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Draft 2021Q4 and Draft 2022 SEC Taxonomies

Sept. 2, 2021

On September 1, 2021 a draft 2021Q4 update and a draft 2022 update to the SEC taxonomies were released for public review and comment.

The draft 2021Q4 release updates the Closed-End Fund (CEF) and Document and Entity Information (DEI) taxonomies. In this draft update, the CEF taxonomy removes certain document and entity related elements from the previous draft version of the CEF taxonomy released in April 2020.[1] Those elements are currently already in the DEI taxonomy. Other minor modifications to element names and references were also made to the CEF taxonomy. The draft update also adds new elements to the DEI taxonomy for tagging auditor information. Refer to the Draft 2021Q4 Release Notes for details of the changes in this draft update.

The draft 2022 update to the SEC taxonomies is also now available for public review and comment, and includes updates to the standard SEC taxonomies as part of the annual review process for updating all SEC taxonomies accepted in EDGAR. Refer to the Draft 2022 Release Notes for details of the changes to the SEC taxonomies for the draft 2022 update.

The draft taxonomy files for both updates can be found at Please provide comments via email to using “Draft 2021Q4 SEC Taxonomies” or “Draft 2022 SEC Taxonomies” as the subject of the email no later than November 1, 2021.

The SEC staff encourages filers, investors, analysts, software service providers, and other interested parties to participate in this public review to continue to improve the process for creating and using structured filings.

Upon completion of the public comment period and consideration of public feedback, the taxonomies will be subject to Commission approval. The availability for public comment of the draft 2021Q4 update and draft 2022 update to the SEC taxonomies does not indicate Commission approval of any potential regulatory changes. Please refer to the SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval (EDGAR) webpage at for updated information on any Commission-approved changes related to the EDGAR Filer Manual. If needed, transition guidance for the updates to the taxonomies will be posted on the standard taxonomies page at

[1] The CEF taxonomy is a new taxonomy resulting from the Securities Offering Reform for Closed-End Investment Companies Final Rule. The taxonomy is currently available only in draft form. The proposed date for accepting the CEF taxonomy in EDGAR is in December 2021.

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