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False Telephone Communications Claiming to Be from the SEC

April 23, 2018

We have learned that employees of a number of public companies have received telephone calls from someone claiming to be an SEC official. In some instances, the caller has requested that the recipient of the call contact the SEC official by telephone and in others, the caller has threatened SEC action against the company. In other instances, the caller has sought potentially sensitive or personal information.

You can verify the identity of an SEC official or staff member by contacting him or her directly at the SEC. If you do not have his or her telephone number, call the SEC’s personnel locator at (202) 551-6000 to obtain it. Alternatively, you can call the SEC at (800) SEC-0330 (800-732-0330) for general information.

If you have been contacted by someone you believe is misrepresenting him- or herself as an SEC official or staff member, please contact the SEC’s Office of Inspector General at 1-877-442-0854 or

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