financial Economist

Anzhela Knyazeva, Senior Financial Economist

Tanakorn Makaew, Financial Economist

Mattias Nilsson, Financial Economist

George Papadakis, Financial Economist

Mengxin Zhao, Financial Economist