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Notice to Form ABS-EE Filers: Testing of Large Form ABS-EE Submissions

Nov. 3, 2016

Filers may now submit test filings of Form ABS-EE with a maximum submission size of up to 600 MB. 

Form ABS-EE is the form that issuers of asset-backed securities use to file exhibits EX-102 (Asset Data File) and EX-103 (Asset Related Document).  We encourage filers that may need to submit Form ABS-EE filings over 200MB to start conducting test filings of Form ABS-EE. We expect to update the maximum file size limit for live filings of Form ABS-EE in a future EDGAR release.

See our October 31, 2016 announcement for links to SEC publications and resources related to Form ABS-EE submissions, which is available here:

Those who encounter problems during test filing Form ABS-EE may email or call Filer Tech Support at 202-551-8900 (Option #3).

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