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New Data Sets available on DERA Data Library

May 7, 2019

The Form D and Regulation A Data Sets are now available for download at the DERA Data Library.  The Form D Data Sets provide the structured data extracted from the XML-based fillable portion of the Notices of Exempt Offerings of Securities filed with the Commission by issuers relying on Rule 504, Rule 506(b), or Rule 506(c) of Regulation D or on Section 4(a)(5) of Securities Act.  The Regulation A Data Sets provide structured data on securities offerings derived from the XML based fillable portion of Regulation A filings.

The data is presented without change from the “as-filed” submissions and in a flattened format to provide the public with readily available and useable data from Form D and Regulation A filings with the Commission.

This and other freely available data sets are accessible in the DERA Data Library created by the Division of Economic Analysis (DERA).  The DERA Data Library provides the public with a central reference location to access all data sets that DERA makes available.  The DERA Data Library is available here.

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