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Comments on Proposed Rule:
Regulation of Exchanges and Alternative Trading Systems

(Rel. No. 34-39884; File No. S7-12-98)

  • Comments of Jim Barrett, December 23, 1998. (File name: barrett1.txt)

  • Comments of J. Eric Vaughan, President, Ohio Valley Management, November 27, 1998. (File name: vaughn1.htm)

  • Comments of John D. Robinson, Head Trader, Longwood Asset Management, November 25, 1998. (File name: robinso1.htm)

  • Comments of Russell Rhoads, Director of Equity Trading, and Michael B. Orkin, Chairman and CEO, Caldwell and Orkin, November 25, 1998. (File name: rhoads1.htm)

  • Comments of Tracy Altebrando, Senior Equity Trader, Metropolitan Capital Advisors, Inc., November 25, 1998. (File name: altebra1.htm)

  • Comments of William J. Haggerty, Managing Director of Operations,Bowman Capital Management, November 24, 1998. (File name: haggert1.htm)

  • Comments of Daniel G. Weaver, Ph.D., Baruch College, Department of Economics and Finance, November 23, 1998. (File name: weaver1.htm)

  • Comments of Patrick J. McCloskey, Senior Vice President, Wellington Management Company, LLP, November 23, 1998. (File name: mcclosk1.txt)

  • Comments of Stacey Carter Fleece, Chief Financial Officer, Brookhaven Capital Management, November 18, 1998. (File name: fleece1.htm)

  • Comments of Roy Behren, Westchester Capital Management, Inc., Valhalla, NY, November 18, 1998. (File name: behren1.txt)

  • Comments of Jim Sloman, November 17, 1998. (File name: sloman1.htm)

  • Comments of Susan Ellis, Vice President, Trading, Granahan Investment Management, Inc., November 16, 1998. (File name: ellis1.htm)

  • Comments of Jeffry L. Davis, Senior Economist, Economists Incorporated, September 10, 1998. (File name: davis7.htm)

  • Comments of Lou Eccleston and Kevin M. Foley, Bloomberg L.P., August 28, 1998. (File name: ecclest1.htm)

  • Comments of David E. Rosedahl,Exec. Vice President, The Pacific Exchange Inc., August 20, 1998. (File name: rosedah1.htm)

  • Comments of Mike Cormack, Manager, Equity Trading American Century Investments, August 12, 1998. (File name: cormack1.txt)

  • Comments of Douglas M. Atkin, CEO, Instinet Corp., August 3, 1998. (File name: atkin1.txt)

  • Comments of Christopher J. Carroll, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., July 31, 1998. (File name: carroll1.txt)

  • Comments of Lee B. Spencer, Jr., and Perry L. Taylor, Jr., SIA Alternative Trading System Subcommittee, July 31, 1998. (File name: spencer1.txt)

  • Comments of Ruben Lee, Oxford Financial Group, July 28, 1998. (File name: lee1.htm)

  • Comments of Fredric W. Rittereiser, President and William W. Uchimoto, Esq., Exec. Vice President, Ashton Technology Group, Inc., July 28, 1998. (File name: rittere1.htm)

  • Comments of Louis C. Magill, President, Corporate Capital Securities, Inc., July 27, 1998. (File name: magill1.htm)

  • Comments of Larry E. Fondren, President, Integrated Bond Exchange, Inc., July 27, 1998. (File name: fondren1.htm)

  • Comments of Christopher B. Burnham, President and Chief Executive Officer, Columbus Circle Investors, Stamford, Conn., April 3, 1998. (File name: burnham1.htm)

Modified: 01/07/99