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SEC Publishes Two Reports on Credit Rating Agencies Showing Continued Focus on Compliance and Competition


Washington D.C., Dec. 18, 2018 —

Credit rating agencies registered with the SEC continue to promote compliance by enhancing their policies, procedures, and internal controls in response to Commission rules and staff examinations. SEC staff reports released today on nationally recognized statistical rating organizations (NRSROs) show that some firms are self-reporting instances of noncompliance and some smaller firms are continuing to compete with the larger firms in certain rating categories.      

"NRSROs have maintained the improvements that they implemented in prior years in response to the staff's recommendations," said Jessica S. Kane, Director of the SEC's Office of Credit Ratings. "We continue to assess potential risks at each NRSRO when determining areas to examine so that we provide the most effective oversight for the protection of investors."

The report on NRSRO examinations summarizes the staff’s findings and recommendations within each of the eight review areas required by statute. The annual report on NRSROs discusses the state of competition, transparency, and conflicts of interest among the firms and also identifies applicants for NRSRO registration. 

The following SEC staff contributed to the 2018 examinations and reports: Diane Audino, Michael Bloise, Sondra Boddie, Rita Bolger, Patrick Boyle, Aaron Byrd, Roseann Catania, Kristin Costello, Doreen Crawford, Scott Davey, Jill Flory, Ilya Fradkin, William Garnett, Kenneth Godwin, Michael Gonzalez, Barry Huang, Julia Kiel, Russell Long, Chichita Nickens, Sam Nikoomanesh, Kevin O’Neill, Harriet Orol, Abraham Putney, Jeremiah Roberts, Mary Ryan, Cynthia Sargent, Charles Schiller, Andrew Smith, Alexa Strear, Warren Tong, Evelyn Tuntono, Chris Valtin, Kevin Vasel, Andrew Vita, and Michele Wilham.


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