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Release Update: EDGAR Implemented Release 16.0.1

Jan. 25, 2016

On January 25, 2016, EDGAR Release 16.0.1 was updated as follows: 

  • Filers can select the new "Funding Portal" Applicant Type when completing the process to apply for EDGAR access (New) on the EDGAR Filer Management Website. 
  • Pursuant to the Regulation Crowdfunding rule, Funding Portals can register with the Commission, amend their registration and withdraw from their registration, using the following new submission form types:
    • CFPORTAL - Form Funding Portal: Initial application of funding portal 
    • CFPORTAL/A - Form Funding Portal/A: Amendment to registration, including a successor registration 
    • CFPORTAL-W - Form Funding Portal-W: Withdrawal of the funding portal's registration 
    • These submission form types can be accessed by clicking the "Regulation Crowdfunding" link on the EDGAR Filing Website. Additionally, filers may construct XML submissions for CFPORTAL, CFPORTAL/A, and CFPORTAL-W by following the "EDGAR Form CFPORTAL XML Technical Specification" document located on the SEC's Public Website ( 
  • The following updates were made to submission form types N-MFP1 and N-MFP1/A:
    • Item C.8.b through Item C.8.h has been updated to be a repeatable group of items for a repurchase agreement on submission form types N-MFP1 and N-MFP1/A. 
    • Item A.14.b has been updated to require the filer to provide a decimal value (up to 12 digits before the decimal and 2 digits after the decimal). 

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