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Update on EDGAR Renderer and Validation Engine

Nov. 6, 2015

We have made changes to the processes that validate and render XBRL attachments during EDGAR® filing. In particular, what were previously separate processes have been merged into one so that XBRL attachments are now validated and rendered before the attachments are accepted in EDGAR.

As a result of these changes, filers may see additional error and warning messages related to the rendering of XBRL attachments during EDGAR filing. These error and warning messages are produced during filing when the EDGAR Renderer identifies rendering-related quality and consistency issues in an XBRL attachment and may result in the rejection of a filing in limited circumstances. Filers can also see the error and warning messages when filings are previewed using the EDGAR Interactive Data Previewer and we recommend that filers preview their filings in advance of submission. For details about the effect of XBRL errors and warnings on submission acceptance, please see Question A.3 at

EDGAR Renderer is available as an open source application to include within software applications. As of September 28, 2015, the viewer and previewer on the SEC website (, as well as rendering related error and warning messages, rely on EDGAR Renderer The EDGAR Renderer standalone program and its source code are available for download at and the change log from version is available at

Please submit comments on EDGAR Renderer to, including “Renderer” in the subject header.

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