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Statement on Proposed Amendments to Electronic Filing Requirements

Nov. 4, 2021

On Wednesday, the Commission voted unanimously to propose amendments to certain filing requirements for funds, investment advisers, issuers, and others. If finalized, this rule would require the electronic filing of certain documents.

The proposed amendments are intended to modernize and increase the efficiency of the filing process — for filers, investors, or other interested parties. Among other changes, the proposal would also require structured data reporting for Form 11-Ks so that it is machine-readable.

Just as we are hoping to update our rules for market participants in the face of rapidly changing technology, it’s also important that we update our rules to make filing obligations more efficient.

I’d like to thank the staff for their diligent work in preparing these amendments, including Dan Morris, Felicia Kung, Renee Jones, Betsy Murphy, Connor Raso, Sean Harrison, Mitch Austin, and Chris Windsor in the Division of Corporation of Finance; Sarah ten Siethoff, Brian McLaughlin Johnson, Melissa S. Gainor, Sara Cortes, Alexis Palascak, and Zeena Abdul-Rahman in the Division of Investment Management; Jessica Wachter, Taylor Evenson, Parhaum Hamidi, Vlad Ivanov, James McLoughlin, Hanna Lee, and Chandler Lutz in the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis; and Meridith Mitchell, Marie-Louise Huth, Natalie Shioji, Robert Bagnall, Benjamin Faulkner, Bryant Morris and Ken Alcé in the Office of the General Counsel.

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