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Comments on Proposed Rule
Reports to Be Made by Certain Brokers and Dealers

(Release No. 34-39724; File No. S7-7-98)

  • Comments of Jennifer K. Aracri, Vice President, Asset Management Securities Corp., August 7, 1998. (File name: aracri1.txt)

  • Comments of Adam B. Cohen, Sr. Vice President, Avalon Research Group Inc., August 6, 1998. (File name: cohen1.txt)

  • Comments of E. Steven zum Tobel, CFO, Online Trading Inc., August 6, 1998. (File name: tobel1.txt)

  • Comments of Kathryn V. Natale, Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation (CSFB), April 27, 1998. (File name: natale1.htm)

  • Comments of Donald D. Kittell, Executive Vice President, The Securities Industry Association (SIA), April 24, 1998. (File name: kittell1.htm)

  • Comments of Michael J. Castellano, Merrill Lynch, April 20, 1998. (File name: castell2.htm)

  • Comments of W. Hardy Callcott, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., April 16, 1998. (File name: callcot3.htm)

  • Comments of Janet L. McWilliams, Chicago, Illinois, April 15, 1998. (File name: mcwilli1.htm)

  • Comments of Howard Spindel, Managing Director, Integrated Management Solutions, April 13, 1998. (File name: spindel1.htm)

  • Comments of an anonymous reviewer, April 3, 1998. (File name: any7981.txt)

    Modified: 09/02/98