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Comments on Proposed Rule
Delivery of Disclosure Documents to Households

(Rel. Nos. 33-7475, 34-39321; IC-22884; File No. S7-27-97)

  • Comments of Michael D. Hearn, Esq., General Counsel and Secretary, Interstate/Johnson Lane, Inc., February 5, 1998. (File name: hearn1.txt)

  • Comments of Robert Kenagy, Associate General Counsel, Whirlpool Corporation, February 5, 1998. (File name: kenagy1.htm)

  • Comments of Virginia S. Young, Vice President and Corporate Secretary, UNOVA, Inc., February 2, 1998. (File name: young5.txt)

  • Comments of Kristine M. Nishiyama, (letter to Mr. Katz), Capital Research and Managment Company, February 2, 1998. (File name: nishiya1.htm)

  • Comments of Jo Scott, (letter to Mr. Katz), February 2, 1998. (File name: scott2.txt)

  • Comments of Kristina Veaco, (letter to Mr. Katz), Senior Counsel, AirTouch Communications, Inc., February 2, 1998. (File name: veaco1.htm)

  • Comments of Cheryl A. Sorokin, (letter to Mr. Katz), Executive Vice President and Secretary, BankAmerica Corporation, Inc., February 2, 1998. (File name: sorokin2.txt)

  • Comments of Heidi Stam, (letter to Mr. Katz), Principal, The Vanguard Group, Inc., February 2, 1998. (File name: stam1.htm)

  • Comments of Pamela F. Craven, Lucent Technologies Inc., February 2, 1998. (File name: craven2.htm)

  • Comments of Smith Barney Inc, (letter to Mr. Katz), February 2, 1998. (File name: barney1.txt)

  • Comments of Thomas H. Fehring, Secretary, Wisconsin Energy Corporation , February 2, 1998. (File name: fehring1.txt)

  • Comments of Martie Edmunds Zakas, (letter to Mr. Katz), Equifax, Inc., January 30, 1998. (File name: zakas1.htm)

Modified: 02/25/98