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Administrative Proceedings Archive 1995

The list below provides links to notices and orders concerning the institution and/or settlement of administrative proceedings.

Fourth Quarter | Third Quarter | Second Quarter | First Quarter

Additional Archives

Release No. Date Respondents
Fourth Quarter
IA-1544Dec. 28, 1995Steen Ronlov
34-36642Dec. 27, 1995Daniel L. Osborn
34-36641Dec. 27, 1995David Sims and Louis Kurtz
34-36614 Dec.20, 1995 Johnston Kent Securities, Inc., and George R. Johnston
34-36608Dec. 20, 1995 James A. Pearce
IA- 1541Dec. 18, 1995 John Francis D'Acquisto
34- 36561Dec. 7, 1995Charles E. Michael, Jr.
34-36560Dec. 7, 1995Urohealth Systems, Inc., formerly known as Davstar Industries, Ltd.
34-36554Dec. 6, 1995John McMillan
34-36553Dec. 6, 1995Richard A. Anders
Nov. 28, 1995Roswitha Klement-Francis and William Antenorcruz
Nov. 28, 1995Jerry Revalee, Kelly F. Molton, and Hermann Gerald Dworschak
IA-1538Nov. 27, 1995 The Feldman Investment Group, Inc.
34- 36471Nov. 9, 1995James W. Bullard, Jr.
34-36463Nov. 8, 1995Timothy A. Hills
34-36459Nov. 6, 1995Everlast Filtration, Corp.
IA-1534 Nov. 6, 1995Keypoint Financial Corporation and Michael R. Warren
34- 36454Nov. 3, 1995Michael W. Adams, Donald H. Stringer, Victor G. Campana and Saint Clair Ainsley Knight, Jr.
33-7239Nov. 2, 1995 Rhema Foundation and Haskell D. Stratton
34-36446Oct. 31, 1995Calvin Shenkir, Jr.
34-36438Oct. 31, 1995Robert O. Glau
IC-1533Oct. 31, 1995 Brian Jeffrey Sheen
34-36433Oct. 30, 1995Nicholas P. Howard
34-36419Oct. 26, 1995Lazard Freres & Co. LLC, and Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.
34-36408Oct. 23, 1995Michael H. Novick and M.H. Novick and Company
34-36382Oct. 17, 1995Gary E. Stern
34-36366Oct.13, 1995Garcis U.S.A., Inc. Temporary Suspension;
34-36357Oct. 11, 1995Gibson Greetings, Inc., Ward A. Cavanaugh and James H. Johnsen
34-36338Oct. 5, 1995 Dickinson & Co. and John Laurienti
34-36334Oct. 4, 1995 Lewco Securities Corporation
34-36333Oct. 4, 1995 French American Banking Corporation
Third Quarter
Sep. 19, 1995John R. Moysey

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Modified: 01/13/2009