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Overview of Programs for Students and Recent Graduates

The SEC Internship Experience

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) students and recent graduates programs offer an opportunity for students and recent graduates to become acquainted with the regulation of the securities market and the activities of the Commission. The SEC offers paid positions through the Chair's Attorney Honors Program and the Pathways Programs, and unpaid positions through the Student Honors Program.

The SEC’s student and recent graduate programs offer positions in Washington, D.C. and 11 other cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Participants must be U.S. Citizens. Participants are given responsibilities and practical experiences that not only complement their classroom work, but also promote their careers. Through the duration of their experience, participants work with Commission staff on several division specific projects. Additionally, participants may participate in seminars and workshops on various aspects of Federal securities laws.

Chair's Attorney Honors Program

The Chair’s Attorney Honors Program is a two year structured program which secures employment for current 3L students and entry-level attorneys currently serving a judicial clerkship. Upon graduation 3L students begin employment with the SEC as law clerks. Participants may be converted to an entry-level attorney position after admittance to a state bar association.  Judicial clerks selected for the program will begin employment after they have completed their clerkship.

Pathways Programs

The Pathways Programs are a series of hiring flexibilities that connect students and recent graduates with [paid] career opportunities within the Federal Government.

The Pathways Programs consist of the following…

Each of these programs allows hiring managers to leverage students' skills within the Federal Government. These programs are designed to help managers develop a pipeline of talent while providing recruitment flexibility and diversity. Each program allows for appointment to a permanent position upon completion.

Student Honors Program

The SEC’s Student Honors Program is a ten-week program for undergraduate, graduate, and law students to become acquainted with the regulation of the securities markets. Over the course of the program, students work with Commission staff on projects particular to the specific Division or Office to which they are assigned. Students also have the opportunity to participate in seminars/workshops, roundtable discussions, and a mentoring program that will provide guidance on securities laws and regulations.

Take a moment to hear what former participants have to say about their experience with the SEC in the video above.

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