The Distinguished Visiting Scholars Program attracts senior researchers in the profession for short-term (1 week) visits to the Commission. The visits are intended to promote staff development by providing opportunities for SEC economists to learn from and interact with leading academic researchers in areas of interest to the Commission. DERA staff nominates and selects the distinguished scholars based on their body of work and knowledge of economic issues relevant to the Division’s ongoing research agenda. Selected scholars deliver a lecture or series of lectures on their area of expertise and have an opportunity to meet with staff outside of the Division to share their insights and to learn about the institutional details relevant to their research programs. Below is a list of distinguished scholars who have visited the SEC:

Upcoming Distinguished Visiting Scholars

Fall 2017 

September 5-8
Brad Barber 
University of California, Davis 
Topic: Retail Investors, Mutual Funds, and Gender Bias in Finance Professions

September 11-15
Jean Helwege
University of California, Riverside  
Topic: Liquidity in Bond Markets

October 16-20
Alon Brav 
Duke University 
Topic: Hedge Fund Activism 

November 13-17
Randall Morck 
University of Alberta 
Topic: The Great Pyramids of America

December 11-15
Lawrence Glosten
Columbia University
Topic: TBD

Past Distinguished Visiting Scholars

Fall 2016

December 12-16
Itay Goldstein
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Financial Fragility

October 5-11
Roger Debreceny
Shidler College of Business,University of Hawaii
Topic: XBRL/Structured Data, Financial Statement Fraud Detection, Financial Statement Ratios, Assurance, XBRL Capital Market Implications

Summer 2016

August 29-September 2
Thierry Foucault
HEC Paris
Topic: Market Microstructure

August 8-12
Steve Yang
Stevens Institute of Technology School of Systems and Enterprises
Topic: Financial Statement Analysis, Fraud Detection

Spring 2016

May 23-27
John Griffin
Haas School of Business
Topic: Over-the-Counter Markets


November 1-5
Andrew Lo
Topic:Foundations of Financial Behavior, Adaptive Markets and Big Data

September 15-17
Terrence Hendershott
Haas School of Business
Topic:Over-the-Counter Markets

August 31-September 3
Jianqing Fan
Topic: Robust Measurement of Earning Surprises

August 24-28
Gideon Saar
Cornell University
Topic: Market Microstructure

August 3-6
Vikas Agarwal
Georgia State University
Topic: Asset Management

July 27-31
Jeffrey Coles
University of Utah
Topic: Executive Pay

June 15-19
Kerry Back
Rice University
Topic: Limit Order Books with Imperfectly Competitive Liquidity Provision

April 6-14
Laura Starks
University of Texas at Austin
Topic: Institutional Investors and Governance


December 15-19
Craig Holden
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Topic: Model of Optimal Trading and Buy-Side Trading Strategies

November 10-14
Robert Stine
Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Text Analytics and Its Application

October 20-24
Michelle Lowry
LeBow College of Business, Drexel University
Topic: IPO's and Corporate Governance

September 22-26
Albert P. Kyle
Robert Smith School of Business, University of MD
Topic: An Introduction to Market Microstructure Invariance

July 28-August 1
Andrew Karolyi
Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
Topic: Cracking the Emerging Markets Enigma

June 23-27
Alex Butler
Jones School of Business, Rice University
Topic: Causal Inference through Natural Experiments

May 27-30
Patricia Dechow
Haas Business School, University of Berkeley
Topic: Earnings Quality and the SEC