The Securities and Exchange Commission (“Commission”) is adopting amendments to certain rules that govern money market funds under the Investment Company Act of 1940. These amendments are designed to improve the resilience and transparency of money market funds. The amendments will revise the primary rule that governs money market funds to remove the ability for a fund board to temporarily suspend redemptions if the fund’s liquidity falls below a threshold. In addition, the amendments will remove the tie between liquidity thresholds and the potential imposition of liquidity fees. The amendments will also require certain money market funds to implement a liquidity fee framework that will better allocate the costs of providing liquidity to redeeming investors. In addition, the Commission is increasing the daily liquid asset and weekly liquid asset minimum requirements to 25% and 50%, respectively. The Commission also is amending certain reporting requirements on Form N-MFP and Form N-CR and making certain conforming changes to Form N-1A to reflect amendments to the regulatory framework for money market funds. In addition, the Commission is addressing how money market funds with stable net asset values may handle a negative interest rate environment, including by adopting amendments that will permit these funds to use share cancellation, subject to certain conditions. Further, the Commission is adopting rule amendments to specify how funds must calculate weighted average maturity and weighted average life. In addition, the Commission is adopting amendments to Form PF concerning the information large liquidity fund advisers must report for the liquidity funds they advise. Finally, the Commission is adopting two technical amendments to Form N-CSR and Form N-1A to correct errors from recent Commission rulemakings.

Prior Actions

Proposed Rule (IC-34441)

Proposed Rule (33-11117)


File Number
Rule Type
July 12, 2023
Effective Date

Effective dates: The rule amendments are effective October 2, 2023. The amendments to Forms N-1A and N-CSR are effective October 2, 2023 and the amendments to Forms N-CR, N-MFP, and PF are effective June 11, 2024.

Compliance Date

The applicable compliance dates are discussed in section II.H.