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SEC Interactive Data Test Suite Update 31-150505

May 13, 2015

The Interactive Data Test suite located at has been updated. For a summary of changes, see the change log on the last page of the summary file ( The test suite has been updated to clarify that SEC taxonomy dei-2014 can be used with SEC taxonomy rr-2012, and that SEC taxonomies country-2012, currency-2012, and invest-2012 may continue to be used.

Comments on the test suite may be submitted using the comment form at by indicating “Interactive Data Test Suite” in the subject field. The purpose of the public test suite is to assist developers of software that must validate Interactive Data prior to its submission to EDGAR. The test suite consists of many small Interactive Data instances, schemas, and linkbases that are categorized as to whether they violate a validation check, and if so, what validation check they violate and whether that would result in a warning or in an error that would cause the Interactive Data to be rejected.

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