About the Branch

When registering certain types of securities, registrants are required to file documentation with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission through EDGAR. Some of these form types have associated filing fees, such as filings registering new securities or debt.

The Filing Fees Branch, part of the SEC’s Office of Financial Management, is responsible for validating and collecting fees under various provisions of the securities laws.

Information and Resources

Filing Fee Rate

Filing fees are calculated based on an annually established fee rate.

Current Fee Rate

Account Balance & Activity

Via the EDGAR filing website, you can view:

  • Your account balance,

  • The amount of your most recent deposit,

  • Account activity statement for the previous 12 months.

Instructions Here

Payment Options

The SEC will not accept your filing if sufficient funds are not available in your account. To avoid having your filing suspended or delayed, ensure that proper payment is made before submitting your filing.

Payment Options

Request a Refund

Filers must request a return of unused account funds via the EDGAR filing website.

Instructions Here

How to Calculate Fees

Amendments to Filings


If you have questions, please reference Filing Fee related FAQs.

Contact Filer Support

If you need additional assistance, please reference the Filer Support Contact List.