17d-2 Plans for Allocation of Regulatory Responsibilities

We encourage the public to submit comments on the following 17d-2 Plans for Allocation of Regulatory Responsibilities during the comment period. For detailed instructions, please read How to Submit Comments. We strongly encourage you to send your comments electronically. They will be posted on this website.

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Chronological List for 2020

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First Quarter
34-88246 Feb. 20, 2020 Notice of Filing of an Amendment to the Plan for the Allocation of Regulatory Responsibilities Between Cboe BZX Exchange, Inc., Cboe BYX Exchange, Inc., BOX Exchange LLC, Cboe Exchange, Inc., Cboe C2 Exchange, Inc., NYSE Chicago, Inc., Cboe EDGA Exchange, Inc., Cboe EDGX Exchange, Inc., Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc., Nasdaq ISE, LLC, Nasdaq GEMX, LLC, Nasdaq MRX, LLC, Investors Exchange LLC, Miami International Securities Exchange, LLC, MIAX PEARL, LLC, MIAX Emerald, LLC, The Nasdaq Stock Market LLC, Nasdaq BX, Inc., Nasdaq LLC, NYSE National, Inc., New York Stock Exchange LLC, NYSE American LLC, NYSE Arca, Inc., and Long-Term Stock Exchange, Inc. Concerning Covered Regulation NMS and Consolidated Audit Trail Rules

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