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EDGAR Release 20.1 Software Upgrade

Jan. 24, 2020

On January 27, 2020, EDGAR Release 20.1 will introduce the following changes:

  • Submission form types ATS-N, ATS-N/MA, ATS-N/UA, ATS-N/CA, and ATS-N/OFA will be updated to display a text box when "No" is selected as a response to Item 16b. See Chapter 8 (Preparing and Transmitting Online Submissions) of the "EDGAR Filer Manual, Volume II: EDGAR Filing."

    For more information, see the "EDGAR Form ATS-N XML Technical Specification" document available at (

  • Inline XBRL tag validation will be modified for certain submission form types as described in Chapter 6 (Interactive Data) Sections 6.5.20, 6.5.21, and 6.5.40 of the "EDGAR Filer Manual, Volume II: EDGAR Filing.”
  • Submission form types S-1, S-1/A, S-3, S-3/A, S-4, S-4/A, S-11, and S-11/A will be updated to include the “Accelerated Filer Status” field.

    For more information, see the "EDGARLink Online XML Technical Specification" document available at (

  • All websites, including EDGAR, will be upgraded to require Transport Layer Security 1.2. After the upgrade, all domains will no longer accept connections from systems and browsers using older security standards. Current versions of all major browsers are TLS 1.2 compliant. Filers and other EDGAR users should consider upgrading their browsers and systems to ensure continued ability to use EDGAR and to connect to SEC websites.
  • EDGAR Renderer Plugin was updated in December 2019 to version 3.19.3.a.u2 to improve performance for large submissions. Additionally, Inline XBRL Viewer on was updated to version 2.0.2 to resolve various defects.

If you have any questions or concerns about the upgrade, please contact Filer Support at (202) 551-8900 (Option 3).

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