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Inline XBRL Viewer

Nov. 15, 2016

Inline XBRL viewer was deployed on November 15, 2016 and implements the following changes:

  • Text blocks using continuations are now displayed in their entirety.
  • Highlighting for facts has been changed from dashed lines into the following:
    • Textblock facts are shown with lines in the left “gutter”, with nested facts resulting in nested gutters
    • All other facts are shown with lines on the top and bottom
    • Hovering over textblock facts changes their background color.

The public can explore the functionality of the Inline XBRL viewer that is in use on EDGAR by accessing a mock filing on the Commission’s website. The contents of the sample filing are intended only to be used to demonstrate the Inline XBRL viewer and do not represent a legal interpretation or a statement of policy. The Inline Viewer software is open source and freely available to the public here.

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