Vladimir I. Ivanov

Senior Financial Economist
Office of Corporate Finance

Education Summary

  • Ph.D. Finance, Vanderbilt University, 2004
  • M.B.A. Finance, University of Memphis, 1999
  • B.S. Finance, University of National and World Economy (Bulgaria), 1995

Fields of Interest

  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Securities Offerings and Fintech
  • Small Business Financing
  • Financial Economist
    Division of Economic and Risk Analysis
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Assistant Professor of Finance
    University of Kansas
  • Na Dai, Rebel Cole, and Vladimir Ivanov, Entrepreneurial optimism, credit availability, and cost of financing: Evidence from U.S. small businesses, 2017, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.
  • Amy Edwards, Scott Bauguess, Tara Bhandari, Vladimir Ivanov, and Igor Kozhanov, Perspectives on the economic analysis at the SEC, 2015, Journal of Applied Finance 25(1), 58-67.
  • Vladimir Ivanov, Kissan Joseph, and Jide Wintoki, 2013, Disentangling the Market Value of Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Market Reaction to the Unanticipated Component of ACSI Announcements, International Journal of Research in Marketing 168-178.
  • Vladimir Atanasov, Vladimir Ivanov, and Kate Litvak, 2012,Does Reputation Limit Opportunistic Behavior in the VC Industry? Evidence from Litigation Against VCs, Journal of Finance 67, 2215-2246.
  • Audra Boone and Vladimir Ivanov, 2012, Bankruptcy Spillover Effects on Strategic Alliance Partners, Journal of Financial Economics 103, 551-569.
  • Vladimir Ivanov, C.N.V. Krishnan, Ron Masulis, and Ajai Singh, 2011,Venture Capital Reputation, Post-IPO Performance, and Corporate Governance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 46, 1295-1333.
  • Vladimir Ivanov and Fei Xie, 2010, Do Corporate Venture Capitalists Add Value to Startup Firms? Evidence from IPOs and Acquisitions of VC-Backed Companies, Financial Management 120-152.
  • Vladimir Ivanov and Craig Lewis, 2008, The Determinants of Market-Wide Issue Cycles for Initial Public Offerings, Journal of Corporate Finance 14, 567-583.
  • Rebel Cole, Yianni Floros, and Vladimir Ivanov, U.S. exchange upgrades: Reducing uncertainty through a two-stage IPO.
  • Anzhela Knyazeva and Vladimir Ivanov, Soft and hard information and signal extraction in securities crowdfunding.
  • Vladimir Ivanov and Ayla Kayhan, Firm Leverage and VC Financing.
  • Vladimir Atanasov, Thomas Hall, Vladimir Ivanov, and Kate Litvak, Which limited partners limit VC opportunism?
  • Vladimir Ivanov and Ron Masulis, Strategic Alliances and Corporate Governance in Newly Public Firms: Evidence from Corporate Venture Capital.
Conference Activities
  • Discussant and session chair, 2012 FMA Conference
  • Discussant, 2012 EFA Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2011 Indian School of Business Summer Research Conference
  • Discussant, 2010 FMA Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2010 ESSEC Private Equity Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2010 Symposium on the Economics and the Law of the Entrepreneur, Northwestern University
  • Paper presentation, 2009 FMA Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2008 Symposium on the Economics and the Law of the Entrepreneur, Northwestern University
  • Paper presentation, 2007 FMA Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2007 NBER Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Paper presentation, 2007 EFA Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2007 FMA European Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2006 FMA Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2006 FMA European Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2005 Conference on Corporate Entrepreneurship, Harvard Business School
  • Paper presentation, 2005 FMA Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2004 FMA Conference
  • Paper presentation, 2004 FMA European Conference
University Presentations
  • George Mason University, 2012
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 2009
  • Villanova University, 2008
  • University of Kansas, 2008
  • University of Kansas, 2003
  • Goethe University, 2003

Previous SEC Positions: