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The SEC Internship Experience Video Transcript

Speakers: Caitlin Wood; David Glanton; Brittany Mcintosh; Pia Figuerola

This transcript has not been edited for content.

Caitlin Wood: One of the most valuable things that the SEC program has done, maybe in comparison to other similar options for law students and for undergraduates, is the training seminars that the SEC has really taken an effort to do here.

David Glanton: The thing that I think is most important to know about the internship with the SEC is not only doing you get really substantive work, they make a concerted effort to really make sure you're learning valuable skills that will be useful well into the rest of your career.

Brittany Mcintosh: Testimony here at the SEC is a little bit different. But it was great to kind of see the SEC attorneys at work, and to see a witness being questioned and just to be able to observe that environment. And to me, I thought it was very exciting.

Pia Figuerola: You know, they have, I know they have tours. And they have, you know, different testimony workshops and they have a mentorship program. So I feel that this internship in particular has just so many opportunities, in addition to, you know, the every day.

Karun Tilak: Seeing a number of passionate people really shaping securities laws as it goes forward has been a very transformative experience. And I think it will be really useful no matter what you do in your career.

Modified: 10/16/2014