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ALJ Orders Archive 2009

Fourth Quarter | Third Quarter | Second Quarter |  First Quarter

Additional Archives

AP No. Date Respondents
Fourth Quarter
3-13698 Dec. 28, 2009 Customer Sports, Inc., General Magic, Inc., Leonidas Films, Inc. (n/k/a Consolidated Pictures Group, Inc.), SportsPrize Entertainment, Inc., U.S. Interactive, Inc., and USA Biomass Corp.
3-13688 Dec. 14, 2009, Inc., AstroPower, Inc., Condor Gold Corp., EPL Technologies, Inc., General Credit Corp., Integra, Inc., Integrated Health Services, Inc., Log On America, Inc., Matlack Systems, Inc., PixTech, Inc., and Virtual Communities, Inc.
3-13680 Dec. 4, 2009 Masterpiece Technology Group, MBC Holding Co., MC Industrial Group, Inc., MC Liquidating Corp., Medco Health Corp., Meridian National Corp., MetaSource Group, Inc., Micel Corp., MicroENERGY, Inc., and MicroLeague Multimedia, Inc.
3-13647 Dec. 3, 2009 Raymond Rapaglia
3-13660 Dec. 1, 2009 M.G. Products, Inc. et al.
3-13651 Nov. 24, 2009 Altiva Financial Corp. et al.
3-13616 Nov. 24, 2009 Appalachian Asset Management, Inc.
3-13615 Nov. 24, 2009 KHF Advisors, LLC
3-13676 Nov. 23, 2009 Valcapx Acquisition Corp., Valuestar Corp., Vandelay, Inc., VelocityHSI, Inc., Ventura Entertainment Group, Ltd. (n/k/a Insight Entertainment Group, Ltd.), and Verida Internet Corp.
3-13621 Nov. 20, 2009 Pacific Lease Group, Inc.
3-13628 Nov. 18, 2009 Consumers Financial Corporation
3-13584 Nov. 17, 2009 Jaycee James
3-13629 Nov. 17, 2009 Universal Food & Beverage Co.
3-13665 Nov. 17, 2009 PKI Solutions, Inc., Planetgood Technologies, Inc. (n/k/a All American Coffee & Beverage, Inc.), Platronics, Inc., Plus Solutions, Inc., Portacom Wireless, Inc., Portal Net, Ltd., Prime Holdings & Investments, Inc., Pro-After, Inc. (f/k/a, Inc.), Project Group, Inc., ProLong International Corp., PSS, Inc., and Purus, Inc.
3-13662 Nov. 13, 2009 Redtop Mountain Corp.(n/k/a Weblogix, Inc.), Reliable Power Systems, Inc., Renaissance Acceptance Group, Inc., Republic Goldfields, Inc., Rexon, Inc. (n/k/a Tecmar Technologies, Inc.), River Oaks Furniture, Inc., Roberds, Inc., and Rochem Environmental, Inc.
3-13663 Nov. 12, 2009 Park Meditech, Inc., Peerless Industrial Group, Inc., Peerless Tube Co., PH Group, Inc., PHC, Inc.
3-13649 Nov. 9, 2009 Value America, Inc., VDS Enterprises, Inc., Versent Corp., Viasource Communications, Inc., Viatech Communications Group, Inc., and, Inc.
3-13650 Nov. 6, 2009 Western Fidelity Funding, Inc., Western Real Estate Fund, Inc., Willamette Valley, Inc. Microbreweries Across America, Windsor Energy Corp., Wireless Billboards Technologies Corp., and WPB Financiers Ltd.
3-13636 Nov. 4, 2009 Pathnet Telecommunications, Inc., Peaches Entertainment Corp., Pet Quarters, Inc., Piccadilly Cafeterias, Inc. (n/k/a Capital City Cornichon Corp.), Pick Communications Corp., and Pipeline Technologies, Inc.
3-13637 Nov. 4, 2009 George Tamura
3-13438 Nov. 4, 2009 Glenn Manterfield
3-13638 Nov. 3, 2009 Energy Source, Inc.
3-13556 Nov. 3, 2009 RDM Sports Group, Inc. et al.
34-60895 Oct. 28, 2009 Redheads, Inc., Regal Communications Corp., Repligen Clinical Partners, LP, Retail Entertainment Group, Inc., R.F. Management Corp., Road Apples, Inc. (n/k/a Teledynamics, Inc.), Robec, Inc., and Rompus Interactive Corp.
3-13634 Oct. 20, 2009 Regeena Resources, Inc. (n/k/a Ameridian Ventures, Inc.), Regency Capital West, Inc., Repeater Technologies, Inc., Reserve Exploration Co., The Resort at Summerlin, LP, RimPac Resources Ltd., Rio Ventures, Inc., and Roast "n" Roll Restaurants of the Past, Inc.
3-13632 Oct. 19, 2009 National Venture Capital Fund, Inc., Nationsmart Corp., Nationwide Capital Corp., NeoStar Retail Group, Inc., Nesco, Inc., Netship Fulfillment, Inc., New Zealand Petroleum Co., Ltd. (n/k/a Abano Healthcare Group, Ltd.), and Nexiq Technologies, Inc. (f/k/a WPI Termiflex, Inc.)
3-13605 Oct. 15, 2009 Value Merchants, Inc., Varner Technologies, Inc. (f/k/a Peppermill Capital Corp.), Veronex Technologies, Inc., ViaGrafix Corp., Viapay Limited (f/k/a Interface, Inc.)
3-13626 Oct. 15, 2009 Warwick Insurance Managers, Inc., Watermarc Food Management Co., Welcome Home, Inc., Whitehall Limited, Inc., Word-Tronics Corp., Worksafe Industries, Inc., World Commerce Online, Inc., Worldwide Film Funding, Inc., Worldwide Web Networx Corp., and Wulf International, Ltd.
3-13624 Oct. 14, 2009 DTVN Holdings, Inc. et al.
3-13628 Oct. 13, 2009 Consumers Financial Corporation
3-13512 Oct. 7, 2009 Keevin H. Leonard and Robert F. Malin
3-13584 Oct. 6, 2009 Jaycee James
Third Quarter
3-13545 Sep. 30, 2009 Harvard Scientific Corp., Hathaway Corp., Healthcare Software, Inc., Heartland Technology, Inc., Hedman Resources, Ltd., Hemdale Communications, Inc., and Hemokinetics, Inc.
3-13597 Sep. 29, 2009 Torque Engineering Corp., Transcoastal Marine Services, Inc., Transfinancial Holdings, Inc., Transwest Energy, Inc., Trend Vision Technologies, Inc., and Tricord Systems, Inc.
3-13575 Sep. 18, 2009 V-Twin Holdings, Inc. (n/k/a Tobacco One, Inc.), Valley Media, Inc., Venturequest Group, Inc. (n/k/a Dex-Ray Resources, Inc.), Verex Laboratories, Inc., Vibro-Tech Industries, Inc., Video City, Inc., and Vidikron Technologies Group, Inc.
3-13573 Sep. 17, 2009 Tops Appliance City, Inc., Tower Global Ventures Corp. (n/k/a, Inc.), Transact International, Inc., Transderm Laboratories Corp., Trizak Corp., and Tropic Air Cargo, Inc.
3-13582 Sep. 11, 2009 Magnum Resources, Inc., Manakoa Services Corp. (n/k/a Teslavision Corp.), Maxus Technology Corp, Med/Waste, Inc., Medsearch Technologies, Inc., and Meisenheimer Capital, Inc.
3-13598 Sep. 11, 2009 Pacific International Enterprises, Inc., Paradise Holdings, Inc., PC-EPhone, Inc., Phoenix Laser Systems, Inc., Phoenix Resources Technologies, Inc., and Pilot Network Services, Inc.
3-13590 Sep. 9, 2009 National Tire Services, Inc.,, Inc., New Media, Inc. (n/k/a New Media Group, Inc.), New Tel, Ltd., New York Film Works, Inc., and Newstar Resources, Inc.
3-13580 Sep. 8, 2009 Action Auto Rental, Inc., Addisson Industries, Inc., Advanced Promotion Technologies, Inc., Advantexcel Com Communications Corp., Aeire Corp., All American Food Group, Inc., and Allerion, Inc.
3-13576 Sep. 4, 2009 What's for Free Technologies, Inc. (n/k/a Krifter Holdings, Inc.), Wherehouse Entertainment, Inc., Windpower Partners 1983-1, Windpower Partners 1984, World Financial Systems Co. Ltd., Wrap-N-Roll Usa, Inc., and Wyrlis Corp.
3-13438 Sep. 4, 2009 Glenn Manterfield
3-13553 Sep. 3, 2009 Mary Beth Stevens
3-13556 Aug. 31, 2009 RDM Sports Group, Inc., Real Del Monte Mining Corp., Recoton Corp., Red Hot Concepts, Inc., RedHand International, Inc. n/k/a African Diamond Inc. or Coal Corp.), Redlaw Industries, Inc., Republic Resources, Inc., Reward Enterprises, Inc., Rhino Enterprises Group, Inc. (n/k/a Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc.), Ridgeview, Inc., Riverside Group, Inc., and Rocky Mount Undergarment Co., Inc.
3-13538 Aug. 27, 2009 Conversion Solutions Holdings Corp.
3-13545 Aug. 25, 2009 Harvard Scientific Corp., Hathaway Corp., Healthcare Software, Inc., Heartland Technology, Inc., Hedman Resources, Ltd., Hemdale Communications, Inc., and Hemokinetics, Inc.
3-13536 Aug. 14, 2009 iWorld Projects & Systems, Inc.
3-13496 Aug. 12, 2009 Gregg Thomas Rennie
3-13546 Aug. 10, 2009 N.U. Pizza Holding Corp., Nahama & Weagent Energy Co., Namsco Corp., Nemdaco, Inc., Net Telecommunications, Inc., Network Commerce, Inc., Network One Holdings Corp., New Bridge Products, Inc., New Capital iWorks, Inc., and Nextpath Technologies, Inc. (n/k/a Central American Development Group, Inc.)
3-13304 Jul. 31, 2009 CentreInvest, Inc., OOO CentreInvest Securities, Vladimir Chekholko, William Herlyn, Dan Rapoport, and Svyatoslav Yenin
3-13517 Jul. 31, 2009 iJoin Systems, Inc., I-Tel Networks, Inc.,, Inc., iGenesis, Inc., IITC Holdings, Ltd., Iksorb Enterprises, Inc. and The Imagemakers Photography, Inc.
3-13519 Jul. 30, 2009 Warehouse Club, Inc., Wavemat, Inc., Wilson Lee Engineering Co., Inc. (n/k/a Lee Wilson Engineering Co., Inc.), Winthrop Resources Corp., and WorldCall Corp.
3-13438 Jul. 29, 2009 Glenn Manterfield
3-13523 Jul. 21, 2009 Keystone Ventures, Inc.
3-13462 Jul. 21, 2009 Royal Spring Water, Inc.
3-13503 Jul. 14, 2009 H-Entertainment, Inc., Hamburger Hamlet Restaurants, Inc., Harvard International Technologies, Ltd.,, Helian Health Group, Inc., and Hemisphere Development Corp. (n/k/a Hemisphere Energy Corp.)
3-13527 Jul. 14, 2009 Paivis Corp., Peabodys Coffee, Inc., Penge Corp., Petrol Industries, Inc. (n/k/a Caddo International, Inc.), Phantom Entertainment, Inc., Phoenix Medical Technology, Inc., Phoenix Metals USA II, Inc., Phymed, Inc., Pico Products, Inc., and Piemonte Foods, Inc.
3-13488 Jul. 14, 2009 Pegasus Wireless Corporation
3-13440 Jul. 14, 2009 VoIP, INC.
3-13477 Jul. 14, 2009 National Micronetics, Inc., Network Access Solutions Corp., Network Plus Corp., New York Regional Rail Corp., Nexgen Vision, Inc., and Noel Group, Inc.
3-13511 Jul. 13, 2009 Xentel Interactive, Inc., XXSYS Technologies, Inc., Yuma Gold Mines Ltd. (n/k/a Yuma Copper Corp.), Zion Development Corp., and Zomex Distribution, Inc.
3-13474 Jul. 7, 2009 Total Film Group, Inc., Track 'n Trail, Inc., Trade Wind Communications, Ltd., TransAxis, Inc., Transmedia Europe, Inc., Treasury International, Inc., and Tri National Development Corp.
3-13518 Jul. 2, 2009 Falcon Entertainment Corp., Fanatics Only, Inc., Fidelity Leasing Income Fund, Finger Lakes Financial Corp., First Cincinnati, Inc., and First Mutual, Inc. (n/k/a First Community, Inc.)
Second Quarter
3-13475 Jun. 23, 2009 Advanced Monitoring Systems, Inc., AFC Low Income Housing Credit Partners-I, Air L.A., Inc. (n/k/a Clean Energy, Inc.), Alexander International, Ltd., All the Way, Inc., Alliance Northwest Industries, Inc., and Alpha Centari, Inc.
3-13471 Jun. 23, 2009 FCF, Inc., FI Liquidating Co., Inc, Fields Aircraft Spares, Inc., and First Dynasty Mines, Ltd. (n/k/a Sterlite Gold Ltd.)
3-13474 Jun. 19, 2009 Total Film Group, Inc., Track 'n Trail, Inc., Trade Wind Communications, Ltd., TransAxis, Inc., Transmedia Europe, Inc., Transmedia Europe, Inc., and Tri National Development Corp.
3-13460 Jun. 19, 2009 Hamilton-McGregor International, Inc., Happiness Express, Inc., Harvard Industries, Inc., Haven Holding, Inc. (n/k/a Haven Holdings I, Inc.), HealthCor Holdings, Inc., and Helm Capital Group, Inc.
3-13420 Jun. 19, 2009 Global Matrechs, Inc.
3-13476 Jun. 19, 2009 Nanosignal Corp., Inc. (n/k/a Nano Global, Inc.), NetVoice Technologies Corp., The New Anaconda Co., NewCom International, Inc. (n/k/a Sino Express Travel Ltd.), and NewKidCo International, Inc.
3-13434 Jun. 15, 2009 Ravi Yanamadula
3-13473 Jun. 11, 2009 Today's Man, Inc., Tokheim Corp., The Topaz Group, Inc., Toth Aluminum Corp., Tower Air, Inc., TPC Liquidation, Inc., The Translation Group, Ltd., Trend-Lines, Inc., and Tri-Lite, Inc.
3-13449 Jun. 10, 2009 I.A. Europe Group, Inc. (n/k/a Ghost Technology, Inc.),, Inc., ICIS Management Group, Inc., iCommerce Group, Inc., IDM Environmental Corp., and Illinois Creek Corp.
3-13461 Jun. 8, 2009 Wade Cook Financial Corp., Warning Management Services, Inc., Weldotron Corp., Western Microwave, Inc., Wickes, Inc., Worldwide Technologies, Inc., and Worldwide Xceed Group, Inc. (n/k/a Liquidating WXG, Inc.)
3-13435 Jun. 2, 2009 Charles F. Lewis
3-13433 Jun. 2, 2009 Douglas F. Samuels
3-13448 Jun. 1, 2009 I, Inc., I Storm, Inc., iBeam Broadcasting Corp., I.C.H. Corp.,, Inc., and Images of Life, Inc.
3-11893 Jun. 1, 2009 David A. Finnerty et al.
3-13460 May 28, 2009 Hamilton Digital Controls, Inc., Hamilton-McGregor International, Inc., Happiness Express, Inc., Harvard Industries, Inc., Haven Holding, Inc. (n/k/a Haven Holdings I, Inc.), HealthCor Holdings, Inc., and Helm Capital Group, Inc.
3-13542 May 22, 2009 Act Manufacturing, Inc., Aerovox, Inc. (n/k/a New Bedford Capacitor, Inc.), Agility Capital, Inc., Air Water International Corp. (f/k/a Universal Communication Systems, Inc.), Allegiant Physician Services, Inc., And Alpha Microsystems (n/k/a NQL Inc.)
3-13408 May 20, 2009 Raymond Thomas
3-13427 May 19, 2009 F&C International, Inc., The Fapa Insurance Co., Farm Fish, Inc., FCS Laboratories, Inc., Federal Resources Corp., Filene's Basement Corp. (n/k/a FBC Distribution Corp.), and Film & Music Entertainment, Inc.
3-13443 May 14, 2009 GLB Trading, Inc. and Robert A. Lechman
3-13442 May 11, 2009 Poseidis, Inc.
3-13428 May 5, 2009 Xino Corp. (n/k/a Asher Xino Corp.), Xstream Mobile Solutions Corp.,, Inc., Yes! Entertainment Corp., and Yifan Communications, Inc.
3-13426 Apr. 30, 2009 Childrobics, Inc., Churchill Technology, Inc., Complete Management, Inc., Global Intellicom, Inc., Tenney Engineering, Inc., and The Score Board, Inc.
3-13431 Apr. 28, 2009 IAC Holdings, Inc.
3-13428 Apr. 24, 2009 Xino Corp. (n/k/a Asher Xino Corp.), Xstream Mobile Solutions Corp.,, Inc., Yes! Entertainment Corp., Yes! Entertainment Corp., and Yifan Communications, Inc.
3-13425 Apr. 22, 2009 Aegis Consumer Funding Group, Inc., APS Holding Corp., Dakota Mining Corp., Digital Communications Technology Corp., Horn Silver Mines, Inc., and TCC Industries, Inc.
3-13429 Apr. 22, 2009 IDM Participating Income Co., IDM Participating Income Co. II, IDM Participating Income Co. III, IDM Participating Income Co. IV, IDM Participating Income Co. V, IDM Participating Income Co. VII, IDM Participating Income Co. 90
3-13331 Apr. 17, 2009 Laurence G. Young
3-13099 Apr. 13, 2009 Newbridge Securities Corp., Guy S. Amico, Scott H. Goldstein, Eric M. Vallejo, and Daniel M. Kantrowitz
3-13361 Apr. 8, 2009 L Rex International, Inc., Lakshmi Enterprises, Inc., Lamaur Corp., Laminco Resources, Inc.(n/k/a Zaruma Resources, Inc.), Landis & Partners, Inc., Las Americas Broadband, Inc., and Laser Precision Corp.(n/k/a NetTest, Inc.)
3-13371 Apr. 8, 2009 Carlyle Gaming & Entertainment Ltd., Daleigh Holdings Corp., Guy F. Atkinson Co. of California, Inc. (n/k/a ATKN Co. of California), Pegasus Gold, Inc. and Storm Technology, Inc.
3-13359 Apr. 8, 2009 Global 1 Investment Holdings Corporation
3-13384 Apr. 8, 2009 Core Technologies Pennsylvania, Inc., First Central Financial Corp., Imark Technologies, Inc., Molten Metal Technology, Inc., and MRS Technology, Inc.
3-13299 Apr. 6, 2009 Cort L. Poyner
First Quarter
3-13360 Mar. 25, 2009 Lambert Communications, Inc., Laniprin Life Sciences, Inc., Last American Exit, Inc., Lawrence Insurance Group, Inc., Le Print Express International, Inc., Leak-X Environmental Corp., and Leisure Shoppers, Inc.
3-13368 Mar. 25, 2009 JMXI, Inc. (f/k/a Jupiter Communications, Inc.)
3-13375 Mar. 23, 2009 Janex International, Inc., Jet Energy Corp., JobSort, Inc., Jones Plumbing Systems, Inc., Jore Corp., and Journey's End Resorts, Inc.
3-13385 Mar. 17, 2009 Chemfix Technologies, Inc., Cincinnati Microwave, Inc., Sun Television & Appliances, Inc., and Telegroup, Inc.
3-13354 Mar. 12, 2009 Leading Edge Packaging, Inc., Leadingside, Inc., Lecstar Corp., and Legal Club of America, Inc.
3-13346 Mar. 9, 2009 BBJ Environmental Technologies, Inc.
3-13370 Mar. 6, 2009 Minex Resources, Inc., Powerhouse Resources, Inc., SA Telecommunications, Inc., Thorn Apple Valley, Inc., Universal Seismic Associates, Inc. (n/k/a Seismic Universal Associates, Inc.)
3-13368 Mar. 5, 2009 Jansko, Inc. et al.
3-13322 Feb. 24, 2009 Joseph Lovaglio
3-13304 Feb. 5, 2009 CentreInvest, Inc., OOO Centreinvest Securities, Vladimir Chekholko, William Herlyn, Dan Rapoport, and Svyatoslav Yenin
3-13336 Jan. 29, 2009 The JPM Company, Maxxis Group, Inc., Metrotrans Corp., and Tidalwave Holdings, Inc.
3-13295 Jan. 14, 2009 American Custom Components, Inc., ClearLogic, Inc., Creditgroup Com, Inc.(n/k/a Tradex Global Financial Services, Inc.), Frederick Brewing Co., Infinicall Corp.
3-13291 Jan. 8, 2009 Baldwin Piano & Organ Co., Banner Holding Corp., Be Safe Services, Inc., Belmoral Mines Ltd., Benefund, Inc., Benz Energy Ltd. (n/k/a Benz Energy, Inc.), and Beyond Belief, Inc.
3-13099 Jan. 7, 2009 Newbridge Securities Corp., Guy S. Amico, Scott H. Goldstein, Eric M. Vallejo, and Daniel M. Kantrowitz

Modified: 03/19/2019