The Division of Economic and Risk Analysis offers investors and market participants access to aggregated data from public filings for research and analysis.  Each data set link below will provide access to downloads and technical documentation.  Questions or comments may be submitted to

Mutual Fund Prospectus Risk/Return Summary
(last update: January 5, 2023)

Crowdfunding Offerings
(last update: January 5, 2023)

Form D
(last update: January 6, 2023)

Regulation A
(last update: January 5, 2023)

Transfer Agent
(last update: February 3, 2023)

Form N-MFP
(last update: January 10, 2023)

Financial Statement
(last update: January 5, 2023)

Financial Statement and Notes
(last update: February 2, 2023)

Number of EDGAR Filings by Form Type
(last update: November 2, 2022)

Form 13F
(last update: January 6, 2023)

Insider Transactions
(last update: January 5, 2025)

DISCLAIMER: These data sets contain information derived from structured data filed with the Commission by individual registrants as well as Commission-generated filing identifiers. Because the data sets are derived from information provided by individual registrants, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data sets. In addition, it is possible inaccuracies or other errors were introduced into the data sets during the process of extracting the data and compiling the data sets. Finally, the data sets do not reflect all available information, including certain metadata associated with Commission filings. The data sets are intended to assist the public in analyzing data contained in Commission filings; however, they are not a substitute for such filings. Investors should review the full Commission filings before making any investment decision.