EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The EDGAR Websites

A number of websites are used to support the filing process. Select a tab above for details about what functions are available on each EDGAR website. In addtion to this page, you may also use the EDGAR Portal as a way to navigate the websites.

Quick Reference Guides

Frequently asked technical questions and detailed guidance for EDGAR Filers.

Electronic Filing & the EDGAR System: A Regulatory Overview

An outline of the SEC's EDGAR rules as applied to filings processed by the Divisions of Corporation Finance and Investment Management.

Calendar of Federal Holidays

The EDGAR system will not receive, process, or accept filings on Federal Holidays.

Calendar of Peak Filing Dates

The time frames are estimates of when EDGAR will receive peak filing submissions based on historical data. See also Filing Peak Schedules by Date and Form.

EDGAR Archived Materials

EDGAR News and Notices 1996-Current

IAPD: Investment Adviser Public Disclosure Website

You can search for investment adviser firms, individual investment adviser representatives, and other investment adviser data.

The EDGAR Filer Management website is used to apply for EDGAR access, update your passphrase if your password has expired, or generate a new set of access codes.

Go to EDGAR Filer Management

Apply for EDGAR Access (Form ID)

Use this feature if you as an indvidual, another individual whom you represent, or a company that you represent is new to filing electronically with the SEC and needs a Central Index Key (CIK)

Generate Access Codes

Use this feature to generate a set of EDGAR access codes (i.e. PMAC, Password, CCC) when:

  • Your inital application for EDGAR access has been accepted (new user),
  • Your password has expired (existing user),
  • You have forgotten all of your EDGAR access codes (existing user), or
  • You need to change your access codes for security (i.e. they have been compromised)

Update Passphrase

Use this feature to reset your EDGAR Passphrase if you have forgotten it or it has been compromised

Convert from a Paper Filer to Electronic Filer

Use this feature if your company has been filing with the SEC via paper forms only and it has become necessary to file electronically

Access for New Serial Companies

Use this feature to apply for EDGAR access when a new serial company has been created via a Form 424B or Form 424H, which has been submitted and accepted by the SEC

The EDGAR Filing website is used to complete a majority of forms via the EDGARLink Online Form Submission, transmit bulk submissions, retrieve filing information, check available funds, request a return of unused funds, update company information and change company password or CCC.

Go to EDGAR Filing

Retrieve/Edit Company and Submission Data

  • Update Company Information 
  • Change Company Password or CCC
  • Retrieve Submission Information Retrieve Return Copies
  • Request Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) Issuing Entities Creation
  • Retrieve Module/Segment Information
  • Enter Series and Classes (Contracts) Information
  • Request Return of Unused Funds
  • Retrieve Balance Information
  • View Account Activity Statement

Transmit Submissions

Transmit single or bulk filings

Update Password/CCC

Change the password or CCC relating to your CIK

File the Following Forms:

  • EDGARLink Online Forms 
  • Regulation A Forms 
  • Form 13H variants (13H, 13H-A, 13H-Q, 13H-I, 13H-T, and 13H-R) 
  • Form 13F variants (13F-HR, 13F-HR/A, 13F-NT, and 13F-NT/A) 
  • Form SDR variants (SDR, SDR/A, SDR-A, and SDR-W) 
  • Municipal Advisor Forms (MA, MA-A, MA/A, MA-I, MA-I/A, and MA-W) 
  • Form X-17A-5 Part III variants (X-17A-5 and X-17A-5/A) 
  • Form 17-H variants (17HACON, 17HACON/A, 17HQCON, and 17HQCON/A)

The OnlineForms Management website is used to complete Ownership forms, Form D, transmit XML submissions, retrieve submission information, or update company information.

Go to OnlineForms Management

Transfer Agent Submission Templates

Download EDGARLite templates for assembling the Transfer Agent (TA) forms

Transmit XML Submissions

Submit filer constructed XML submissions assembled offline

Retrieve Submission Information/Edit Company Information

Access your company information by entering a CIK/CCC to retrieve submission information, edit company information, download a return copy if applicable, and change password/CCC for that CIK

Ownership Forms

Enter and assemble all relevant information (including attaching documents) for an ownership submission (specifically 3, 3/A, 4, 4/A, 5 & 5/A form types).

Form D

Assemble and submit Regulation D forms