Rachita Gullapalli

Financial Economist
Office of Corporate Finance

Education Summary

  • Ph.D. Economics, University of California - Berkeley, 2012

Fields of Interest

  • International Financial Markets
  • Financing Policy and Capital Structure
  • Financial Crises
  • Financial Economist
    Division of Economic and Risk Analysis
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Senior Associate
    MRW & Associates Inc.

  • Barry Eichengreen, Rachita Gullapalli and Ugo Panizza, 2011, Capital Account Liberalization, Financial Development and  Industry Growth: A Synthetic View, Journal of International Money and Finance 60, 1090-1106.

  • Rachita Gullapalli, Foreign Capital and Firm Financial Constraints — Evidence from Two Systemic Liquidity Crises
  • Rachita Gullapalli, Do Foreign Equity and Debt Capital Raisings Help in Bad Times: Evidence from the Asian Financial Crisis.
  • Rachita Gullapalli, Does Foreign Portfolio Investment Hurt Firms During a Foreign Liquidity Crunch? Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis.
Conference Activities
  • Paper presentation, 2013 European Financial Association Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2013 Indian School of Business Summer Research Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2013 George Mason University Forum on Crisis, Capital Flows and Debt Management

Previous SEC Positions: