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ALJ Orders Archive 2010

The Office of Administrative Law Judges considers the following rulings noteworthy.

Fourth Quarter | Third Quarter | Second Quarter | First Quarter

Additional Archives

AP No. Date Respondents
Fourth Quarter
3-14116 Dec. 30, 2010 Ralph W. Thompson, Jr.
3-14098 Dec. 23, 2010 Edward Tamimi
3-13908 Dec. 16, 2010 Sherwin Brown and Jamerica Financial, Inc.
3-14136 Dec. 8, 2010 Speednet, Inc., Springfield Acquisitions Corp., Stemcell Global Research, Inc., Sutton Resources Ltd., and System Software Associates, Inc.
3-14118 Dec. 7, 2010 Edentify, Inc., Embryo Development Corp., Enesco Group, Inc., Entertainment Is Us, Inc., Entropin, Inc., Epicus Communications Group, Inc., Epixtar Corp., and Evans, Inc. (n/k/a Fur Company A)
3-14126 Dec. 6, 2010 Tabatha V, Inc., Tagalder Global Investment, Inc., and Technical Environment Solutions, Inc.
3-14119 Dec. 3, 2010 Enclaves Group, Inc., Energytec, Inc., Entrada Networks, Inc., Epic Financial Corp., Equisure, Inc., and Equus Gaming Co.
3-14108 Dec. 2, 2010 Animatrix, Inc., Apex Resorts Corp. (n/k/a West Hawk Development Corp.), Apollo Capital Group, Inc., Artibles, Inc., Asche Transportation Services, Inc., Asia Supernet Corp., Assembly and Manufacturing Systems, Inc., and Azul Holdings, Inc.
3-14109 Nov. 29, 2010 Mid-American Waste Systems, Inc., Midwest Energy Companies, Inc., Mimbres Valley Farmers Association, Inc., MRL, Inc., MTX International, Inc., Multiple Dimensional Laser Technologies, Inc., and Muse Technologies, Inc.
3-14092 Nov. 24, 2010 Electrosound Group, Inc., Elektryon, Evolutions, Inc., Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Executive National Development Corp., and Ezcony Interamerica, Inc.
3-14101 Nov. 24, 2010 Spendthrift Farm, Inc., Sport of Kings, Inc., Sportsend, Inc., Stacey's Buffet, Inc., Star Partners, Ltd., Sterling Equity Holdings, Inc., Sterling Financial Corp., and Storage @ccess Technologies, Inc., (n/k/a Bluepoint Data, Inc.)
3-14100 Nov. 19, 2010, Inc., Spintek Gaming Technologies, Inc., Standard Brands Paint Co., Star Casinos International, Inc., Stardrive Solutions, Inc., Sterling Media Capital Group, Inc. (n/k/a Crystal Properties Holdings, Inc.), Stormedia, Inc., Strategic Partners, Inc., STS Liquidating Corp.(f/k/a Sym-Tek Systems, Inc.), and Symplex Communications Corp.
3-13847 Nov. 17, 2010 Morgan Asset Management, Inc., Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc., James C. Kelsoe, Jr., and Joseph Thompson Weller, CPA
3-14091 Nov. 10, 2010 Cape Systems Group, Inc., Caribbean Cigar Company, Casual Male Corp., Cell Power Technologies, Inc., Cellmetrix, Inc. (f/k/a BCAM International, Inc.), Cellular Products, Inc. (n/k/a 872 Main Street Corp.), Ceptor Corp., CGS Scientific Corp., and Ciprico, Inc.
3-14086 Nov. 10, 2010 AOB Holdings, Inc., Applied Data Communications, Inc., Appoint Technologies, Inc., Aqua Care Systems, Inc., AquaSciences International, Inc., and Arix Corp.
3-13976 Nov. 9, 2010 Gary S. Becker and Gregory S. Schaefer
3-14083 Nov. 3, 2010 Spence-Lingo & Company, Ltd.
3-14088 Nov. 2, 2010 Camera Platforms International, Inc., Castleguard Energy, Inc., CD Warehouse, Inc., Ceatech USA, Inc., Cedyco Corp., Cell Robotics International, Inc., Cell Wireless Corp., Cellcom Corporation (n/k/a Cellcom I Corp.), and Central Utilities Production Corp.
3-14087 Nov. 2, 2010 Andain, Inc., Aquest Minerals Corp. (n/k/a Anderson Energy Ltd.), Ariel Resources, Ltd., Asensia, Inc., ATG, Inc., Audre Recognition Systems, Inc. (a/k/a eXtr@act, Inc.), Axis.Com, Inc., and Aztek Technologies, Inc. (n/k/a Aztek Resource Development, Inc.)
3-14075 Nov. 1, 2010 Amereco, Inc., American Atlas Resources Corp., American Classic Voyages Co., American Consolidated Growth Corp., AmeriKing, Inc., Ametech, Inc., and Ampace Corp.
3-14056 Oct. 29, 2010 Jeffrey M. Zamorsky
3-14076 Oct. 26, 2010 American Aircarriers Support, Inc., American Artists Entertainment Corp., American Complex Care, Inc., American Prepaid Legal Services, Inc., and Amtech Financial Corp.
3-14059 Oct. 25, 2010 United Education & Software, Inc., United Film Partners, Inc. (n/k/a Seoul Movie USA, Inc.), United Leisure Corp., and United Rayore Gas, Ltd.
3-14035 Oct. 15, 2010 Team America, Inc., Teldar Financial, Inc. (n/k/a Harlem Business Development Corp.), Telecomm Industries, Inc., TeleHubLink Corp., Terra Firma Technologies, Inc., Texon Energy Corp.,, Inc., and THC Communications, Inc.
3-14058 Oct. 14, 2010 Millennia Automated Products, Inc., Millennium Software, Inc., Momentum Software Corp., Moonlight International Corp., Moviefone, Inc., MSI Electronics, Inc., and Multimedia Concepts International, Inc.
3-14060 Oct. 14, 2010 e-DOCS.MD, Inc., Electrical Generation Technology Corp., Electrosource, Inc., eLinear, Inc., Elite Logistics, Inc., Elite Technologies, Inc., Emerald Capital Holdings, Inc., Enviropact, Inc., and, Inc. Corp.
3-14043 Oct. 13, 2010 Prospero Group
3-14047 Oct. 12, 2010 Speed of Thought Trading Corp. (f/k/a Emperor Penguin, Inc.), Sports/Entertainment Group, Inc., Standard Automotive Corp., Starmet Corp., Stearman Enterprises, Inc.,, Inc., and Supradur Companies, Inc.
3-14046 Oct. 12, 2010 Electric Mail Co., Inc. (n/k/a Lero Gold Corp.), Electronic Publishing Technology Corp., Elkhorn Gold Mining Corp., Ememberdirect, Inc., Emerald Homes, Ltd., Encore Wireless, Inc., and Entreport Corp.
3-14000 Oct. 8, 2010 Stephen J. Brace
3-14045 Oct. 8, 2010 Anything2ship, Inc., Aquaculture Resources Management, Inc., Arcadia Investments, Inc., Armitec, Inc., Arrow Capital Group, Inc., August Financial Holding Co., Inc., and AW Computer Systems, Inc.
3-14027 Oct. 7, 2010 Villa Pasta, Inc., VIP Global Capital, Inc., Virtual World of Sports, Inc. (f/k/a Accord Ventures, Inc.), Viva Gaming & Resorts, Inc., VJG4, Inc., Voice IT Worldwide, Inc. The Voyager Group, Inc., and Vu-Data Corp.
3-14002 Oct. 6, 2010 Robert Comiskey
3-14032 Oct. 5, 2010 America First Associates Corp., American Eco Corp., American Income 2 LP, American Income 3 LP, American International Assets, Inc., American Leasing Investors V-C, American Sensors, Inc., and Americana Hotels & Realty Corp.
Third Quarter
3-14036 Sep. 24, 2010 The Tag Group, Inc., T.C.B. Enterprises, Inc., Technology International, Ltd., Telelink International Corp., Teletimer International, Inc., Telmed, Inc., Texas American Resources, Inc., and Texas Equipment Corp.
3-14034 Sep. 24, 2010 Microwave Laboratories, Inc.,, Inc., Mirador Diversified Services, Inc., ML Direct, Inc., MLH Properties Ltd. Partnership, Modena 4, Inc., Motor Cars Auto Group, Inc., and Multi Solutions, Inc.
3-14005 Sep. 23, 2010 Atchison Casting Corp. (n/k/a Bradken-Atchison/St. Joseph, Inc.), CityFed Financial Corp., Divine, Inc. (n/k/a Enivid, Inc.), Genesis Worldwide, Inc., Hampton Consulting Corp., and Jake's Pizza International, Inc.
3-13916 Sep. 21, 2010 Sintec Co. Ltd.
3-14008 Sep. 21, 2010 Four Crystal Funding, Inc.
3-13981 Sep. 17, 2010 Lambros D. Ballas
3-13998 Sep. 17, 2010 Appiant Technologies, Inc., Cobalis Corp., FutureLink Corp., STM Wireless, Inc., Supermail International, Inc. (n/k/a PBHG, Inc.), and Women First Healthcare, Inc.
3-14006 Sep. 15, 2010 PanWorld Minerals International, Inc.
3-13996 Sep. 10, 2010 Steven W. Salutric
3-13990 Sep. 9, 2010 UB&T Financial Services Corp., United Community Holdings, Inc., United Homes, Inc., United Magazine Co., and United Shields Corp.
3-13847 Sep. 7, 2010 Morgan Asset Management, Inc., Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc., James C. Kelsoe, JR., and Joseph Thompson Weller, CPA
3-14003 Sep. 1, 2010 American Bullion Minerals, Ltd., American Industries Ltd., American Resource Corp., American Transportation Television Network, Inc., Amerimmune Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Anaconda Venture Corp.
3-13982 Aug. 30, 2010 T&W Financial Corp., Talger Management, Inc., TCom Ventures Corp. (f/k/a Telecom Wireless Corp.), TEQ-1 Corp., Tesseract Group, Inc., TexMont, Inc., Thunderbird Mining, Milling & Chemical Corp., and TK Originals, Inc.
3-13966 Aug. 23, 2010 E-Sync Networks, Inc. (n/k/a ESNI, Inc.), EchoCath, Inc., Edison Brothers Stores, Inc., Electronic Technology Group, Inc. (n/k/a SolutionNet International, Inc.), EMCEE Broadcast Products, Inc., ERD Waste Corp., Eurasia Gold Fields, Inc., European Micro Holdings, Inc., and Exotech, Inc.
3-13888 Aug. 20, 2010 BCI Telecom Holding, Inc., Bonanza Explorations, Inc. (F/K/A Copperstone Resources Corp.) (N/K/A Bonanza Resources Corp.), Bonaventure Resources, Inc., British American Holdings, Ltd., British-American Insurance Company, Ltd., BT Energy Corp., Butterfield Preferred Growth Fund 83, and By George Holding Corp. (N/K/A AMR Meridian, Inc.)
3-13978 Aug. 19, 2010 Universal Ceramics, Inc., Universal Equity Partners, Inc., University Real Estate Fund 10, Ltd., University Real Estate Partnership V, Ursus Telecom Corp., U.S. Diagnostic, Inc., U.S. Mobile Services, Inc., USR Industries, Inc., and Utopia Trading, Inc.
3-13881 Aug. 12, 2010 Alyn Corp., American Holding Investments, Inc., American Midland Corp., American Pallet Leasing, Inc., American Stellar Energy, Inc. (n/k/a Tara Gold Resources Corp.), and Amwest Environmental Group, Inc.
3-13923 Aug. 10, 2010 Stanton B.J. Defreitas
3-13938 Aug. 10, 2010 Diatect International Corporation
3-13918 Aug. 9, 2010 Vikonics, Inc., Vision Ten, Inc., Vizacom, Inc., VoiceFlash Networks, Inc. (d/b/a The DataFlash Corp.), VoiceIQ, Inc. (n/k/a Yoho Resources, Inc.), Voyus, Ltd., and VSI Holdings, Inc.
3-13940 Aug. 5, 2010 American Energy Services, Inc., Dynacore Patent Litigation Trust, Earth Sciences, Inc., Empiric Energy, Inc., Future Carz, Inc., NBI, Inc., Noble Group Holdings, Inc. (f/k/a Leasing Solutions, Inc. and Le Bon Table Brand Foods Corp.), Reliance Acceptance Group, Inc., and Vegas Equity International Corp.
3-13847 Aug. 3, 2010 Morgan Asset Management, Inc., Keegan & Company, Inc., James C. Kelsoe, Jr., and Joseph Thompson Weller, CPA
3-13943 Aug. 2, 2010 Applied Nanoscience, Inc., Aquacell Technologies, Inc. (n/k/a Greencore Technology, Inc.), Aquacell Water, Inc. (n/k/a Believing Today, Inc.), Aquapro Corp., Asia Electronics Holding Co., Inc., Asian Star Development, Inc., Associated Golf Management, Inc., (n/k/a Delta Mining & Exploration Corp.) and Avasoft, Inc.
3-13799 Jul. 29, 2010 Grant Ivan Grieve a/k/a Gad Grieve
3-13946 Jul. 26, 2010 Channel America Television Network, Inc., EquiMed, Inc., Kore Holdings, Inc., Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. (n/k/a Acuity Cimatrix, Inc.), Security Investments Group, Inc., Shared Technologies Cellular, Inc., Shimoda Resources Holdings, Inc., Tri Star Holdings, Inc. (f/k/a Silver Star Foods, Inc.), and V-One Corp.
3-13943 Jul. 23, 2010 Applied Nanoscience, Inc., Aquacell Technologies, Inc. (n/k/a Greencore Technology, Inc.), Aquacell Water, Inc. (n/k/a Believing Today, Inc.), Aquapro Corp., Asia Electronics Holding Co., Inc., Asian Star Development, Inc., Associated Golf Management, Inc. (n/k/a Delta Mining & Exploration Corp.), and Avasoft, Inc.
3-13950 Jul. 23, 2010 Aris Industries, Inc., Bene Io, Inc., China Mineral Acquisition Corp.,Commodore Separation Technologies, Inc., Food Integrated Technologies, Inc., Gap Instrument Corp., Skysat Communications Network Corp., URT Industries, Inc., and Vicon Fiber Optics Corp.
3-13917 Jul. 22, 2010 Life Resources, Inc., LifeStar Corp., Lifeworks Holdings, Inc., Listo, Inc., Log Point Technologies, Inc., LRNN Corp., and Lysander Minerals Corp. (f/k/a Lysander Gold Corp.)
3-13942 Jul. 22, 2010 Aphton Corp., Apollo International of Delaware, Inc., Applewoods, Inc., Aquagenix, Inc., Asconi Corp., Avalon Borden Companies, Inc., Aviation Holdings Group, Inc., and Azur Holdings, Inc.
3-13914 Jul. 21, 2010 Joseph Milanowski
3-13847 Jul. 20, 2010 Morgan Asset Management, Inc., Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc., James C. Kelsoe, Jr., and Joseph Thompson Weller, CPA
3-13945 Jul. 20, 2010 SSE Telecom, Inc., Stratesec, Inc., Superfly Advertising, Inc. (f/k/a Morlex, Inc.), SVI Media, Inc., Symons International Group, Inc., Synergy Renewable Resources, Inc., and Syntech International, Inc. (n/k/a Avalon Technology Group, Inc.)
3-13847 Jul. 19, 2010 Morgan Asset Management, Inc., Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc., James C. Kelsoe, Jr., and Joseph Thompson Weller, CPA
3-13937 Jul. 14, 2010 Micro Laboratories, Inc.
3-13935 Jul 14, 2010 L. Rex Andersen, CPA
Other Release Number(s): AAER-3153
3-13847 Jul. 12, 2010 Morgan Asset Management, Inc., Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc., James C. Kelsoe, Jr., and Joseph Thompson Weller, CPA
3-13921 Jul. 7, 2010 Miracor Diagnostics, Inc., Monaco Finance, Inc., MPEL Holdings Corp. (f/k/a Computer Transceiver Systems, Inc., MR3 Systems, Inc., and Mutual Risk Management, Ltd.
3-13847 Jul. 6, 2010 Morgan Asset Management, Inc., Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc., James C. Kelsoe, Jr., and Joseph Thompson Weller, CPA
3-13280 Jul. 2, 2010 Don Warner Reinhard
3-13892 Jul. 2, 2010 BVR Technologies Ltd. (n/k/a Technoprises Ltd.), Crystal Graphite Corp., Devine Entertainment Corp., GEE TEN Ventures, Inc., National Construction, Inc. (n/k/a E.G. Capital, Inc.), SHEP Technologies, Inc., and WHEREVER.Net Holding Corp.
Second Quarter
3-13881 Jun. 23, 2010 Alyn Corp., American Holding Investments, Inc., American Midland Corp., American Pallet Leasing, Inc., American Stellar Energy, Inc. (n/k/a Tara Gold Resources Corp.), and Amwest Environmental Group, Inc.
3-13922 Jun. 22, 2010 Alpha Resources, Inc., Amberís Stores, Inc., American Biomed, Inc., American Completion Program 1983-3, and Amtronics Enterprises, Ltd.
3-13901 Jun. 17, 2010 China Technology Global Corp.
3-13833 Jun. 16, 2010 P&P Research Co., Ltd.
3-13864 Jun. 9, 2010 V-GPO, Inc., Vertigo Theme Parks, Inc. (f/k/a Snap2 Corp.), Videolan Technologies, Inc., and Voicenet, Inc.
3-13883 Jun. 9, 2010 Universal Property Development & Acquisition Corp.
3-13899 Jun. 7, 2010 Ultrafem, Inc., Underwriters Financial Group, Inc., Unigas E&P Inc., United Petroleum Corp., and United Resources, Inc.
3-13795 Jun. 4, 2010 Christine M. Zamorsky, aka Christine M. Thompson, Jeffrey M. Zamorsky, and Jesse Anthony "Tony" Aguilar
3-13867 Jun. 4, 2010 LEP Group PLC (n/k/a Wayrol PLC), LIF, LifeRate Systems, Inc. and Loch Harris, Inc.
3-13875 Jun. 4, 2010 United Vanguard Homes, Inc., Universal Life Holding Corp., Universal Standard Medical Laboratories, Inc. (n/k/a Universal Standard Healthcare, Inc.), Universe2U, Inc., U.S. Harvest Medical Technologies Corp., U.S. Homecare Corp., and USA Classic, Inc.
3-13882 Jun. 2, 2010 American Healthchoice, Inc., American Patriot Funding, Inc. (f/k/a Referral Holdings Corp.), American Quantum Cycles, Inc., Americare Health Scan, Inc (f/k/a United Products International, Inc.), and Amnex, Inc.
3-13866 May 27, 2010 ULH Corp. (n/k/a UniHOLDING Corp.), Unapix Entertainment, Inc., UniComp, Inc., and UNIDYNE Corp.
3-13584 May 26, 2010 JayCee James
3-13876 May 26, 2010 Tal Wireless Networks, Inc., TCT Financial Group A, Inc., Telechips Corp., Tellus Industries, Inc., Telnet Go 2000, Inc., TMCI Electronics, Inc., TMP Inland Empire, Ltd., TMP Inland Empire V, Ltd., and TMP Inland Empire VI, Ltd.
3-13689 May 25, 2010 David L. McMillan
3-13584 May 25, 2010 JayCee James
3-13865 May 25, 2010 Valesc Holdings, Inc., Venture Stores, Inc., visionGATEWAY, Inc. and Vital Health Technologies, Inc. (n/k/a Caribbean American Health Resorts)
3-13795 May 11, 2010 Christine M. Zamorsky, a/k/a Christine M. Thompson, Jeffrey M. Zamorsky, and Jesse Anthony "Tony" Aguilar
3-13816 May 6, 2010 Don C. Weir
Other Release Number(s): IA-3022
3-13829 May 3, 2010 Ultimate Security Systems Corp., Universal Bio-Medical Enterprises, Inc., Universal Broadband Communications, Inc., Universal Guaranty Investment Co., Urethane Technologies, Inc., and USMX, Inc.
3-13844 Apr. 30, 2010 AB Liquidating Corp. (f/k/a Adaptive Broadband Corp.), Globalnet Corp., Greenland Corp., Guinness Telli-Phone Corp., KeraVision, Inc., Lifespan, Inc., STAR Telecommunications, Inc., Telenetics Corp., and 3DFX Interactive, Inc.
3-13817 Apr. 27, 2010 LaserSight, Inc., LifeCo Investment Group, Inc., LifeOne, Inc., LifeF/X, Inc., Lincorp Holdings, Inc., Lionshare Group, Inc., Lite King Corp., Livent, Inc., Loehmannís, Inc., The Loewen Group, Inc., and Lorelei Corp.
3-13823 Apr. 26, 2010 Tangent Solutions, Inc., Telzuit Medical Technologies, Inc., Thomaston Mills, Inc., Three D Departments, Inc., Tiger Telematics, Inc., and Tis Mortgage Investment Co.
3-13825 Apr. 23, 2010 William H. Lofthus
3-13803 Apr. 21, 2010 Planet Earth Recycling, Inc., Potomac Energy Corp., Power Plus Corp. (n/k/a PPC Capital Corp.), Precision Plastics Molding, Inc., Presidio Oil Co. (n/k/a Encana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc.), Press Realty Advisors Corp., Prism Group, Inc., Promotional Concepts, Inc., (a/k/a Tartam, Inc.), and Purcell Energy Ltd. (n/k/a Point North Energy Ltd. and f/k/a Belair Energy Corp.)
3-13743 Apr. 20, 2010 William J. Herisko
3-13822 Apr. 15, 2010 Talisman Enterprises, Inc., Telepanel Systems, Inc., Telesis North Communications, Inc. and Tengtu International Corp.
3-13785 Apr. 14, 2010 Donald Cunningham
3-13824 Apr. 14, 2010 Aspen Group Resources Corp., Commercial Concepts, Inc., Desert Health Products, Inc., Equalnet Communications Corp., Geneva Steel Holdings Corp., Orderpro Logistics, Inc. (n/k/a Securus Renewable Energy, Inc.), Sepragen Corp., and Trinity Energy Resources, Inc.
3-13814 Apr. 12, 2010 Martech USA, Inc. and Mexican Patio Cafes, Inc.
3-13799 Apr. 8, 2010 Grant Ivan Grieve a/k/a Gad Grieve
3-13783 Apr. 8, 2010 Platinum & Gold, Inc., PNI Technologies, Inc., Pride Business Development Holdings, Inc., Probex Corp., Property Capital Trust, Inc., Protech, Inc., Provell, Inc., PSInet, Inc., Pt. Inti Indorayon Utama (n/k/a Pt Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk), and Pt. Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper
3-13804 Apr. 8, 2010 Amalgamated Explorations, Inc., Areawide Cellular, Inc., Genomed, Inc., Global Maintech Corp., Military Resale Group, Inc., Verado Holdings, Inc., and World Transport Authority, Inc.
3-13584 Apr. 2, 2010 JayCee James
First Quarter
3-13712 Mar. 25, 2010 Moises Pacheco
3-13805 Mar. 23, 2010 Corridor Communications Corp., International Cosmetics Marketing Co., PNV, Inc., Pre-Cell Solutions, Inc., Questron Technology, Inc. (n/k/a Quti Corp.), Tapistron International, Inc., Telscape International, Inc., (n/k/a Scapetel Debtor, Inc.), and Universal Beverages Holdings Corp.
3-13304 Mar. 22, 2010 CentreInvest, Inc., OOO Centreinvest Securities, Vladimir Chekholko, William Herlyn, Dan Rapoport, and Svyatoslav Yenin
Note: See also Order Denying Oral Argument
3-13798 Mar. 22, 2010 BioKey ID, Inc., Bionet Technologies, Inc., Biscayne Apparel, Inc., BizCom U.S.A., Inc., Blackstocks Development Corp. (n/k/a Sunburst Holding Corp.), Bluestone Holding Corp., Brandt Technologies, Inc., Brendleís, Inc., BTR Realty, Inc., and Buckeye Communications, Inc.
3-13628 Mar. 16, 2010 Consumers Financial Corporation
3-13772 Mar. 11, 2010 Management Graphics, Inc., Marine Shuttle Operations, Inc., Marketing Specialists Corp., Mas Acquisition XII Corp., MDCM Holdings, Inc. (f/k/a, Inc.),, Inc., Met Capital Corp., and Micro-ASI, Inc.
3-13766 Mar. 11, 2010 Dan Wise, aka Danny Wise
3-13758 Mar. 10, 2010 Big Sky Energy Corp., Biomedical Waste Systems, Inc., Biometrics Security Technology, Inc., Biosys, Inc., Bolder Technologies Corp., Boyds Wheels, Inc., Breakaway Solutions, Inc., and BRE-X Minerals, Ltd.
3-13775 Mar. 10, 2010 Tostel Corp.
3-13771 Mar. 4, 2010 Ronnie Eugene Bass, Jr.
3-13686 Mar. 2, 2010 Damir Lukovic
3-13685 Feb. 22, 2010 Aura Financial Services, Inc.
3-13759 Feb. 18, 2010 Macheezmo Mouse Restaurants, Inc., Mannix Resources, Inc. (F/K/A Ridel Resources, Ltd.), Mast/Keystone, Inc., Mego Financial Corp., Melloncamp, Inc., Metal Mines, Inc., and Metawave Communications, Corp.
3-13748 Feb. 17, 2010 Thomas T. Emerton, III
3-13718 Feb. 3, 2010 American Sports Development Group, Inc., Antex Biologics, Inc. (n/k/a ABI Liquidating Corp.), Cybernet Internet Services International, Inc., Cyper Media, Inc., Frisby Technologies, Inc., Graphco Holdings Corp., Investors Insurance Group, Inc., ITC Learning Corp., and Speizman Industries, Inc.
3-13700 Feb. 1, 2010 Pacific Acquisition Corp. (a/k/a Pacific Aquisition Corp.), Pan Smak Pizza, Inc., Parkcrest Explorations, Ltd. (n/k/a Fossil Bay Resources, Ltd.), Payline Systems, Inc., Pentastar Communications, Inc., Peruvian Gold, Ltd., Petromin Resources, Ltd., and Pinnacle Property Group, Inc. (n/k/a Ontus Corporation)
3-13481 Jan. 25, 2010 David G. Ghysels, Kenneth E. Mahaffy, Jr., and Linus N. Nwaigwe
3-13692 Jan. 20, 2010 Planet Entertainment Corp., Polifly Financial Corp., Pope Evans & Robbins, Inc., Power Designs, Inc., Prime Motor Inns LP, Pro Net Link Corp., Prospect Group, Inc., Prospect Park Financial Corp., Providence Capital II, Inc. (n/k/a Lifelong.Com, Inc.), Pudgie's Chicken, Inc., and Pvaxx Corp.
3-13611 Jan. 15, 2010 New York Broker Deutschland AG
3-13707 Jan. 13, 2010 Applied Wellness Corporation
3-13584 Jan. 13, 2010 Jaycee James
3-13699 Jan. 5, 2010 Home Solutions of America, Inc.

Modified: 03/14/2017