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Comments on Concept Release

Regulation of Exchanges

(Release No. 34-38672; File No. S7-16-97)

  • Comments of anonymous, January 2, 1999. (File name: any16971.txt)

  • Comments of Ray Gambel, November 20, 1998. (File name: gambel1.txt)

  • Comments of MaryBeth Socha, Manager Communication Center, Planetary-Publishers of the HeartMath System, September 26, 1998. (File name: socha1.txt)

  • Comments of Harvey Shore, Kent, Wash., September 7, 1998. (File name: shore1.txt)

  • Comments of Jeff Wadsworth, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, April 15, 1998. (File name: wadswor1.txt)

  • Comments of Norman K. Ma, Plano, TX, March 13, 1998. (File name: ma1.txt)

  • Comments of Julia L. Higgs, Boca Raton, Fla., February 24, 1998. (File name: higgs1.txt)

  • Comments of Chris Vanyo, President, VanClemens & Company Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., February 15, 1998. (File name: vanyo1.txt)

  • Comments of Bradley G. Evans, January 20, 1998. (File name: evans3.txt)

  • Comments of R. Warren Langley, President and Chief Operating Officer, The Pacific Exchange, San Francisco, Calif., October 20, 1997. (File name: langley1.htm)

  • Comments of Joan C. Conley, Secretary, NASD, Nasdaq, and NASD Regulation, Washington, D.C., October 10, 1997. (File name: conley1.htm)

  • Comments of Jeffrey T. Brown, Smith Lodge & Schneider, Chicago, Ill., October 8, 1997. (File name: brown1.htm)

  • Comments of William A. Lupien, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, OptiMark Technologies, Durango, Colo., October 6, 1997. (File name: lupien1.htm)

  • Comments of Jörg Franke, Member of the Executive Board, and Volker Potthoff, General Counsel, Deutsche Börse, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, October 3, 1997. (File name: franke1.htm)

  • Comments of Douglas M. Atkin, Instinet Corporation, New York, N.Y., October 3, 1997. (File name: atkin1.htm)

  • Comments of Sam Scott Miller, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, New York, October 3, 1997. (File name: miller2.htm)

  • Comments of David S. Pottruck, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., San Francisco, Calif., October 3, 1997. (File name: pottruc2.htm)

  • Comments of A.B. Krongard, Chairman, SIA Task Force on Alternative Trading System Concept Release; Vice Chairman, Bankers Trust New York Corporation, New York, N.Y., October 3, 1997. (File name: krongar1.htm)

  • Comments of Lou Eccleston and Kevin M. Foley, Bloomberg L.P., New York, N.Y., October 3, 1997. (File name: ecclest1.htm)

  • Comments of Christopher J. Carroll, Chair, Concept Release Task Force, The Bond Market Association, New York, N.Y., October 3, 1997. (File name: carroll2.htm)

  • Comments of Gerald Putnam, and MarrGwen Townsend, Archipelago, LLC, October 3, 1997. (File name: townsen1.txt)

  • Comments of Thomas J. Jordan, Executive Director, Financial Information Forum, New York, N.Y., October 3, 1997. (File name: jordan1.txt)

  • Comments of Mitsuhide Yamaguchi, President and CEO, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Tokyo, Japan, October 3, 1997. (File name: yamaguc1.txt)

  • Comments of Charles J. Henry, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Chicago, Ill., October 2, 1997. (File name: henry1.htm)

  • Comments of Robert C. Weaver, Jr., attorney, San Diego, Calif., October 2, 1997. (File name: weaver1.txt)

  • Comments of Professor James J. Angel, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., October 2, 1997. (File name: angel1.txt)

  • Comments of Bill Singer and Vincent P. Liberti, Singer Zamansky LLP, New York, N.Y., October 1, 1997. (File name: singer1.htm)

  • Comments of Fredric W. Rittereiser, President and CEO, Ashton Technology Group, Columbia, Md., October 1, 1997. (File name: rittere1.txt)

  • Comments of Jonathan R. Macey, J. DuPratt White Professor of Law and Director, John M. Olin Program in Law & Economics, Cornell Law School, and Maureen O’Hara, Robert W. Purcell Professor of Finance, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., October 1, 1997. (File name: ohara1.htm)

  • Comments of John M. Liftin, Chair, Committee on Federal Regulation of Securities, and Roger D. Blanc, Chair, Subcommittee on Market Regulation of the American Bar Association, Chicago, Ill., October 1, 1997. (File name: liftin4.htm)

  • Additional Comments of Junius W. Peake, Monfort Distinguished Professor of Finance, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colo., October 1, 1997. (File name: peake2.txt)

  • Comments of Morris Mendelson, Professor Emeritus of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, August 20, 1997. (File name: mendels1.txt)

  • Comments of Dan Jamieson, Huntington Beach, Calif., July 21, 1997. (File name: jamieso1.htm)

  • Comments of Junius W. Peake, Monfort Distinguished Professor of Finance, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colo., July 14, 1997. (File name: peake1.htm)

  • Comments of Doug Ross, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 3, 1997. (File name: ross2.txt)

Modified: 10/08/2004