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May 27, 2016

Student Programs at the SEC - Pathways Programs

Overview of Pathways Programs

The Pathways Programs are a series of hiring flexibilities that connect students and recent graduates with career opportunities within the federal government. The Pathways Programs consist of three main hiring venues: the Internship Program, the Recent Graduates Program, and the Presidential Management Fellows Program.

Each of these programs allows hiring managers to leverage students' skills within the government. These programs are designed to help managers develop a pipeline of talent while providing recruitment flexibility and diversity. Each program also allows for noncompetitive conversion to permanent or term positions.

Pathways: Internship Program

The SEC invites applicants who have been accepted for enrollment, and students who are currently enrolled, to apply for the SEC Pathways Internship Program as Student Trainees. Student Trainees work with senior professionals and receive on-the-job training that will create a career pathway for success including professional development through career training, shadowing experiences, webinars, and much more.

The SEC Pathways Internship Program includes the Resident Intern Program and the Career Intern Program. Each provides paid experiences to students enrolled in a wide variety of educational institutions from high school to graduate school and professional school levels. The SEC hires Student Trainees year-round.

Pathways: Recent Graduates Program

This new program targets recent graduates of universities, community colleges, trade and vocational schools, and other qualifying educational institutions or programs. To be eligible applicants must apply within two years of degree or certificate completion. Veterans, who due to military service, were unable to apply for positions will have up to two years from their release or discharge from active duty, not to exceed six years, after degree and/or certificate completion. Successful applicants will be placed in a one-year career development program.

Pathways: Presidential Management Fellows Program

The Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF) is for graduate students from a variety of qualified disciplines who expect to complete an advanced degree (master's degree, law degree, or doctorate degree) from a qualified college or university during the current academic year.  Each fall applicants apply and participate in the PMF selection process.  Eligibility to apply to the PMF Program is limited to students in their final year of graduate school, or those recently graduated within the previous two years.  For additional questions pertaining to eligibility please contact the PMF Program Office at or visit

Apply to a Pathways Program

Thank you for considering the SEC as your employer of choice. If you are interested in joining our team, search SEC career opportunities here or visit USAJOBS for current openings.

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