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Fort Worth District Office

March 30, 1998

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Audit Report No. 279
March 30, 1998

Limited Audit of Financial and Administrative Controls


The Office of Inspector General conducted a limited audit of the financial and administrative internal controls of the Ft Worth District Office (FDO). The audit procedures were limited to analyzing representations made by the FDO staff, reviewing supporting documentation, and conducting some test of transactions. The purpose of the audit was to provide the Commission with negative assurance that the internal controls were adequate, being implemented economically and efficiently, and in compliance with Commission policies and procedures.1


The Ft Worth District Office has approximately sixty staff, and provides support in carrying out Commission programs to the Central Regional Office ( located in Denver, Colorado). In carrying out its responsibilities, FWDO exercises a broad range of financial and administrative functions, including maintaining time and attendance records; procuring supplies and services; arranging for staff travel; maintaining an inventory of property; and recording budgeted and actual expenditures of the office.


During the limited audit described above, no material weaknesses in the internal control structure involving FWDO's financial and administrative functions came to our attention. Some minor internal control weaknesses were verbally provided to the FWDO management. FWDO generally concurred with these findings and recommendations and agreed to implement them.

The audit was performed in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards from February to March 1998.


1 Negative assurance means that no material internal control weaknesses came to our attention during our limited audit.

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