NYSE MKT LLC Rulemaking

NYSE MKT LLC (NYSEMKT) has changed its name to NYSE American, LLC (NYSEAMER). All filings by NYSE MKT LLC will be posted to this page. Filings filed with "NYSEAMER" as part of the file number will be posted on the NYSE American page.

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NYSE MKT File Number List for 2018

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Chronological List for 2018

Release No. Date Details
First Quarter
34-82524 Jan. 17, 2018 Notice of Withdrawal of Proposed Rule Changes, as Modified by Amendments Thereto, to Eliminate Requirements That Will Be Duplicative of CAT
Additional File Nos.: SR-BatsBZX-2017-37, SR-BatsEDGX-2017-23, SR-BOX-2017-17, SR-C2-2017-018, SR-CBOE-2017-041, SR-FINRA-2017-013, SR-ISE-2017-46, SR-IEX-2017-18, SR-MIAX-2017-20, SR-PEARL-2017-23, SR-NASDAQ-2017-055, SR-BX-2017-027, SR-Phlx-2017-43, SR-NYSE-2017-23, SR-NYSEArca-2017-57, SR-NYSEArca-2017-59
34-82503 Jan. 16, 2018 Notice of Withdrawal of Proposed Rule Changes, as Modified by Amendments, to Establish Fees for Industry Members to Fund the Consolidated Audit Trail
Additional File Nos.: SR-BatsBYX-2017-11, SR-BatsBZX-2017-38, SR-BatsEDGA-2017-13, SR-BatsEDGX-2017-22, SR-BOX-2017-16, SR-BX-2017-023, SR-C2-2017-017, SR-CBOE-2017-040, SR-CHX-2017-08, SR-FINRA-2017-011, SR-GEMX-2017-17, SR-IEX-2017-16, SR-ISE-2017-45, SR-MIAX-2017-18, SR-MRX-2017-04, SR-NASDAQ-2017-046, SR-NYSE-2017-22, SR-NYSEArca-2017-52, SR-PEARL-2017-20, SR-Phlx-2017-37

NYSEMKT File Number List for 2018

Release No. Date Details

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