How Do I Use EDGAR?

July 18, 2007

This tutorial describes the various ways web users can search EDGAR for real-time filings and other company information. For help with EDGAR research, see Researching Public Companies Through EDGAR: A Guide for Investors.

General-Purpose Searches

Companies and Other Filers

This search works best when you have a specific company in mind. "Search Companies and Filings" allows you to retrieve real-time filings for a specific company and to find key company information — including its name, address, telephone number, state of incorporation, Central Index Key (CIK) number, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, and fiscal year end. Simply type in the name of the company or its CIK number. Note: A CIK is the unique number that the SEC's computer system assigns to individuals and corporations who file disclosure documents with the SEC. All new electronic and paper filers, foreign and domestic, receive a CIK number. You don't need to know a company's CIK, but searching by that number will narrow your search to the exact company you want.

You can also search for all SEC-registered companies in a particular state. Or you can search for all companies with a specific SIC code. For example, if you enter 7370 in the SIC box, you'll retrieve all SEC-registered companies that fall into the Standard Industrial Classification known as "Services-Computer Programming, Data Processing, Etc."

Once you've found the company you want, you can limit the search results by date (for example, "Prior to 2002-01-01") or by the type of filing (for example, "10-K").

Latest Filings

Here you'll find the most recent filings our EDGAR system has received — from all SEC filers, including individuals and companies, paper filers and electronic filers. The list on this page features the most recent real-time filings from a broad range of companies and individuals for the current official filing date (including filings made after the 5:30 pm deadline on the previous filing day). Note: Filings may be made Monday through Friday (except for U.S. Federal Holidays).

If you want to retrieve a paper filing, please refer to our Fast Answer: Requesting Public Documents. When making your request, be sure to provide the "Paper/Film #" that appears in blue under the company's name.

Historical EDGAR Archives

Enter a keyword or phrase to search all header information (including addresses) in all filings in the EDGAR database. You can also use the company CIK as a search term.

Tip: For best results when using the Simple search syntax, use lower-case only and make use of phrase delimiters (commas, "and", "or", etc.), which are described more fully on the bottom of the search screen. For example, to search on "Washington Energy" and "Utility", use the keyphrase washington energy and utility.

Special-Purpose Searches

EDGAR Full Text Search

Search the full text of EDGAR filings and attachments from the last four years. For an overview and guidance on using this search see the FAQ.

EDGAR CIK (Central Index Key) Lookup

The CIK is a unique identifier assigned by the SEC to all companies and people who file disclosures with the SEC. Simply enter the company's name and click on search to find the CIK. Then use the CIK (including the leading zeroes - e.g., 00001111) as a keyword in your Archives or Forms Lookup search.

Current Events Analysis

Retrieve filings made during the previous week. For example, you can check 10-K (annual) and 10-Q (quarterly) reports, proxies, and others. Simply select the desired time period and the form you'd like to see. Select "all" if you don't want to limit your search to a particular form.

Mutual Fund Prospectuses and Proxy Voting Records

To view prospectuses or proxy voting records for the mutual fund of your choice use our Mutual Funds Search feature. Once you have found the share class of the mutual fund, you can narrow your search further to retrieve Prospectuses or Proxy Voting Records.

Variable Insurance Products

Find Variable Insurance Products and associated filings for new filings with series and class/contract name (filings since Feb. 6, 2006). See our Fast Answer on variable annuities for background information on these products.

Effectiveness Notices

Securities Act registration statements and post-effective amendments declared effective on the most recently completed business day.

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